It is always better to reside in an area where TV transmitters are installed in proximity, but not everybody is fortunate to live in such areas. The reason why close proximity to TV transmitters is considered good is the ability to receive strong and uninterrupted over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts, which are as good as cable or satellite TV.

However, there is no need to feel disappointed if your home is located in an area where TV transmitters are located a few miles away. You just need to get an outdoor HDTV antenna, and you will be able to enjoy a gamut of TV channels on your TV set without any interruption. An advantage of having an HDTV antenna is getting the ability to watch all the TV programs that are being sold by cable companies in the form of packages for absolutely free of cost.

So, if you are interested in getting an outdoor HDTV antenna at home, then pay attention to the best outdoor HDTV antenna reviews consumer reports below, which consists of five top outdoor HDTV antennas that are currently being sold in the market.

Reviews Of 5 Best Outdoor HDTV Antennas

1. RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna Consumer Reports

Installing this antenna at the roof of your house will bring you signals from broadcasts tower located as far as 60 miles. This is what makes this antenna the best outdoor HDTV antenna. It is not just the signal picking capabilities of this antenna, which makes it so great, but the ability to withstand bad weather conditions and still be able to deliver unmatched performance. You can easily install this antenna due to its foldout design and the inclusion of mast and mounting hardware.

The secret behind superior HD reception of this antenna lies in its cross-phase, multi-element design that allows the antenna to deliver more channels to the users. You can watch shows from top TV networks through this antenna, plus it also delivers content in HD, i.e., 1080i quality content.

2. Channel Master High VHF, UHF & HDTV Antenna

Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna Consumer Reports

This antenna dons a classical design and has an eight-bowtie arrangement, which empowers this antenna to pick up signals from a TV tower situated up to 70 miles. It targets top DTV frequencies, thus letting you enjoy OTA digital and HD channels for free. If you live in a suburban or rural area, then you can install this antenna to enjoy the same level of content that people living in metropolitan cities enjoy. Durable U-bolts and clamps accompany this antenna, which will come into use during the installation process.

Besides picking up HD channels that are broadcasted by your local station, this antenna is going to pick up signals from top TV networks such as CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS. The company offers a lifetime warranty on antenna parts, just in case anything bad happens to the antenna in the future.

3. ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna

Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna Consumer Reports

This antenna is also capable of picking up signals from a 60-mile radius, plus the inclusion of a 20-inch mount and 30-inch coaxial cable make installation of this antenna a breeze. Along with that, you will get all-weather mounting tool and easy-to-understand instructions for mounting the antenna properly.

Installing this antenna in your house will allow you to get free signals from some of the top TV networks such as MeTV, Univision, PSB, FOX, CW, CBS, NBC, and ABC, etc. The number of channels available to you also depends upon the area you are living in. Just like the previous two antennas, this one is also capable of providing you full-HD content for which you don’t have to pay any money as well.

You will be impressed with the kind of range and reception provided by this antenna, which is because of the inclusion of UHF & VHF multi-directional elements. Even if you are living in a highly remote area, you will be able to get a good reception.

4. ClearStream 4V HDTV Antenna

Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna Consumer Reports

With the signal picking range of more than 70 miles, this antenna can provide an excellent solution to your TV channel problems. The antenna is accompanied with a mount along with the appropriate hardware that will ensure quick and easy installation of the antenna.

The quality of the antenna can also be determined from the lifetime warranty that the company is offering on this antenna. This is a set-and-forget type of antenna because you don’t have to worry about protecting the antenna in bad weather conditions. The patented loop design of the antenna allows it to respond to a wide range of frequencies to deliver the best quality HD signal.

5. ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna With Mount

Best Outdoor HDTV Antenna Consumer Reports

An ideal antenna for indoor as well as outdoor installation, ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna will pick up TV broadcast signals from as far as 60 miles. That’s not it, this antenna has the ability to pick up HD channels from local broadcasters as well, which is an excellent feature because it will certainly help you save your hard-earned money. This antenna pulls in signals from top stations such as FOX, PBS, CBS, and ABC, etc.

You will also be able to watch content from local channels in SD as well as HD quality, which has been made possible due to the inclusion of UHF and VHF elements in the antenna. The patented design of this antenna allows it to receive strong signals and deliver them to the receiver without lowering the quality. You must consider this antenna when planning to buy an outdoor HDTV antenna because it has everything you need in an antenna in the first place.

Reasons To Add An HDTV Antenna

If you live in an area where TV transmitters are installed several miles away, then you must be getting difficulties in receiving proper TV signals. If yes, then you can significantly improve the quality of the signal by installing an outdoor HDTV antenna.

Here Are Top Reasons To Install An Outdoor HDTV Antenna:

  1. OTA Signals are free: Buying an outdoor HDTV antenna is a one-time investment because once you install it; you will receive OTV signals for free.
  2. Endless Local TV broadcasts: The widest selection of broadcasts are confined to big cities, however, you can receive at least one local station if you are among the 99% of US TV households with the number of location stations increasing to five for 89% of the US TV households.
  3. OTA TV Signals Offer Impeccable Picture Quality: Installing an outdoor HDTV antenna will get you the content of your choice in the best quality, which will be better than the quality of content provided by cable and satellite providers.

What Is The Procedure To Install Outdoor HDTV Antenna?

Identifying The Location

The first step for installing an outdoor HDTV antenna is to identify the best location where you can install the antenna for it to grab the best signals. You can use a compass to locate the direction from your antenna’s demarcation point. You can also use the compass app, which comes free in both, iOS and Android phones.


It’s time to unbox the new antenna followed by checking if all the accessories are given along with the antenna. Read the steps given in the instruction manual for mounting the antenna to the roof, fascia or any other location of your house. It is recommended to install the antenna on the roof to get the best quality signals from TV transmitters.

Assembling Antenna

Some antenna comes preassembled, so if yours is one of those, then you can happily skip this step. If the assembling is required, then you will have to follow the instructions provided in the packaging.

Affix Mounting Pole

If your antenna is accompanied with a mounting pole, then you will have to loosen the bolts provided on the sleeve of the bracket followed by inserting the pole hardware into it.

Install Antenna To the Mounting Pole

Properly install your antenna by fastening the bolts of the mounting pole. Once installed, adjust the direction of the antenna using a real compass or the compass app. After that, rotate the antenna in the direction of the broadcast tower and then, tighten the bolts so that the antenna remains in that particular position.

Making All Important Coax Terminations

You will have to use a quality F-connector to link one end of the cable to the antenna with the opposite end connecting another F-connector and linking it to a TV or a TV tuner card.

Using TV Or Tuner Card To Scan For Channels

After connecting the antenna to your TV, you can turn on the TV and scan for channels. If necessary, tweak the position of the antenna to get the best signal. If using a network tuner, then you can download the signal app on your smartphone as most have an application these days. 

Concluding The Antenna Setup

Once you start receiving your favorite channels, you can tighten up all the screws on the antenna as well as the mounting pole. You need to fasten the coax cables as well, which can be done using u-clamps. Make sure to ground the antenna using a quality ground wire and grounding block to be protected against the lightning strike.

In The End

I would like to mention that watching entertainment is everybody’s prerogative because, in this stressful life, there are a few things, which could relax our minds, and watching TV is one of those. The feeling of watching TV sitting on the ultra-comfortable leather sofa can’t be compared with anything else.

Don’t let the location of your house come in the way of your entertainment. Get the best outdoor HDTV antenna to watch your favorite movies and shows in excellent quality. For that, you will have to go through the best outdoor HDTV antenna reviews by consumer reports consisting of five incredible antennas that you can easily buy on Amazon.

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