Whole House Surge Protector Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

If you have electronic appliances at home, which stop working without any reason, then those may have been hit from the electric surge. If the region you reside in is affected by fluctuating power supply, then that can lead to electric surges. It is therefore important for you to secure your appliances from the ill effects of electric surges. The best way to safeguard your precious electric and electronic appliances is by having a whole house surge protector. You will find a copious amount of surge protectors on the market, which can make the process of buying the right product a bit difficult. If you want to simplify the decision-making process, then you should go through the whole house surge protector reviews consumer reports, which consist of 10 top products that are available on the market.

Reviews Of 10 Best Whole House Surge Protectors

1. Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

You must have used Belkin Routers, but you should also pay attention to Belkin Surge Protectors, as those are equally efficient as the routers. Belkin BP112230-08 Surge Protector is a perfect device for safeguarding your workstations, modems, printers and other electronic items from fluctuating voltages. There is a dozen of surge-protected outlets in the unit, where you can plug your electronic items. You will even get phone line protection in this unit, which ensures continuous phone line connections.

This product has an energy rating of 4320 joules. If you were using an extension cord to connect your computer, printer, modem and compact stereo system, then it’s time to ditch it because this surge protector comes with an 8-ft heavy-duty power cord. If the AC adapter plugs of some of the appliances are on the bulky side, then don’t worry, as eight outlets in the surge protector unit can pivot to give extra room for those adapter plugs. The company is offering a $300,000 connected equipment warranty on the product, which is unique and reassuring.

2. APC Smart Plug Surge Protector Power Strip PH6U4X32

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

The next product on the list is APC Smart Plug Surge Protector, which comes with three surge-protected smart outlets along with a couple of smart USB charger ports. It has a decent energy rating of 2160 joules. If you are using Amazon Echo at home, then all these five Wi-Fi smart plugs can be easily controlled by Alexa alongside the APC Home app. The unit can protect your appliances from high-intensity power surges, and it has got a UL certification to back that claim.

The ability of this device to connect with Alexa or the APC Home app allows you to control the appliances from anywhere using a Wi-Fi network. You can also schedule smart lighting and other household appliances to turn on or off automatically via APC Home app, which is available free of cost on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the product along with a $150,000 connected equipment protection.

3. Huntkey 6 AC Outlets Surge Protector SMD607

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

Huntkey Surge Protector has six outlets, where you can connect six different appliances. Along with six outlets, the unit has three USB charging ports as well. The product has an energy rating of 900 joules, which ensures protection for all the devices you connect with the unit. All three USB ports are equipped with smart IC technology and they all support fast charging. Another excellent feature of this unit is its cradle ledge, which offers stability to the unit for an uninterrupted charging. Overall, a reliable unit, which you can get at an affordable price.

4. HOLSEM X12 Surge Protector Power Strip

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

This is a 12-outlet surge protector that comes six compactly allocated sockets and as many widely spaced sockets. Then, there are three USB ports, just in case you want to charge your devices through a USB cable. The surge protector comes with a double-break safety switch, which trips off automatically to protect the connected devices in case of power overload. To ensure the safety of your appliances, a 14AWF heavy-duty power cord has been provided with the unit.

The construction of this surge protector involves the use of a flame retardant material, which can easily bear temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius or 1,380 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit incorporates smart IC technology, which allows USB ports to detect the devices automatically and also deliver fast charging. You can also find out whether the surge protection function is working or not, via a green light that blinks on the unit.

5. VICOUP VI-168 Surge Protector Socket Outlet Shelf

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

This is another six-outlet unit, which has an energy rating of 1080 joules, which confirms strong protection for your expensive appliances. This surge protector comes with a built-in removable shelf, which can be used to organize the mess created around the workstation. The installation of this surge protector is quite easy, and the quality parts and connectors make sure that the installation remains firm.

Like many surge protectors, this one too is equipped with USB Smart IC technology, which means, the USB ports detect the devices automatically as you connect them into the ports. The company has covered all the safety aspects in this unit, such as built-in short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection. Then, it also offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

6. ECHOGEAR Power Strip (8541544447) Surge Protector with 8 Rotating-Outlets

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

Echogear surge protector is an 8-outlet unit, which allows you to connect eight AC plug adapters at a time. The best thing about this surge protector is that it has 8 rotating outlets, so no AC plug adapter is going to come in the way of its adjacent counterpart. Each outlet is easy to use, and with the support of cable management hooks, you can ensure that there isn’t a clutter of wires on your desk while using the power strip. Your gadgets remain protected throughout the time they are connected to the surge protector.

The energy rating of the unit is 2160 joules, which confirms that the unit can protect your devices. The material used for making the surge protector is fireproof, plus the inclusion of a circuit breaker keeps the unit and the appliances safe in terms of voltage fluctuations. Then, there is an 8 feet power cord connected with the surge protector, which saves you from getting an extension cord.

7. Furman Power Conditioner (SS6B) 

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

Furman is a brand that manufactures excellent power conditioners, and the SS6B power conditioner is no different. It is a product, which is widely used by people involved in the music industry for protecting their AV equipment. Whether you’re a home user or a professional musician, you will love Furman SS6B 6-outlet surge protector because it saves your electrical equipment in all possible ways. A 15-ft power cord is connected with the surge protector to deliver an uninterrupted connection to the main power outlet. The unit also features an EMI/RFI noise attenuation for excellent clarity.

8. Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

Get this surge protector to protect your electronic devices from power surges. It features 8 outlets where you can connect a wide range of home appliances. The unit scores high on the durability, as it is encased in a metal housing. All eight outlets in the unit are arranged in four exclusive isolated filter banks to restrict the noise from sneaking into the connected equipment.

The unit comes with a 12-foot AC power cord, which allows you to connect it to distant power outlets. The surge protector comes with UL 1449 safety standards, so you don’t have to worry about your appliances. Then, there is a 12-ampere circuit breaker, which safeguards the equipment connected to the surge protector. The energy rating of the product is 1410 joules, which means excellent protection for your equipment. As far as the warranty is concerned, the company offers a $25,000 insurance along with a lifetime warranty.

9. Lovin Product 8541544514 Surge Protector Electric Charging Station 

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

Lovin Product is a power socket, which comes with 14 different outlet plugs along with 4 USB ports. You can connect different kinds of home appliances with the product. It comes with a six feet cord, which allows you to connect to the wall power outlet. The best thing about this product is that each layer comes with a corresponding switch, which lets you turn it on or off with a push of a button.

The unit operates at 110 as well as 250 volts, which is a great feature. Then, the construction of the surge protector involves a flame-resistant material along with PVC, which makes the unit durable and fire-resistant. In the event of power overload, the unit will remain safe, courtesy of an overload protector, which shuts down the product automatically. The energy rating of the surge protector is 780 joules, which makes it suitable for home and office use.

10. APC PE6U4W Desk Mount 6 Outlet U-Shaped Surge Protector

whole house surge protector reviews consumer report

If you are looking for a surge protector, which can be connected to your desk or mount over a cubicle wall, then APC Desk Mount Surge Protector will be ideal for you. It provides you with 1080 joules of surge protection, which is great for home and office use. Along with that, you are getting six outlets in the unit for connecting six appliances at a time. Not just that, but there are four USB charging ports as well where you can connect your devices.

All four USB ports support fast charging as well. To connect the surge protector with the wall power outlet, a six-foot power cord has been provided along with a flat-end 90-degree space saving plug. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your devices, as this unit takes care of it in the most suitable manner. Moreover, it offers insurance of up to $50,000 for the connected equipment.

Final Verdict

Don’t let your home appliances stop functioning suddenly by getting a whole house surge protector. This product is the best friend for your best laptop, TV, computer, audio system, printer, router and other precious appliances that you use on a daily basis. However, you should know which surge protector to buy depends on how many appliances you need to connect to it. For that, you can go through 10 best whole house surge protector reviews consumer reports. Shortlist a product and then, go ahead with the purchase.