To clear the clutter in your kitchen, you need a durable and spacious kitchen cabinet where you can keep cutlery, cooking tools and many other things that were taking a lot of space in your kitchen. If cooking is your passion, then you must ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your kitchen, and you can only make it happen when you get a kitchen cabinet. If you think a kitchen cabinet can solve the ‘clutter’ problem in your kitchen, then you shouldn’t wait and buy a kitchen cabinet right away. Now, you must be thinking as to which kitchen cabinet is suitable for your kitchen, right? Well, that is for you to decide, but I can provide you with a list of the best five kitchen cabinets that are popular on all major e-commerce platforms. Not just the list, but I’ll provide you with kitchen cabinet reviews consumer reports, so you just need to go through the reviews and make your selection.

Reviews Of 6 Best Kitchen Cabinets

1. Elite 32" Base Cabinet By Prepac

Best kitchen cabinet reviews

This kitchen cabinet is 36 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 24 inches deep. What these dimensions signify? Well, those signify the accommodation of large kitchen items inside the kitchen cabinet.

When it comes to the interior of the cabinet, then you will see a shelf, which you can adjust to different height positions as per your storage preferences. As far as the top of the cabinet is concerned, you will find 1-inch melamine surface that offers added workspace.

The elegant white finish of the cabinet will definitely blend with the aesthetics of your kitchen, plus the inclusion of brushed metal handles for easy opening and closing of the door, which also has a high-quality European style six-way hinges.

You won’t be able to see those hinges, as those are smartly hidden. As this cabinet will be used in the kitchen, splashes and stains are going to be quite common, but don’t you worry, as the laminate finish on the cabinet will help you clean those stains and splashes quite easily.

2. Home Styles 5022-69 Nantucket Pantry

Best kitchen cabinet reviews

If you are looking for a kitchen cabinet that is efficient and long-lasting, then you must definitely look at Home Styles Nantucket Pantry, which is made of engineered hardwood. When it comes to the dimensions of kitchen cabinet, the height stands at 71.5 inches whereas the width of the cabinet is 30 inches, thus making it a spacious kitchen cabinet where you can keep a wide range of things.

The cabinet comes with a storage drawer where you can keep from light flatware sets to heavy cookware and woks quite easily. This drawer has a smooth sliding motion along with a catch to prevent it from falling out of the cabinet. The inclusion of four antique cabinet doors in the cabinet that is brushed with nickel, which adds to the overall beauty of the cabinet. The shelves given in the kitchen cabinet can be easily adjusted as per your requirements.

3. Home Styles 4509-95 Dolly Madison Prep and Serve Cart 

Best kitchen cabinet reviews

Another excellent kitchen cabinet by Home Styles, this one is made of reliable hardwood that will stay intact for a long period of time. This cabinet will keep the majority of your kitchen tools and equipment at one place, thus letting you work freely in the kitchen.

This cabinet is 36-inch tall, 33 ¾-inch wide and 18 ½-inch deep, so you can keep all kinds of utensils, Chicago cutlery and other kitchen tools in the cabinet quite easily. The cabinet comprises two utility drawers, which smoothly slide on metal sliders. The cabinet incorporates a 2-door cabinet as well, where you can store many of your kitchen items.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is small, this kitchen cabinet can easily fit in and add to the kitchen décor. I really like the inclusion of a rack on both sides of the cabinet for hanging apron and kitchen towel.

You can move this cabinet from one place to another quite easily, thanks to the four rollers given at the base of the unit. Those rollers can also be locked so that the cabinet doesn’t move when you are keeping anything in or taking something out of the cabinet.

4. Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart

Best kitchen cabinet reviews

Winsome Wood has created one gem of a kitchen cabinet that is sleek, durable and portable. This kitchen cabinet fits in any kitchen, so if you think your kitchen needs improvement, you should opt for this unit. This cabinet is 34.3 inches tall, 26.9 inches wide and 18.2 inches deep, which is ideal for small to medium kitchens.

The cabinet is constructed using premium quality wood, and all the opening parts of the cabinet are equipped with a handle for easy opening and closing. The cabinet consists of a single utensil drawer along with two large cabinets, which are capable of storing all sorts of kitchen items.

You will also get a trail in the cabinet to allow you to hang towels and apron. The cabinet doesn’t come assembled, but you can easily assemble the unit following the steps given in the user manual.

5. Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet

Best kitchen cabinet reviews

This kitchen cabinet is made of sturdy engineered wood, which makes the unit a mainstay in your kitchen. The beautiful pure-white finish on the cabinet will add to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Coming to the dimensions of the unit, then you are looking at a spacious kitchen cabinet, which is 34.5 inches tall and 26 inches deep, so whatever your requirements are, this cabinet will fulfil it comprehensively. You will have to assemble this cabinet, as it doesn’t come preassembled, but the inclusion of an instruction manual will make that a lot easier.

As you open the cabinet, you get an ample amount of space to keep your kitchen utensils, cutlery, and various other things. The doors to the cabinet have beautiful windows at the top, plus the door has clear doorknobs, which adds to the beauty of the unit.

6. South Shore Morgan 2-Door Storage Cabinet 

Best kitchen cabinet reviews

This kitchen cabinet is anything but normal because it is made of non-toxic laminated particleboard, which ensures your safety. Moreover, the company offers a 5-year warranty on the product, something that no other company is offering. If you want to create some extra workspace in your kitchen, then this kitchen cabinet is excellent for you.

The cabinet has two doors, which are equipped with metal handles and a beautiful black finish. The cabinet has a white finish, which looks stunning, to say the least. The inclusion of an adjustable shelf allows you to keep any size of kitchen utensil in the cabinet quite easily. When it comes to dimensions, the cabinet is 32.25 inches tall, 31.25 inches wide and 18.25 deep, thus allowing you to store from light items to heavy ceramic cookware easily.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Kitchen Cabinet

Back in the day, dovetail joints inside the drawers used to define premium kitchen cabinets. However, things have changed since the manufacturers started offering premium features even in the entry-level and mid-range cabinets. If you want to buy a kitchen cabinet, then you need to do in-depth research before that’s how you will be able to zero-in on the right product. However, you can cut to the chase because I’ve done all the research. Now, you just need to go through below-mentioned parameters in order to make the right decision. 

Consider Your Budget

When it comes to cabinets, you will find three types, which are, custom, semi-custom, and stock. Custom cabinets are the most expensive type of kitchen cabinets, as they incorporate many features to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Whereas semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer plenty of style options and configurations, plus they fit in your kitchen more precisely than any other type of cabinet. Lastly, there are stock kitchen cabinets, which are occasionally sold at home centers preassembled, but then, there are many stores that sell kitchen cabinets, which require assembly.

Pick A Style

There are two types of kitchen cabinets that you can find on the market, which are, framed or frameless. Where a framed kitchen cabinet is made of a box and has a face frame where the drawers and doors attach, while a frameless kitchen cabinet doesn’t have a face frame, plus the drawers and doors are attached directly to the cabinet box.

A frameless kitchen cabinet is also known as European-style kitchen cabinet that has a contemporary look along with easy access to the interior. The absence of a face frame affects the rigidity of the unit, but manufacturers compensate for it by using a thicker box. If you wish to get a European style cabinet with a frame, then opt for a full-overlay door.

Inspect The Construction

You must inspect the construction whether the drawers are built with solid wood and incorporate dovetail joinery rather than a stapled particleboard. Along with that, it must have full-extension drawer guides instead of an integrated rail. As far as doors are concerned, then those should be made of solid wood or plywood panel and must have solid wood frames all around them. Say ‘NO’ to ‘medium density fibreboard (MDF)’ or ‘veneered particleboard’

Focus On Features

The more features you demand, the more money you will have to shell out from your pocket. The features that you should look in a kitchen cabinet are pull-out trash bin and charging station. Many kitchen cabinets come with a spring-loaded shelf and a lift cabinet that allows you to store and access your food processor or stand mixer.

Concluding Remarks

For an efficient working and storage of your kitchen, you need to have a kitchen cabinet. I have reviewed five best products in the above section and each of those products is equipped with exciting features to make your life easy in the kitchen. You can choose from stock, semi-custom or a custom type of cabinets and from framed or frameless box, but just keep one thing in mind, invest in a quality product. The quality products can be found in my kitchen cabinet reviews consumer reports, so you must go through it to finalize the ideal product for your kitchen.