Gone are the days when people used to wear clothes to cover their bodies because now, they wear clothes to look beautiful and trendy. Clothes are an integral part of fashion for both men and women in the world today. When it comes to the clothes worn by people today, then you will find that custom clothing is trending at the top. With the availability of highly advanced and precise sewing machines, you can stitch your clothes all by yourself. If you love sewing and love to create amazing designs of clothes, sew curtains, purses and other fabrics, then you should get yourself a reliable sewing machine. When it comes to sewing machines, you will find dozens of brands with their hundreds of models.

But, which model you choose is of great significance because if you pick a wrong model, then you will not be able to achieve what you were looking to achieve in the first place. So, go through the best sewing machines consumer reports to determine the most suitable sewing machines to kick-start your passion for sewing.

Reviews Of 5 Best Sewing Machines Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports

This sewing machine is ideal whether you are beginning your sewing venture or been doing it for years. Being an electric sewing machine, you don’t have to deal with any onboard computer that many sewing machines are equipped with. As a result, you can learn things on your own. Coming to the construction of the machine, then you will see a heavy-duty metal frame, which incorporates a powerful and reliable motor that does all the tasks. The motor consists of a stainless steel bedplate, which will help you perform sewing and stitching in a flawless manner.

Sporting analog dials make adjustments in this sewing machine quite easy. You can easily sew up to 1100 stitches per minute, plus it works well with both, light and tough fabrics. This sewing machine provides you with 23 stitching options, which consist of 1 buttonhole stitch, 4 stretch stitches, 6 essential stitches, and 12 decorative stitches. You will find a number of useful features to make sewing a fun task. The company has included half a dozen accessories with the sewing machine that makes sewing easier and ensures the machine’s longevity.

2. Brother Full-Featured Quilting Machine

Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports

There is no need to waste hundreds of dollars on a sewing machine when you will not use the features given in the machine. If you need a sewing machine to do basic sewing tasks, then this Brother Sewing Machine is an ideal choice for you. Being an entry-level machine, you can get it at a highly affordable price, but that doesn’t mean the machine lacks important features. In this sewing machine, you will get all the features that you need to carry out basic sewing jobs.

You can select from 37 stitches options by making use of a dial. The sewing machine is equipped with an assortment of basic presser feet that includes zipper, buttonhole, narrow hemmer, button sewing and quilting foot and so on. Then, it has got an automatic threader with the maximum stitch length and width of 4mm and 5mm respectively. You can carry out large quilting projects with ease in this sewing machine, courtesy of a quilting table.

With the ability to sew at 800 stitches per minute, I’d say it is a decent machine with decent capabilities. You can definitely consider this machine if you are a beginner or require sewing machines occasionally.

3. SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports

If you love sewing and can spend a few extra bucks just to get that extra bit of features for easy and convenient sewing, then you should go for SINGER 9960 Sewing Machine, which is a computerized sewing machine with 600 stitching options. That includes 13 one-step buttonholes, 18 presser feet and 5 fonts for embroidering numbers and letters.

The sewing machine consists of many features that people will only see in a more expensive and powerful machine, but that’s where SINGER tends to surprise the customers. The inclusion of an automatic needle threader, top-loading bobbin, speed control, automatic thread trimmer and a large sewing surface with an extension table will definitely help you with the sewing process. You can take your foot off the pedal whenever you feel like it as there is ‘auto-pilot’ function given in the machine that will do the task.

You can check the type of stitch, its length, and width on the LCD screen that is integrated into the machine. Sporting a solid metal frame, this machine is made to last longer, and on top of that, the company offers a limited 25-year warranty on the product, which is like adding a feather into the cap of this sewing machine.

4. Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports

If the previous sewing and quilting machine was on the slower side, then you can check Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine, which sews at 850 stitches per minute. One of the fastest sewing machines available on the market right now, you can definitely achieve a lot in terms of sewing with this sewing machine. This machine has got 60 stitch patterns, which may disappoint you a bit, as many machines in the same price range as this machine offers 100 stitch patterns. However, 60 stitch patterns are not less if you think about it, especially when you are getting seven buttonhole styles.

Moreover, all stitches have automatic settings that you can access on the LCD screen of the machine. Just enter the number corresponding to the stitch you are looking to have instead of adjusting the length and width manually. The inclusion of the speed control slider gives you the freedom to sew easily, as you don’t have to worry about how hard you have pressed the sewing pedal.

You can move the needle to its highest or lowest point using the Needle Position Key, which makes threading a lot easier. A LED light, an automatic needle threader, a shard thread cutter, and an extension cable accompany the sewing machine that you can use to your convenience.

5. Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine

Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports

I can’t decide whether I like this sewing machine due to its beautiful looks or excellent functionality. The beautiful looks are complemented by a solid metal frame, which keeps the sewing machine in a running condition for years. It is a compact unit, which is ideal for beginners because of the kind of features it has will suit beginners more than professionals.

Some of the top features of this sewing machine include 15 built-in stitches, 4-step buttonhole, free arm; 3-piece dog feed system, 4 pressure feet, customizable stitch length, reverse plate, darning plate, and zigzag width and retractable spool pins.

You can easily load up the bobbin seeing the built-in bobbin-loading guide. The sewing machine has a front-loading bobbin system along with an adjustable stitch length that gives the unit a lot more flexibility. You will also find a built-in threading guide, which makes the sewing task a lot easier.  The sewing machine incorporates a 3-piece feed dog system that allows seamless fabric feeding. The inclusion of a free arm attachment lets you work with shirt’s sleeves and pant legs, which is not possible in many entry-level sewing machines.

Different Types Of Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are divided into four types with each type having a different set of features to offer to the users. Go through each type of sewing machine to determine the right type for your sewing jobs.

Manual Sewing Machine

It is a basic machine, which runs either with a foot pedal or automatically. Many sewing machines today incorporate dozens of built-in stitches, which can be used to create custom designs for quilts, curtains, bedsheets and clothing.

Automatic Sewing Machine

When it comes to operation, there isn’t much difference between an automatic sewing machine and its manual counterpart except the fact that the former one is fully automatic. You don’t have to worry about thread tension and if you want, you can set the machine to ‘autopilot’ mode where it will pedal itself.

Computerized Sewing Machine

It is the most advanced sewing machine that you will find on the market today. With the inclusion of 500-600 stitches options, you don’t need anything else to help you out. A computerized sewing machine has a USB port and internet connectivity facility through which you can get more designs as well.

Embroidery Sewing Machines

If you are a creative person and want to design some intricate patterns on a piece of cloth, then you can go for an embroidery sewing machine. You will get to access monogramming functions in this sewing machine, plus you will have the chance to amalgamate quilting squares and other custom sewing items. Many embroidery sewing machines also allow sewing of heavy-duty fabrics such as leather and denim.

Wrapping Up

A sewing machine empowers you to display your creativity and it acts as a problem solver as well. With a sewing machine, you can create mesmerizing designs and patterns on a dull-looking dress to make it look glamorous. At the same time, you can bring your sewing machine into use to stitch your torn dress that you are supposed to wear it for your special night. A sewing machine can be a great solution to all your clothes related problems. To get your hands on the best sewing machines, you need to read the best sewing machines consumer reports, which comprise of five incredible products that are sold like hot cakes all around the world.

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