Weber Spirit Vs Genesis – Who Wins The Battle Of Best Gas Grills

With more and more food enthusiasts preferring to cook food on grills, the demand of gas grills is seeing an unprecedented rise. Since gas grills are a lot easier to use compared to their charcoal and wood pellet counterparts, this is why more people are opting for the gas versions. The quest for a top quality gas grill is not easy at all, as there are many brands vying to become a part of the kitchens of the majority of homes. One of the top brands in the market of gas grills is ‘Weber’. The brand Weber has two product lines running parallel to each other.

These are the Weber Spirit and Genesis. We in this post will do a comparison of Weber Spirit Vs Genesis. Both series have a number of models up for grabs, but we are going to first compare both series in general, and after that, we have picked two of the best products from each series who will lock heads with one another in a detailed comparison. It is going to be a great battle, and the winner at the end will not be a gas grill, but the winner will be you, the prospective buyer.

Weber Spirit Vs Genesis: The Comparison

Sturdiness And Build

Weber Spirit

Incredible Material Build: The grade of stainless steel is good and the grills are also well-constructed, but it's just that the quality of stainless steel is not up to the mark when compared with the quality of stainless steel that is used to construct Genesis range of gas grills.

Weber Genesis

Sturdier Build: Weber Genesis range of products are even sturdier, so if you were impressed with the quality of construction of Spirit range of products, then the ones by Weber Genesis will completely mesmerize you. They are more durable and stylish than the Spirit range.

Grill Performance

Weber Spirit

A Machine Built To Perform: A user-friendly grill, this is built to last. You can basically grill any type of meal in this grill. You can choose from 2-burner or 3-burner model. Overall, a great product at an affordable price.

Weber Genesis

Boasts High-End Performance Features: Genesis line of gas grills are a lot more sophisticated, as you get features that are more elegant with an easy-to-use functionality. Well-designed burners, flavorizer, and top-class performance are the highlights of Genesis gas grills.

Surface Area & Size Of Grills

Weber Spirit

Size is a variable component as different models have different sizes, so you can go through the models and find out the model that perfectly suits your requirements in terms of size. Options are available, and you just have to go through those options.

Weber Genesis

Again, the size varies from model to model, so you need to select the model and check its dimensions. You can find models with different sizes in Genesis, so just find the one that suits you the best.

Heat Control

Weber Spirit

To be able to manage and control the food that is being cooked on the grill is what makes a grill efficient and reliable. Weber Spirit maintains the temperature using a conventional heat control technology, but conventional doesn’t make it outdated, as the technology incorporated in the Weber Spirit has been appreciated by many users.

Weber Genesis

Genesis line of products comprises a cutting-edge technology for managing heat. Technologies like infinity ignition and Bluetooth heat monitors are definitely going to intrigue you. Genesis is always a step ahead, and this parameter has further consolidated its position. Both Spirit and Genesis have got a wide assortment of products, but we have shortlisted the best from both product lines. From Weber, Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill has been shortlisted whereas from Genesis, E-210 Gas Grill is the one that will be locking horns with the Spirit Gas Grill.

Weber Spirit vs Genesis: Weber Spirit II E-310 vs Weber Genesis II E-210

Weber Spirit Reviews

Weber Spirit II E-310 reviews

Design And Build Quality: 4/5

Spirit II E-310 is a beautiful product that is built using the best available materials. The cook box and shroud are built from cast aluminum, a material that is sturdier than sheet metal, which is used in most grills. The aluminum made shroud is coated with porcelain enamel, which protects the shroud from becoming fade, rusty and peeled. Cleaning becomes easier as well. The lid of the grill comprises a center-mounted thermometer, which will help you figure out the exact temperature of the main cooking area.

Burner tubes and side shelves are made of stainless steel whereas cooking grates are made of cast iron with a coating of porcelain enamel, which offers much better searing and heat retention in comparison to thinner wire grill grates. You can buy a 20-pound tank alongside the grill, which has an in-built fuel gauge to help you know the volume of propane available in the tank.

You can store the propane tank along with other tools and accessories in the big storage cabinet of the grill. Each side shelf consists of three tool hooks at the end where you can hang tongs, grill brushes and more. This grill is perfect for tailgaters, but it will require at least two people to lift the grill and place it on a truck. For easy maneuvering, two wheels have been attached at the bottom of the grill.

Ease Of Assembly: 4.5/5

You will not find any difficulty assembling this grill, as everything is provided to you beforehand. The gas line and firebox come pre-assembled, so you just need to assemble the cart and then, connect the components. This can be done within an hour or so.

Ease Of Use: 4.5/5

Weber Spirit sports an electronic Crossover ignition, which is advanced, effective and totally reliable. The Ignitor, which runs on a single AA battery, ignites the first burner and then, other burners are lit systematically. If one propane tanks are fully consumed, then you can easily replace it with a filled one. Moreover, the cleaning of grates and flavorizer bars is a fast and easy process due to the porcelain coating on both.

Quality Of The Cook: 4.5/5

Cooking on this grill gives me satisfaction, as it offers even heat for direct as well as indirect cooking, plus the desired temperature is reached rather quickly. I found the heat retention and heat distribution in this grill at beyond my satisfactory levels, and the reason for that is the use of cast iron in manufacturing cooking grates.

Flavorizer bars are coated with porcelain, thus becoming more efficient in catching drippings and then, vaporizing those into smoke. This, in turn, makes the food more flavourful. Drippings won’t flow into the burner tubes, so there is no chance of seeing any flare-ups or clogged burner tubes. 

Flavorizer bars also help distribute heat evenly all across the grill, thus putting E-310 into the category of those grills that are considered the best for indirect smoking. If you are more into a searing and looking for a grill that can produce high heat, then this may disappoint you a bit.

Ease of Clean-up: 4.5/5

With the inclusion of a grease management system, the cleaning of this grill is a charm. Juices and meat pieces that are not vaporized are eventually accumulated by the grease tray, which then, channels them into a catch pan. You can remove grease tray and catch pan for thorough cleaning. You can line the catch pan with an aluminum foil if you want. To easily clean burner tubes, you can take a grill brush made of stainless steel. So overall, the cleaning task won’t bother you much.

Price: 4/5

The price may seem to be inclined on the higher end of the spectrum considering the features you are getting. But, if you look at the build quality of the grill and the time it could last for, you will feel that the price is somewhat justified.

Weber Genesis Reviews

Weber Genesis II E-210 reviews

Design And Build Quality: 4.5/5

A fine specimen of impeccable craftsmanship, Genesis II E-210 meets every criterion of the best gas grill. A stainless steel body with a number of advanced features, this grill can be the highlight of your outdoor BBQ parties for the years to come. It will provide you with the best-smoked food you’ve ever tasted in your life, and you can clean the grill in 10-15 minutes because of the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, which clean very quickly.

The company has added many smaller details into the product to make it more versatile and user-friendly. Talking more about the user-friendly nature of this grill, you’ll get an open cart design, a huge storage space and a fold down table that makes using this grill a lot easier. The grill further pushes the envelope with its fresh and enhanced heating system along with other cutting-edge features such as iGrill3 compatibility.

Ease Of Assembly: 3.5/5

This is one of those areas where Genesis II E-201 can disappoint you. There are certain parts of the grill, which you won’t be assembled on your own. I mean you could, but those are not free from danger. It includes installation of the gas line, which I won’t recommend to DIY.

Ease Of Use: 4.5/5

This grill is easy to use, even for beginners. To light the grill, you just need to turn the knobs on and let the Infinity Ignition do its job. To cook your favorite meals in the best possible way, you get a large workspace, a proper grease management system and full-proof safety. The grease flows through outside the body of the grill and goes into the central drip pan, thus keeping the main cooking area free from any drippings.

Quality Of The Cook: 4/5

An exemplary construction of this grill translates to scrumptious delicacies every single time. Along with that, the flavorizer bar results in a well-designed indirect heating system. This grill will add a profound smoky flavor to the food. The only drawback of this grill is its inability to reach temperatures beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit even if you pre-heat. Therefore, if you are buying a grill primarily for searing food, then this may not be a very good option.

Ease of Clean-up: 4.5/5

Cleaning this grill is not going to be tedious for sure. Grease won’t accumulate on the grill grates as those are coated with porcelain. You can easily wipe down the grease after cooking. The drippings are collected in an easy-to-access centralized drip pan, so you don’t have much grease to collect on the interior of the grill.

Price: 4/5

A feature-packed, versatile and stylish grill, which can be a great option for those who want to update their current model and get a grill with more cooking options and better features. The only shortcoming of the machine is its inability to reach temperatures beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you aren’t much into searing, then this grill is a great option for you.

Weber Gas Grill Maintenance & Care

To prolong the life of your Weber gas grill, you must put in your money in the right set of tools. Your griller toolbox must contain a brass wire grill brush, mild dish soap. Fine steel wool pads, stainless steel wire brush, a dishcloth/sponge, Teflon or plastic scraper, catch pan liners and putty knife within proximity in order to ensure a fast and easy clean-up of the grill. A routine cleaning up of the grill doesn’t involve much except cleaning the grates, sides and the lid using a stainless steel brush.

You need to ensure that the grates are thoroughly cleaned because if the food remains stuck on the grates, then it will invite all kinds of germs and bacteria. Grates that are fully cleaned ensure that the food doesn’t stick when you plan to grill the next time. That was all about regular cleaning, but once in a year, you will have to clean the grill more thoroughly, taking apart all the parts.

Before you do that, disconnect the gas and take out all the grill parts systematically. You should note down as to which part belongs to which section so as to make the reassembling process easier. Make sure that the burner is not clogged as that could result in uneven heat and poor grilling. If you can clean the burner on your own, then do it, if not, then replace the burner. To clean your gas grill in a proper manner, use soapy water because that’s how all the grease and dirt will be removed.

After cleaning the grill using soapy water, attach all the parts in the correct way, and make all the connections properly. Before cooking anything on the grill, you should heat the grill in order to eliminate any soap residue.

Spirit Vs Genesis: Which Product Should You Put Your Money On?

When it comes to construction, Weber Genesis has certainly got an edge over the Spirit models. But, you will have to pay an extra cost for that robust construction and those extra bit of features that you are getting in Genesis. No doubt, the Genesis models are sturdier and made to last long, but if the price is the main concern for you, then you may have to think twice before buying one of Genesis models. If your motive is to buy a decent gas grill with basic features and a solid construction, then Weber Spirit could be a great choice. Spirit E-310 is fully capable of getting you juice steaks or crispy burgers on the weekends. Price is an important factor while deciding as to which product to choose. So, I leave it to your wisdom and pocket as to which gas grill you would like to buy.