For hot bath lovers, you can now enjoy a soothing and refreshing hot bath in the comfort of your house. Most bathrooms have an area dedicated to showers, so it’s time to use that area for a rejuvenating bathing experience, courtesy of a steam shower generator. This particular product will take responsibility for heating up the water, and I mean a lot of water so that you can enjoy steam shower for as long as you want. Had your requirement been low, you could have opted for the best water heater, right? But, that is not the case, that’s why you want a steam shower generator. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a steam shower generator, which you can read later in the post. Also, if you want to know as to which is the best steam shower generator, then for that, you can take a look at steam shower reviews consumer reports in which I’ve reviewed six of the best products that are currently available on the market.

Reviews Of 6 Best Steam Showers

1. EliteSteam 7.5 kW Luxury Home Steam Shower System

steam shower reviews consumer report

If you were scouting for a powerful and efficient steam shower generator for an area of around 250 cu. ft., then you should definitely consider EliteSteam 7.5 KW Luxury Home Steam Shower System. The unit is ideal for the aforementioned area, and you won’t have any issues accessing the unit, as it features a digital display screen on which you can see a variety of information related to room temperature and time.

The unit makes use of stainless steel coils, which quickly warm up the surroundings. The quick warming up of the atmosphere saves power as well. The product is available in three finishing such as polished nickel, chrome, and brushed nickel. The generator comes with several exciting things such as the timer knob and custom temperature-setting controller, which results in a much better user experience.

Despite being such a powerful and efficient unit, it weighs only 30 lbs, and so, it can be mounted on the wall. For easy installation, the unit features all the plumbing fixtures and equipment. Moreover, the company also offers a robust warranty on the product, which will help you get fast and affordable assistance regarding any problem befalling the product.

2. EliteSteam 10 kW Luxury Home Steam Generator

steam shower reviews consumer report

This is another high-performance home steam generator by EliteSteam without which our steam shower generator reviews consumer reports couldn’t have been completed. The unit boasts a larger capacity, i.e., 10 KW, so make sure the area of the room you want this unit to be used with is large as well. If you were craving for an ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your house, then this steam generator can help you achieve that long pending dream of yours. The unit is designed using high-quality stainless steel, especially its tank, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. When it comes to operating this steam shower generator, you don’t need any professional assistance, as everything is provided with the unit, be it a steam head, connecting cable and integrated control.

Prior to purchasing this product, you should measure the space that you have shortlisted for placing the product. The measurements of the product are 15x6x15.5 inches. There won’t be any control outside the unit, as everything is given inside. You even get a special pocket through which you can enjoy aromatherapy.

The company offers a standard 1-year warranty on the unit, whereas for parts, you can extend the warranty to 10 years. You can get this product in three finishes, which are, polished chrome, nickel and brushed nickel. The steam shower generator has a couple of drawbacks as well, i.e., energy consumption, which is more than standard steam generators that are available on the market. Secondly, the absence of an automatic drain will bother many.

3. Steamist TSG-10 Total Sense Residential Steam Generator 

steam shower reviews consumer report

For an area of around 250 to 450 cu ft., you can consider this steam shower generator, which by the way is a 10 KW unit. To get the best hot shower, you need an efficient generator, which can ensure the demand for hot water as per your usage. To make sure that you are getting the right product, you should measure the cubic footage of your shower stall.

If you are sure that you have enough space to accommodate this steam shower, then you can buy this US-made product, which includes a number of premium features such as proportional control SteadySteam along with Instamist for quick starting of the unit. The excellent features are combined with a robust warranty, which overall gives total peace of mind to you for years to come.

The product sports a stainless steel tank and highly reliable components, which won’t corrode or rust, thus ensuring longevity. Overall, an excellent option for those who want to buy a steam shower generator, but doesn’t have much space to accommodate one.

4. KOHLER K-5529-NA Steam Shower Generator

steam shower reviews consumer report

One of the top-selling products on various online portals, KOHLER K-5529-NA can provide power to the water heating system installed in your house, plus it can also be used to provide a complete power backup to your house if necessary. The product is available in different versions, ranging from 5 kW to 30 kW. The unit is efficient in heating 240 cu ft., of water at once, which makes it an ideal choice for home use as well as in RV’s.

As the power goes out, the unit begins its operation in less than a minute, thus providing a seamless bathing experience. Once you are done bathing, you can turn on the bathroom fan to evacuate all the hot air from the bathroom. The company has made use of high-quality steel for developing the exterior of this generator, which gives strength to the claims regarding the longevity of the product. Things could have been a lot better had the company provided a transfer switch in the product.

5. ECO LLC 220V 9KW Steam Generator 

steam shower reviews consumer report

ECO LLC Steam Shower Generator can be the product of your choice if you were specifically looking for quick and efficient heating with lower power consumption. Despite having 9 kW of power consumption, the unit can easily heat up water up to 55 degrees Celsius.

The company has added a number of exciting and useful features into the unit such as temperature control system and ozone sterilization. The LED display on the generator helps users determine some of the important details about the functionality such as timer, room temperature, voltage input and self-diagnosis for faults.

The self-diagnosis is a very special feature, which you won’t see in other units. The purpose of this feature is to determine the issue(s) in the product so that the users can take necessary action against those. Using this generator is a breeze, courtesy of its electronic control panel, and whenever you feel like that the machine is not working properly, you can press ‘Safety Press Button’. The only drawback of the unit is that the water needs to be changed on a regular basis.

6. EliteSteam 12 kW Luxury Home Steam Shower System

steam shower reviews consumer report

We have one more product EliteSteam, and this one is even more powerful. This 12 kW unit is ideal for areas as big as 550 cu ft. Sporting a very slick and compact design, you can fit the generator in any confined place such as a closet. You will really like the custom temperature and time setting feature, which will help you choose the desired temperature and time as per your requirements. The product is available in three different designs, which are polished nickel and chrome and brushed nickel. With so many amazing features, decent warranty and affordable pricing, you can’t ask for anything better. The only downside to this unit is its high power requirement, which may reflect on your power bills.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Steam Shower Generator

Buying a steam shower generator is not similar to buying a pair of batteries, so you will have to consider certain things in order to ensure that the product coming to your house is exactly what you need. Let’s take a look at the points crucial for making the right purchase of the steam shower generator.

Size Of The Room

This is the first thing that you need to check prior to the purchase because if you buy a generator that is underperforming, then you will have to get into the nuisance of replacing the product, which involves making dozens of calls at the customer care and writing emails, you know what I mean. Moreover, if you buy an over-performing unit, then that will also be a waste of money because a generator with more power will definitely come at a higher price. Therefore, you must measure the exact dimension of the room and then move on with the purchasing process.

Let me also tell you as to how powerful generator fits a room of specific dimensions. If the area of your room is 100 to 250 cu ft., then a generator with power consumption of 10 kW will be more suitable than a 12 kW counterpart. In the same way, if you have a room with an area 450 to 550 cu ft., then you should have a generator that has a power consumption of 15 kW.


Many steam generators feature fancy LED displays on which, users can watch each and every detail regarding the operation such as room temperature, timer, and various other settings. Some steam generators feature small bulbs, which may not look as good, but then, they bring down the overall price of the unit.


It is always better to buy a steam generator that features a mount design because those are easier to install. It doesn’t matter if the unit is wall mounting or floor mounting, as long as there is a feature to mount it.

Material Used

You should check as to what type of material the water tank of the steam generator is made of, as all the premium models feature a stainless steel tank, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, other parts of the product should also be made of high-quality materials. If the use of plastic has been done, then you need to check that it is ABS plastic because it is of the best quality and keeps the unit intact and working for a long time.


A steam shower is all you need to get rid of the tiredness that you have accumulated after working for the entire day. However, to make sure that you get an ample amount of hot water for a wonderful bathing experience, you need to invest in the best steam shower system. I have tried my best to help you reach the closest to the best steam shower generator by providing the best steam shower reviews consumer reports. Therefore, the only thing left for you to do now is, pick one product from those six that you feel is most suitable for you. Once you identified that, go ahead and make a purchase.