For a refreshing bathing experience, you must have the best bathtub installed in your bathroom. While there are different types of bathtubs available on the market such as, walkin tubs, whirlpool tubs, and I’m sure there will be many more types of bathtubs as well, but many people opt for normal bathtubs because they just want to have a relaxing bath, which can help them recharge their batteries. Today, I’ll be discussing 10 incredible bathtubs, which are ruling the market, so continue reading the post, as you will now see bathtub reviews consumer reports involving 10 best products.

Reviews Of 10 Best Bathtubs

1. American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

This is one of the best options available in bathtubs. The product is available in four colors to suit the taste of different people. Besides the variety in color, you will love the Americast material, the bathtub is made from because it is highly durable, and on top of that, a glossy porcelain finish adds icing on the cake. The entire bathtub’s floor is slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about slips and falls because that won’t happen. The bathtub features a right-hand outlet along with an integral apron, which makes the bathing experience a lot more fun.

2. Woodbridge B-0014/BTA1514 59-Inch Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

This is the 59-inch bathtub, which can easily hold up to 55 gallons of water. The bathtub is made LUCITE acrylic along with with ASHLAND resin and fiberglass, a combination that makes this highly efficient and durable. But, these materials to make the product expensive. You can consider this bathtub as the iPhone of smartphones because of its premium feel and unmatched quality. The natural curves of the bathtub combined with gentle sloping lines offer comfort to the users.

The bathtub is easy to clean and maintain, courtesy of scratch and stain-resistant surface. You can keep this bathtub clean with a minimum of cleaning. The bottom of this bathtub comes with stainless steel bracket, which allows this unit to hold up to 1000 lbs of weight. The installation of this bathtub is also extraordinary, courtesy of its double-walled reinforce design. The bathtub has anti-leak design drain along with pipe system, which enhances the overall bathing experience of the users. The company offers 5-year warranty on the surface and structure of the bathtub, with 1-year warranty on the plumbing parts.

3. CO-Z Inflatable PVC Portable, Foldable And Free Standing Bathtub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

Now, this is a surprise entry on my list, but the product is so good that I couldn't resist having it on the list. This is an inflatable and portable bathtub, which features armrest, backrest, and pillows for an ultimate bathing experience. The bathtub is made with high-density PVC, which is non-toxic, thus making it an environmentally friendly option for you to buy. The company has provided the cup holder on the sites where you can place your beverages or your mobile phone.

You can even rollback that upper cover of the tub to enjoy the sun, which can also be zipped up when you are done soaking the sun. A powerful air pump accompanies this bathtub, which has a flow rate of 15.9 CFM and can work on normal 110-volt power supply. There is nothing wrong bathtub except the plastic smell, which you will have to be here when using this bathtub for the first few days.

4. KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122R 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

Kingston is a brand that is known for making unorthodox bathtubs, and the model we are discussing is no different. This one is an alcove tub, which means it can be used as a bathtub and as a shower as well. Installation of this bathtub is easy, thanks to an integral apron, which also makes repairing easy too. This bathtub is made to last, so normal wear and tear will have no effect on it.

This is the large-sized bathtub, which can easily fit into the pre-existing space of majority of bathrooms. It can be drained on the left side or right side depending upon dream hookups installed. The inclusion of adjustable legs given on the wall side install the bathtub. This bathtub will retain good amount of heat, thanks to its fiberglass material along with the combination of resin. The company offers 10-year warranty on the bathtub, just in case anything happens to the bathtub, you can get it fixed by the company itself.

5. PROFLO PFS6042AWH 60" X 42" Drop-In or Alcove Soaking Bathtub 

best bathtub reviews consumer report

PROFLO bathtub is also an Alcove bathtub, which means, it can be used as a shower and bathtub, thus ranking on the versatility factor. The company is very confident about the product and guarantees that it will function smoothly for years. The reason behind their confidence comes from the fact that it is made with durable acrylic material with reinforced composites, which are easy to maintain as well. The specially designed soaker tub offers a soothing bath experience to the users. The beautiful looks and efficient performance is combined with an excellent 5-year warranty, which makes the product even more desirable.

6. American Standard 2460.002.011 Cambridge Soaking Bathtub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

American Standard bathtubs are so great that I’ve one more on my list. This is a 5-ft alcove bathtub, which can be used in multiple ways. The company has used Americast material, which adds to the durability of the unit and makes it half as heavy than cast iron bathtubs. The tub’s surface is deep and slip-resistant, which ensures comfortable and safe bathing. Installing this bathtub is comparatively easier than cast iron tubs. The unit is ADA compliant, so no questions can be raised on its quality. Also, the company has added a sturdy seat at the head end, which add to the comfort of users as they take a bath.

7. FerdY 59" Gracefully Shaped Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

Check out this freestanding bathtub, which is a 59-inch unit, which can hold up to 58 gallons of water. Such a size is ideal for a comfortable bath that you wish to take after a tough day at work. The four-layered construction of the bathtub emanates durability and the glossy finish makes the bathtub a sight to watch. The outer layer of this bathtub is made of acrylic, which resembles Lucite acrylic, whereas the second and third layer is made of fiberglass and polyethylene resin, which give the unit the necessary strength to remain intact for several years.

Then, there is a fourth layer, which is made of fiberglass resin mixture, which reinforces the strength given to the bathtub by the first three layers. When you are done bathing, you can easily clean the tub using any household detergents. Despite regular usage, the surface will remain shiny white, which even the company guarantees for up to 10 years. The unit can hold 1700+ lbs of weight, which is incredible, plus a double-walled construction allows it to retain heat for a long period of time. I was unable to find out any flaw in this bathtub, so I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a large-sized bathtub, which is elegant and durable.  

8. Homefilos Small Portable Bathtub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

Homefilos Bathtub may not be as big, but that isn’t a drawback, but a feature because it’s small and portable size makes it easier for users to set up this bathtub. The unit inflates quickly and once fully inflated, it has a depth of 1¾-ft, which is good enough to enjoy a soothing bath. The company has designed this bathtub with everybody in mind because the bathtub is easier to step into and has a short height, which makes it easier for shorter and aged people to step into and out of the tub.

The bathtub features plastic rods that keep the tub in its shape as you take bath in it. the water draining system of this bathtub is unlike anything you’ve seen, as you can connect the water hose from the tub to the drain. When you’re done bathing, you can deflate the tub and put it in a bag, which you will get in the package. As far as the warranty on this tub is concerned, the company offers a 6-month warranty, which is way too less compared to what others are offering.

9. American Standard 2973102.011 Studio Acrylic Tub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

American standard is known for making quality bathtubs, and this particular product is no exception. It will fit into all bathroom and requires simple installation. Where many bathtubs waste space with their design, this particular bathtub will not do that. The bathtub gives you ample space mind and relax, which is why you buy a bathtub. This is standard size bathtub, so people with large built will find a bit cramped up being in this bathtub.

You can drain the water on either side of the bathtub, which is the feature that you will not find in many bathtubs. This bathtub is lightweight, yet very durable, so you can expect it to stay in your bathroom for years to come.  The bathtub features textured surface, which not just adds to the aesthetics of the bathroom, but also prevents unwanted slips and falls. Overall, it is a beautiful bathtub, which is capable of enhancing the looks of any bathroom it is installed in.

10. Woodbridge B-0030/BTS1606 Whirlpool Water Jetted And Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub

best bathtub reviews consumer report

Woodbridge B-0030 is a multipurpose bathtub, which features air bubbles and whirlpool jets, so if you were looking to buy whirlpool bathtub, then this product may provide you the same feel at a lesser price, but yes, for authentic feel, you must buy a whirlpool bathtub only. This particular product has 10 whirlpool bubble bath levels along with as many adjustable body massage modes, so all the necessary arrangements have been made for your comfort and relaxation.

You will also find hydro massage mechanism in the bathtub, which adds a lot more comfort to your already amazing bathing experience. To make sure that you get the best bath of your life, the company has included UL-approved and motor, which takes care of all the modes and mechanisms incorporated into the bathtub.

Taking a bath in this bathtub will vanquish all the fatigue that has surrounded your body from work. You will enter the bathtub tired, but leave it all refreshed and rejuvenated. A unique underwater mood lamp is also provided in the bathtub to deliver a warm ambiance. There are fewer bathtubs, which are as beautiful and feature-packed as this bathtub. The only drawback of this bathtub is that it is hard to install, and you will have to take the help of a professional.


A bathtub is a necessary element in any bathroom because it can really bring a change to your body both physically and mentally. With a bathtub installed in your bathroom, you can enjoy a soothing and refreshing bath, which is imperative for your body. Now, I have reviewed the 10 best bathtub reviews consumer reports, which cover all kinds of products that are made up of different materials and have different features. Now, you just need to go through the reviews and identify the bathtub that you think can fulfill your requirements in the most suitable way.

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