A backup camera is another name for the rear camera, which is widely used in cars today to assist drivers while reversing and parking. It doesn’t if you are a novice driver or a pro, you can take benefits of a backup camera to park your car without worrying about hitting anybody or any object. Not just parking or reversing your car, but a backup camera also adds visibility, prevents accidents, and ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. If you want to enhance your safety while driving, then you should invest in the best backup camera system. For that, you can go through backup camera reviews consumer reports in the section below.

Reviews Of 10 Best Backup Cameras

1. eRapta ERT01 2nd Generation Car Rear View Reversing Backup Camera

backup camera reviews consumer reports

eRapta has produced a range of excellent backup cameras, but when it comes to the company’s best-selling camera, then ERT01 2nd Generation takes the spot convincingly. It features a perfect blend of industrial and technology design. In this unit, you will get an auto backing system along with auto LED lighting, which makes it easy for users to maneuver the car at night as well. The camera’s lens offers a 149-degree field angle, which makes parking the car a lot easier.

The glass lens on the camera is resistant to high temperatures and then, there is a rubber band, which is made up of high rarity resin to prevent water from entering the device. The camera’s image quality is decent, but not that great when it comes to capturing trees. Another small issue with the product is the plastic covering on the camera, which may break down easily as you bolt it on the number plate.

2. Furrion Vision S 729125 Wireless RV Backup System With 1 Rear Sharkfin Camera

backup camera reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for an intelligent camera system, which can last for years, then buy Furrion Vision S 729125 Wireless RV Backup System. The unit features an HD camera, which comes with an IP65 rating that makes waterproof. Other features of this camera include live streaming, infrared night vision, intelligent IR cut filters, and a 120-degree wide viewing angle for smooth vehicle maneuvering.

The company has also included a 4.3-inch anti-glare monitor with park-assist marker lines along with table mount and windshield for unhindered viewing. This is a fool proof camera system in which the 2.4GHz wireless communication is digitally locked for all types of vehicles. The product is compatible with buses, trucks, motorhomes, RVs, semi-trailers, and tractors. Installing the camera system is a breeze, especially when you are looking to install it on an RV. The unit is equipped with a motion detector and microphone to make you aware of the movement behind your vehicle.

3. Haloview MC7108 Wireless Backup Camera Kit Built-In DVR

backup camera reviews consumer reports

Check out this backup camera system, which is packed with amazing features. The camera comes with recording capabilities, which is something that you won’t find in many premium backup camera systems as well. Another notable feature of the product is its ability to connect to four cameras, which you can display using the split screen on the 7-inch monitor.

The rear-view camera can be configured wirelessly, and once configured; you can record videos in HD 720p. The camera has a signal range of 984 feet and a viewing angle of 120 degrees. Other features of the product include night vision mode with 4 infrared lights, built-in image filter, and IP69 waterproof rating.

The only downside to this unit is the absence of a memory card in the package, so you will have to buy it separately. The unit also incorporates microphones to let you hear audio from the camera to the monitor. The 7-inch display on the camera uses an IPS panel, which gets you a clear image from any angle. The company provides a detachable sunshade in the package, which you can use to reduce glare.

4. Dohonest FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Dual Backup Camera 7-Inch DVR Monitor Kit Split Screen

backup camera reviews consumer reports

Take a look at this digital wireless backup camera, which is designed with 16 infrared light along with a CCD sensor, which displays everything at 1080p. The unit makes use of cutting-edge technology to generate HD color night-vision images, thus allowing you to watch objects at a distance of 50 feet clearly in the dark.

The camera is ideal for most cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and even trailers. It comes with an IP69 rating, which makes it water-resistant. The camera delivers a stable wireless signal at all times, even when you are driving at a speed of up to 110 miles per hour. Get proper images of objects at up to 100 meters. The signal won’t interrupt under 70 feet on the vehicle with continuous/reverse use. The camera system can be easily installed on the windshield or flat panel.

The company provides pigtail wire and bracket adapter in the package to make installation a breeze. The kit can add up to 4 cameras, as it is a 4 channel device, which comes with a loop recording function. You can switch from a single image for a dual view to split-screen for quad view without any issue. As far as the warranty is concerned, then the company offers a 2-year warranty on this camera system.

5. Yakry FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 Backup Camera

backup camera reviews consumer reports

Get this digital wireless 2 backup camera, if you want an upgraded split display function along with dash cam record feature. The package includes 32 GB micro SD card for easy storage. The wireless signals originating from the camera remains constant and uninterrupted even at a speed of 100 mph. Turn on your car with remote car starter and then, get your car out of the garage by taking help of the backup camera. Other features of the product include the IP69 rating, which makes the unit waterproof, 150-degree wide viewing angle, incredible night vision.

6. iBall Digital Pro Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear View Camera

backup camera reviews consumer reports

This is one of the most versatile backup camera systems, which you can get from the market. With this camera system, you can exactly know as to what is going on at the back of your car. The package includes a camera, a USB charging cable, and a monitor. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which takes around 8 hours to charge and lasts for 3 hours with continuous use. Use a magnet to attach the backup camera to the back of your vehicle.

The camera features a 3.5-inch LCD screen, which you can attach to the portable arm and then plug the same into the 12V cigarette lighter outlet. The camera system can be seamlessly paired using the Bluetooth system to get instant video feedback. The only drawback of the unit is the absence of an onscreen distance scale, which could have made things a lot easier for you.

7. AMTIFO FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

backup camera reviews consumer reports

This is another backup camera system, which has everything that you want. You can install it at the back of your RV or trailer. You will like the ability of this camera of recording in a loop. If you have a dash camera installed in your car to get proof of your innocence during an accident, then you should have a backup camera to reinforce that claim. Apart from recording, you can put out a signal up to 984 feet along with giving a reliable signal at higher speeds up to 60 feet.

Other features of the product include IP69 waterproof rating, HD 1080p, and 150-degree wide viewing angle. With 18 infrared lights, you can expect a clear image from this camera in the dark. The camera features a 7-inch display, which is equipped with anti-glare technology and an ability to pair up to 4 cameras. You can watch activities on all 4 cameras in split-screen mode. The unit also features an SD card to help you record everything easily. The monitor accompanies two mounts, a bracket and table base, which you can mount to your dash.

8. LeeKooLuu HD 960P Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 7''Monitor Highway Observation System

backup camera reviews consumer reports

Get this wireless RV backup camera if you don’t possess a pre-wired trailer, but want a reliable and affordable camera on the back of your travel trailer or 5th-wheel. The camera is IP69 rated, which means it is waterproof, and besides that, it has an amazing 150-degree viewing angle to record images from everywhere. The inclusion of night vision and HD streaming makes it a highly considerable product.

With a wireless range of 900 feet and HD streaming at high speeds up to 60 feet, you are less likely to find a product as good as this one. You can connect two cameras with this system and watch the live stream on the 7-inch monitor. The company also provides a bracket mount and table stand for the monitor.

9. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

backup camera reviews consumer reports

Garmin BC 30 is a premium quality wireless backup camera, which can help minimize risks of ‘blind zone accidents’ when you move the vehicle in reverse. The camera can transmit videos wirelessly up to a distance of 45 feet, which is impressive. The camera is paired with a GPS navigator, which can be used to spot vehicles, pedestrians, and any other obstruction along the way. The backup camera unit is to be connected to the power outlet to get an uninterrupted power supply.

Another notable feature of this unit is how it can easily withstand the harshest of weather conditions. You can use up to 4 cameras at once in a single system to get multiple viewing angles. The camera requires professional installation, so you will have to hire a professional to install the unit in your vehicle.

10. 4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera LYSB01FG7UEVQ

backup camera reviews consumer reports

If you are searching for an RV backup camera, then 4UCam Digital Wireless Camera is an excellent choice for you. Not just RVs, but it works for trailers, trucks, motorhomes, fifth wheels, and buses as well. The amazing features of this unit make it excellent for commercial use. The camera system boasts a 7-inch monitor, which lets you view clearly what’s in your way as you reverse or park your vehicle. The unit uses digital technology, which allows you to have precise stats on the screen.

Setting up this camera system is a breeze, as you just to plug it into the 12V power outlet in your vehicle. The fully adjustable LCD of the camera system makes it easier for you to target the screen in the direction of your choice. The external camera is removable, which also offers excellent reception for long-range signals. Coming to the drawbacks, then there is just one, the mounting process of the camera takes some time and is very tiresome. Besides that, everything is great about this product.

Wrapping Up

A backup camera will not just assist you with parking or reversing your car, but it can prevent dangerous accidents, which often put people in mortal danger. But, for that, you need to invest in the best backup camera, which can only be possible if you have gone through the backup camera reviews consumer reports. If you have and already selected a product from the list, then you can proceed to the purchasing part to have the backup camera installed in your car to beef up the security level.

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