Cooking in the kitchen can be messy. Even if you are a professional cook, you can’t avoid smoke and odors from burning your eyes and choking your throat unless you have a range hood installed right above the gas stovetop or indoor grill of your kitchen. A range hood will absorb and dissipate all the smoke, steam, and odors, hence giving you a clean and safe environment to cook and perform other tasks in the kitchen. If you are eager in knowing as to which consumer reports best range hoods are, then I have compiled a list that includes 10 top-rated products and their reviews to help you find the most appropriate product for your kitchen.

Reviews Of 10 Best Range Hoods

1. Cosmo 5MU30 Under-Cabinet Range Hood (Best Under Cabinet Range Hood)

consumer report best range hoods

If you are looking for a 30-inch range hood for your kitchen, then have a look at Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood is what you should go with. This unit operates on 120 volts and you don’t need a duct system for this unit to work. The front panel of the range hood features 5 buttons to control light, motor, and change fan speeds.

The unit also incorporates two light bulbs to illuminate the cooking area. The inclusion of two light bulbs means it also has two filters as well. Also, you have the option to use carbon or aluminum type mesh. As far as the size is concerned, then you have seen the 30-inch version, but there is a 36-inch version as well, just in case you need a bigger model.

2. Broan-Nutone 413004 Ductless Range Hood Insert With Light

consumer report best range hoods

This is another medium-range hood, which can be installed over your cooking area, but make sure that there is an 18-inch height available. You don’t need a duct to operate this unit, which makes installation a lot easier. The range hood skilfully removes smoke, steam, and odors from your stove area. The unit also features a slot to install a 75-watt light bulb to illuminate the cooking area, but the bulb is not included in the product.

Then, there is a powerful fan installed in the unit to help dissipate the smoke, steam, and odors for years to come. The range hood comes with a charcoal filter, which removes the odor from the cooking area, hence leaving a fresh environment in your kitchen. The only drawback of this unit is its ability to accommodate just a single light.

3. Hauslane Chef Series 30" PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood

consumer report best range hoods

This is another under-cabinet range hood, but it is a ducted unit, which sports premium build and refined look. The unit features touch controls along with huge venting power. The range hood is available in 2 sizes, 30 and 36 inches with both made up of stainless steel for impact absorption and corrosion resistance. When you run this range hood to its maximum capacity, the blowers operate at 860 CFM, which allows it to take care of 86,000 BTU.

Coming to the filters, then the unit incorporates stainless steel baffle filters for trapping grease in the most effective way. Moreover, these filters are extremely durable against physical or chemical damage. The filters can be hand washed or cleaned in the dishwasher. This is a ducted model, which means, you will have to set up vents for the kitchen, which will cost you both time and money. The range hood features a touch screen instead of physical pushbuttons, which makes the unit a lot more elegant. The controls on the touch screen include an overhead light, delay timer, clock, and fan speed. This unit has 6-speed settings, which along with adjustable noise and suction levels add a lot of flexibility.

4. Cavaliere CAV-SV218B2-30 Wall Mounted Range Hood (Quietest Wall Mount Range Hood)

consumer report best range hoods

Cavaliere CAV SV218B2 is a medium-sized range hood, which sports a powerful motor to help eliminate the smoke, steam, and odors from the cooking area efficiently. The range hood is designed using 19-gauge stainless steel, which adds to its durability and longevity. It is a ducted unit, but you can convert this unit into ductless by incorporating a carbon filter. The 900 CFM airflow efficiently removes all types of unwanted elements such as odors, grease, toxic pollutants from the air.

The airflow can be controlled in six different levels. This isn’t a noisy product, as it only generates 25 dB of sound on the lowest setting with the noise level going as high as 56 dB on the highest speed setting. The range hood comes with two multi-layered aluminum mesh filters, which perform its functions efficiently. When dirty, you can easily clean these filters by putting them in a dishwasher. A delayed power auto shut-off feature with auto cleaning reminder makes using this range hood a lot more convenient.

5. BV BV-RH-801 Range Hood Under Cabinet Seamless Stainless Steel Kitchen Range Hoods

consumer report best range hoods

Buy this range hood to transform the look of your kitchen. Made out of brushed stainless steel, you can expect it to retain its shape and deliver excellent performance for years. The unit comes installed with two motors, with each working at 900 CFM and powering the fans at four different speeds.

The range hood features two LED lights that use 3-watt bulbs to light up the entire cooking area. The unit incorporates 2 baffle filters to keep the oil and grease off the cooking area for a long time. The filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher, so no dramas there. Finally, the range hood comes with a 2-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.

6. VESTA VRH-B1077AT Under Cabinet Range Hood

consumer report best range hoods

Take a look at this durable range hood, which is made up of stainless steel. You will not find a better recirculating hood range in the market than Vesta. Besides being a top-quality product, it is also the most cost-effective. The unit features a powerful motor, which works at 860  CFM, you can expect it to get rid of the smoke, steam, odors, grease and other unwanted particles from the air to keep your cooking area clean and workable.

You can cook, grill, bake, and prepare anything you want without worrying about the spice propagating into the air and making it difficult for you to stand and cook in the kitchen. The unit is equipped with a baffle filter, which removes oil, grease, and smoke from your cooking environment. You can even cook in the dark with this range hood, thanks to two halogen lamps, which are installed in the unit. You can install it in two ways, top vent connection or back vent. Cleanup is a breeze too.

7. FOTILE JQG7501 Range Hood 

consumer report best range hoods

If you have just carried out a kitchen-remodeling project to enhance its beauty, then you can’t have any range hood. You need to get a premium product, something like FOTILE JQG7501, which looks extremely elegant and has a wide range of high-tech features. This is a 30-inch under-cabinet range hood, but you can get a 36-inch model as well. You will like the peculiar design of this unit with a 45-degree slanted surface, which smoothly guides the steam and smoke to the inlet opening. The hood’s surface is made of tempered glass, which besides looking great makes cleanup easy too.

The unit operates at three different speeds, which are 220, 400 and 510 CFM. The hood can easily support two or three of the fans in case the burner is operating at 18,000 BTU or less. The unit features a touch screen from which, you can access the screen-lock function, shut-off function, and lights. Then, there are baffle filters installed in the range hood to take care of the smoke, steam, and odors. The filters are covered behind a fully automatic cover that unfolds on its own to reveal the opening as you turn on the exhaust hood. There is a model with physical controls as well, just in case; you don’t like the automatic controls.

8. ZLINE Wall Mount Range Hood (Best Range Hoods For Gas Stoves)

consumer report best range hoods

Want to play safe, then get ZLINE Wall Mount Range Hood, as it is one of the most popular range hood brands on the market. The product is available in different models ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches, thus making it perfect for residential as well as commercial kitchens. All the models are designed from stainless steel, from the main hood to chimney extension. As far as the blower’s suction is available, then it is fully adjustable with 4 different speeds. When you choose the maximum setting of 760 CFM, then you will see the hood handling up to 75,000 BTUs. If your gas range consists of 5 burners of 15,000 BTU each, then this range hood can easily handle those.

The company has used aluminum baffle filters in the unit to prevent the smoke, steam, and odor from spreading in the air to disrupt your cooking. The filters are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning quick and easy. This is a ducted unit, so you will have to install a vent in which the ducts will run through the ceiling due to the absence of a rear outlet. A stainless steel chimney will cover up the pipe, but you will have to get a backdraft damper to bar outside air from entering into the chimney through ducts. Other features of the unit include physical press buttons, LED lights, and digital display. You can also activate the 3-minute delayed power-off function by pressing and holding the power button.

9. IKTCH IKP02-36 Range Hood

consumer report best range hoods

This is another range hood, which dons a modern design. It is entirely made up of stainless steel, which not just adds to the durability of the product, but also makes it elegant. The unit comes with a remote control that makes controlling it a lot easier. You will really like the gesture sensing function of this range hood. The maximum airflow that you can expect from this unit is 900 CFM, which allows it to remove large amounts of steam, smoke, and cooking odors easily.

The appliance boasts a 4-speed setting, which makes it possible for you to customize your kitchen stove vent to control adjust the suction and noise level. With three stainless steel filters, you can expect the chimney to trap cooking oil and grease in the most effective manner. The filters are removable and dishwasher safe. The unit also features two 3-watt LED lights whose brightness can be adjusted to meet your cooking needs. The operation of this range hood is extremely quiet with the noise level staying at 40 dB and 65 dB on lowest and maximum setting.

10. Proline Wall/Under Cabinet Range Hood PLJW 185.36

consumer report best range hoods

Proline Range Hood is meant to deliver you the most comfortable cooking and grilling experience. This is among the sleekest and most lightweight units on this list, which makes installation a breeze. Deemed as the best ventless range hood, you will find using this product anything but complicated. The brushed stainless steel finish on the unit not just enhances the beauty but also the durability of the product.

The company has added two LED lights, which let you work in the dark as well. The pair of blowers that are installed in the unit has 600 CFM of airflow, and you can also adjust the blower speeds to meet your needs. Also, the unit is not too loud, which shows that the company attempt to cover all the bases. The inclusion of baffle filters is nothing new as all other range hoods have them. The filters capture, oil, grease, and other particles from the surrounding in the most efficient manner. The filters are dishwasher safe as well.

Wrapping Up

An efficient and reliable range hood can help you prepare food in the kitchen a lot more convenient. You don’t have to worry about smoke, spicy odors, steam, and other toxic particles that spread in the air during cooking. You can choose a product from the aforementioned list of consumer reports best range hoods. Once chosen, you can proceed with the purchasing part to simplify your life in the kitchen.