Kitchen shoes are not just for show off anymore. You can really bring them into use and make your life a lot easier in the kitchen. Just search for the best kitchen shoes, keeping your size, comfort level and familiarity with the brand in mind, and you’ll know the difference they can make to your life. Let me share one more good news with you, i.e., the options that are available in the ‘kitchen shoes’ section are more than enough to make you crazy. You are definitely going to have a tough time picking the right kitchen shoes. But, we are going to make things easier for you by sharing top 10 kitchen shoes that you can take a look at.

Reviews Of 10 Best Kitchen Shoes Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe Reviews

Best kitchen shoes

Do you spend long hours in the kitchen? Well, you need to slide your feet into these shoes, as these are made for those who stand all day. These are comfortable, stylish and long-lasting. These shoes can be worn by people having foot problems like corns. These shoes incorporate full grained leather upper that comes with a padded collar for extra comfort.

Shoes are water resistant, so you can use it in wet seasons as well. The quality of the leather is top-notch, so you are not going to experience any bad odor even after you wear the shoes for long periods of time. For the protection of the shoes, a polyester mesh lining has been provided along with anti-microbial treatment. This will ensure proper circulation of air.

The inclusion of nylon arch shanks and air cushion midsole in the shoes will prevent any damage to the feet at the time of hitting any hard object or surface. The only drawback in these shoes is that it will take some time to open up since leather doesn’t stretch out easily. So, you may experience some initial discomfort.

2. Mozo Women's The Maven Sneaker

Best kitchen shoes

This is a canvas style shoes that look extremely trendy. You can wear these while working in the kitchen, and if you want, you can have these shoes on while going out for a walk as well. The sole of the shoes is made up of synthetic, therefore, you are going to get a rugged and reliable base. For durability, the company has added a rubber toecap. Where most canvas shoes feel a bit heavy, these shoes are quite lightweight. Sneaking your foot into the shoe is not going to be a difficult task because the shoe stretches out as per the size of the foot.

The addition of gel insoles for fit and cushioning will also add to the comfort. You can use these shoes as slip-on or lace-up, depending upon your preference. These shoes will continue to work in an efficient manner regardless of the weather conditions. Also, don’t worry about bad odor, as these shoes will keep your feet fresh and free from bad odor. The company has provided a three-hole arch ventilation, which will ensure a much better breathability. The only negative thing about these shoes is that sometimes, the sole gets detached from the shoe, but it doesn’t happen too often.

3. Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

Best kitchen shoes

Crocs is a world-renowned footwear manufacturer. Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog is one of the company’s most popular shoes. These are highly comfortable shoes that provide users with an enhanced arch support. Having these shoes on will prevent a number of injuries to the knees and calf muscles. You can wear these shoes for an entire day, and your feet won’t hurt in the night. The secret behind a high comfort level lies in the cross lite material, which is used in these shoes.

That material makes the shoes light and easy to clean. You can have these shoes on with or without socks. You will get the feel as if someone is giving you a foot massage and that’s because of the tiny rubs that are present along footbed. To keep the top part of your feet in a comfortable position, there is a thick metatarsal area incorporated on the top of the shoes. The only drawback of these shoes is that sometimes, these can give you rashes on the feet, especially if you have a history of skin rashes.

4. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Best kitchen shoes

These are another great shoes that can be worn by both, men and women. These are slip-on shoes that are highly versatile, so you can wear it in your home’s kitchen and in the restaurant. I’ve really liked the thick and rubbery exterior of these shoes, reason being, that kind of exterior enhances the ability of the shoes to endure demanding tasks that you may perform occasionally in the kitchen. The footbed of the shoes has a cotton lining, therefore, your feet are going to feel a lot more comfortable.

For traction, the company has incorporated a deep tread profile.Moreover, the shoes are made using a single piece of molded polyurethane, which makes the shoe lightweight, flexible and waterproof. The outsole is also made from polyurethane, thus making it abrasive and grease and oil resistant as well. These shoes will easily cradle your feet, which is a feature that made to my list. The company should make certain improvements in the ‘grip’ section because these shoes don’t have such great grip when compared to other shoes in the similar niche.

5. Skechers For Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

Best kitchen shoes

Sketchers is known for manufacturing the most efficient work shoes. These Slip resistant McAllen Slip On Shoes from Sketchers will not disappoint as well because these are extremely reliable and comfortable. I like these shoes because these are slip-on instead of lace up because it’s going to save your time. You just need to slide your foot into the shoe and that’ll be it. The outsoles of these shoes include a slip-resistant material, so you can expect great traction in these shoes.

When it comes to comfort, the company has added a padded collar inside the shoes along with memory that offers an extra cushioning. Sketchers have also imparted safety features in the shoes. You will get a non-metallic composite and lightweight safety toe. So, when you buy these shoes, you are not just getting a pair of stylish shoes, but also highly comfortable and safe shoes. Not all people can buy these shoes because Sketchers is a premium brand and these shoes reflect the same. Moreover, people having narrow feet will feel slight discomfort after wearing these shoes.

6. Skechers For Work Men's Balder Slip Resistant Work Clog

Best kitchen shoes

This is another pair of shoes coming from the house of Sketchers. These are made up of synthetic, thus you will have to give full marks for ruggedness and reliability. The sole of shoes is made from rubber, thus allowing a better movability and traction. What intrigued me in these shoes is the footbed, which is padded with a shock-absorbing material.

When things go bad in the kitchen and there is a chance of being electrocuted, then these shoes will save your life. Padded collar and slip-resistant outsole in the shoes will offer both, safety and comfortability. The company has also provided ventilating ports in the middle of the shoe, so the air will circulate through the shoes, and your feet will remain fresh and odor-free. The only point of concern in these shoes is that you may feel pain in your legs after wearing the shoes for the long duration of time. Besides that, no other issue with this pair.

7. Skechers For Work Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Best kitchen shoes

These shoes are made up leather and have a rubber sole, which provides them with extra traction. Marketed as comfortable and reliable shoes, I think investing money in these shoes would probably be the right decision. Skechers as we all know is one of the top brands when it comes to manufacturing shoes, and this model is no different.

On the inner side of the shoes, you will find a memory foam, which will give huge comfort to the feet. But, wearing these shoes for long durations could put your feet in slight discomfort as there is no proper air circulation. But, the shoes get full marks on durability and ruggedness. There aren’t color options available in this model, so what you are seeing on the screen is what you can only buy. No fancy colors.

8. Keen Utility Men's Ptc Slip On Work Shoe

Best kitchen shoes

If you are working in a crowded kitchen where anything can spill on the floor anytime, then you require these shoes. These are attractive, tough and dependable, so you will look good in these and your feet will also remain safe. These are slip-on design shoes, which are easier to wear than the lace-up counterparts. The shoes are made up of top-quality leather, so there is no chance that these will break up. To match things up, an avant-garde sole has been added at the bottom of the shoe to make your life easier at work.

The inside of the shoes consists of a memory foam, which is placed over the insole that is made up of polyurethane. When it comes to the uppers, then you will find a breathable leather along with cushioning on the collar. Shoes are waterproof, so you can wear these in the wet seasons as well. There have been some complaints in the shoes regarding durability, which the company is addressing in a diligent manner.

9. Mozo Men's The Natural Low Canvas Sneaker

Best kitchen shoes

If you are looking for all-purpose shoes, then Mozo Men’s The Natural Low Canvas Sneaker is perfect for you. These shoes are rugged, reliable and stylish. I think the company has amalgamated classic design with the latest style. These shoes are water resistant, so you have them on even in the rainy season. The upper is made of wax and provides an urban flair to the product.

You can kick the rock as many times as you want, and the shoes won’t break at all. Extra care has been taken when it comes to breathability. The company has added an apron-stripe fabric lining that will help make your feet a lot more comfortable in the shoes. The outsoles are made from a slip-resistant material that offers a decent amount of traction. This will allow you to walk in all kinds of environment.

There is no need to worry about slip and fall because these shoes will provide with a perfect balance no matter how slippery the surface is. People having large feet size will face difficulties after wearing these shoes. If your feet are large, then you might have to give these a pass.

10. Skechers For Work Men's Soft Stride Galley Work Boot

Best kitchen shoes

These are excellent work shoes by Skechers. The design, the comfort level, and performance of these shoes will easily get you through the arduous week of tireless work. These shoes feature a leather upper, but you won’t get slip-style, as these are only available in lace-up style. But, if you like lace-up style shoes, then these Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Galley Work Boot are ideal for you.

You will also find a removable polyurethane insoles, which will further enhance the comfort level. When it comes to outsoles, the company has added a no-slip rubber that is highly reliable. So, you are going to get enough traction on wet and slippery surfaces. These outsoles will also render protection to your feet. These shoes will give you the confidence to walk around in any season.

The footbed of the shoes is lightly cushioned, so you are going to get enough support for your underfoot. These shoes will give you a sporty look, thus making it a lot more attractive. The shoes are tight and narrow from the front, so if your feet are large, then these shoes might be uncomfortable for you. Also, if you tried to add some extra cushion in the shoes, then that might wear out faster than usual, especially if you use the shoes every single day of the week.

Why Do You Need Kitchen Shoes In The First Place?

The kitchen at times can be a very busy place. Moving in a kitchen wearing a wrong pair of shoes will bring about sheer torture on your feet. This is the reason that kitchen shoes have come into inception. Working in a kitchen is never going to be a 30-minute task. It could take long hours preparing food, especially when there are guests expected at home. Preparing food in the kitchen means, no time to sit and relax.

Carrying out tasks in your kitchen wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes will certainly make your feet and calves hurt. I start feeling pain in the back of my knees if I’m wearing a wrong pair of shoes. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the right pair of kitchen shoes on while working in the kitchen for a long duration of time. This goes for chefs as well who are working in the restaurants and hotels. How can someone prepare great dishes when he/she isn’t standing comfortably? I can’t do it, and I’m certain nobody can.

Moreover, there is no need to wear wrong or unsuitable shoes when you have an abundance of kitchen shoes available both offline and online. It’s just the matter of choosing the brand, size, and color of the shoes.

What Happens When You Work For Long Hours In The Kitchen Wearing Wrong Shoes?

You are not going to get arthritis, but yes, physical ailments are certainly going to surface if you make a habit of working in the kitchen with having wrong shoes on. Your feet might get swollen or you could experience a sharp, shooting pain in the back of your leg. In some cases, circulatory problems or development of varicose veins have also been experienced. So, don’t bear the pain when you can easily buy a pair of the best kitchen shoes at an affordable price.

Final Verdict

Working in a kitchen is not a child’s play, and if you work in a kitchen on a daily basis, then you must get yourself a nice pair of kitchen shoes. We have discussed 10 best kitchen shoes, which have excelled in all the pivotal criteria for determining the best kitchen shoes. You can go through the aforementioned brief reviews and pick the shoes you think are most suitable for you. Make your kitchen time less stressful and more convenient with an efficient pair of kitchen shoes.

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