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The first can opener was invented in 1858. The original design used a pointed blade with a guard, to prevent it from going too far into the can, and another sickle type blade to do the actual lid removal. This was an extremely unsafe tool to use in the kitchen, but thankfully years of can opener evolution have brought us the innovative Bartelli can opener. These four designs not only keeps clumsy cooks like me from injuring themselves in the kitchen, but gives us the opportunity to bring our kids into the kitchen with us for some much-needed quality time.

Reviews Of Best Bartelli Can Openers

1. Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

Best Electric Can Opener

This can opener has a sleek design that fits nicely in the hand. It can be used with any kind of can, from smaller cat food or tuna cans to the larger ones used for fruit or canned pasta. It is the best electric can opener, but rather than a wall plug, it uses 4 AA batteries, which can be more convenient if you use this can opener on the road. It works by mounting the can opener onto the top of the can, similar to what you would do with any other hand-held can opener. Push the button on top of it and let the opener do its work.

Once it has completed its cycle around the can, you have to push the button again to stop it. When you lift off the can opener, the lid should come with it, and you just need to shake or pull it loose. The best part is that this can opener leaves no sharp edges on the can or the lid. The way it cuts also allows you to reattach the lid for convenient storing, meaning you no longer need to use a plastic container when you have extra food left in the can.

Because there are no handles to turn and the Automatic Electric can opener is pretty much hands free, it is a great option for those with arthritis or other types of hand pain. This can opener comes in a few different colors, including red, blue, and purple.

2. Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener With Assistive Auto-Stop

Best Electric Can Opener

This is a newer design than the original Soft Edge Automatic Can Opener. It has many of the same features of the first model, but with one significant difference, which is the Auto-Stop Feature. After mounting the can and pressing the button to start this little machine, you no longer have to press the button again to stop it when it circles around the lid to the beginning of the cut. This model stops itself, making it even more convenient to use, since you no longer have to babysit it.

Aside from this one handy alteration, this version of Bartelli’s can opener is still simple enough for a child to use, and is a better option for those who suffer from arthritis and other types of hand pain since there is no manual turning or squeezing required to use it. The sharp edges you get from other can openers are also eliminated with this model. The lid can be replaced to keep your food covered while you prepare your meal, or to store it in the fridge for later use.

Also, like the original model, this version uses 4 AA batteries and can be used with cans of all sizes. With different colors to choose from including blue, red, and purple, this handy kitchen tool will always match you preferred kitchen design.

3. Bartelli Soft Edge Safety Can Opener and Bottle Opener

Best Electric Can Opener

Unlike other hand-held can openers, this model from Bartelli has no clamp to attach the cutting blade to the can. You simply place it on the can, and the magnet holds it in place until you turn the handle. Because of the lack of gripping needed to maneuver it, this handheld safety can opener is a great option for those like me with arthritis, since it takes almost no strenuous use of your hands.

You do have to turn the handle, but this is easy to do, since the turn knob is large enough to hold comfortably and turns relatively easily. Even a child could use this, though there may be a bit of spillage with the little ones in charge. Like the Automatic Electric can openers manufactured by Bartelli, this can opener leaves your cans and lids with no sharp edges to cut yourself on. The lid can be placed back on for storing any extras or to keep the contents of the can free of airborne dust while you’re preparing your meal.

The blade on the Safety Can opener is made of stainless steel, which is durable enough to open hundreds of cans without fail, and which should resist rusting no matter how much liquid in the cans it comes in contact with. Unlike the electric models, this Bartelli can opener also comes with a built-in bottle opener. It is located on the end of the handle and is ready to use whenever your thirst needs quenching.

4. Soft Edge 3-in-1 Ambidextrous Safety Can Opener, Jar Opener, and Bottle Opener

Best Electric Can Opener

This little can opener offers the same safe cutting as the other Bartelli can openers by cutting around the can without leaving any sharp edges. It automatically latches onto the can when you position it on the top, with no clamps to squeeze. The handle is large enough to hold and turn comfortably, even for those who suffer from hand pain, such as arthritis.

If you have both lefties and righties working in your kitchen, this can opener has the added convenience of an ambidextrous handle, so no matter who uses it, it will still turn smoothly in any direction. The stainless steel blade should never rust, keeping it sharp and strong enough to cut through any type of can in your cupboard. But this blade will not leave any sharp edges on your cans or their lids.

Like the other Bartelli can openers, this one also leaves you with a reusable lid to keep your food fresh during cooking or storing. Beneath the handle of this can opener is a bottle opener, placed out of the way so it doesn’t interfere when you’re opening cans, but still usable when a drink is needed.

On the other end is an additional jar opener for loosening up those tight lids. So, no matter what you’re preparing, whether a tasty meal for the family or just some snacks for the kids, you’ll never have a container you can’t get into.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the 4 different versions of the Bartelli can opener and all the features that could make them a great addition to your kitchen. Safety when cooking is not something to be ignored and these can openers eliminate needless injuries for everyone, from experienced cooks to the little ones first trying their hand at meal preparation.

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