A Walk-in tub is an ideal place for anyone who wishes to have a soothing and relaxing bath at home. A walk-in tub can be considered a modified version of a simple bathtub, which most people take a bath in every day. The standout feature of a walk in tub is its ability to encourage people to have a healthy and independent bathing experience. Anybody can enjoy a soothing bath in a walk in tub, but it is more suited to the golden agers or people with mobility issues because it comprises of an inwards swinging sealing door along with a seat. If you are interested in buying a walk in tub, then go through walk in tub reviews consumer reports comprising of five products from which you can pick the walk-in tub that suits your needs the best.

Reviews Of 5 Best Walk In Tubs Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. American Standard 32"x52" Right Hand Outward Opening Door Walk-In Tub

walk in tub reviews consumer report

This isn’t just a walk-in tub, but it is a uniquely designed machine that is equipped with cutting-edge therapeutic options. The company has kept the safety and comfort of the users at the top of the list, which is why you see a full-sized, outward opening door that is watertight as well. The door is contoured and it allows easy entry of the person, which in this case is you, into the bathtub.

The walk-in tub consists of many exciting features such as a ‘Whirlpool Massage System’ that is accompanied by 6 water jets, a legs-only massage, and one in-line heater. Together, they offer the most incredible bathing experience for you. When it comes to the construction of the tub, then the company has used hi-gloss Gelcoat, which makes the whole body sturdy, plus the addition of easy-touch push button controls makes it easy for you to access different functions of the tub.

In terms of safety, you’ll see the inclusion of an overflow and safety grab bar along with a textured bath floor, which will help you keep your balance inside the tub. The tub incorporates an elegant looking fast-fill faucet along with a handheld showering wand & polished chrome drain. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the tub, a lifetime warranty on the door seal and a 5-year warranty on the rest of the components.

2. Ellas Bubbles 60” x 30” Walk-In Tub

walk in tub reviews consumer report

When your motive is to get a high-quality walk-in tub, which is equipped with a wide range of features, then Ellas Bubbles walk-in tub will perfectly you. Donning a stainless steel frame along with acrylic tub shell, this walk-in tub has written ‘durable’ all over it. The company has used the best-in-class materials to design this walk-in tub, which you will certainly be able to feel once you see the product. The door to the tub comes with tempered glass, which doesn’t just add to the style of the tub, but also makes it sturdy. In this tub, you will get to enjoy both, air massage and hydro massage, as it supports both systems.

Moreover, it consists of push controls that manage everything. The unit incorporates a thermostatic control valve as well, which is equipment that you don’t find in most walk-in tubs. The inclusion of two seats in the tub gives an edge to it because not many walk-in tubs have two seats. The availability of pull out hand mixer and ozone sterilization in the tub will encourage a relaxing bathing experience. The only drawback in this tub is the installation process, so you will have to call out a professional to install the tub in your bathroom.

3. Ella Front Entry 32" x 40" Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub

walk in tub reviews consumer report

You can certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by installing this piece of beauty. The gloss finish of the walk-in tub is not just pleasing to the eyes but makes cleaning easy as well. The walk-in tub is designed using an acrylic shell reinforced with a fiberglass gel coat, which ensures the longevity of the product. The surface of the acrylic shell is made of a non-porous and airtight material.

The elegant bathtub is complemented with splendid safety features as well, which includes a textured slip resistant floor, a 5-inch step-in threshold, and a tempered glass outward swing door comprising of the three-latch lock system.

The fast fill faucet is made up of two-piece Huntington Brass and has a flow rate of 18GPM. The faucet accompanies a retractable chrome finished handheld shower mixer for an amazing bathing experience.

4. Ella Deluxe 30"x 55" Air and Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk-in Bathtub

walk in tub reviews consumer report

This is another all-in-one walk-in bathtub and reason why I’m calling it an all-in-one bathtub is simply because it has the power to offer you with a great bathing experience and at the same time, you can enjoy the air and hydro massage in the tub. The unit is equipped with 16 air therapy system along with 12 jet hydrotherapy system, so if you want to get rid of the physical and mental fatigue you’ve been carrying throughout the day, then this walk-in tub will help you do it.

The machine also has a 3-speed airflow push control system, which you can use to select the flow of air. To remove the residual water from the pipes, the company has added an auto-purge system. As far as the Hydrotherapy system is concerned, then it comes with ozone sterilization, in-line water heater, and intensity control dial, so you don’t have to do anything on your own.

Ozone sterilization will remove a gamut of microbiological bacteria that is present in the water and prevents the build-up of mold and mildew. The role of the thermostat control valve is to mix cold water with hot water to make sure that the temperature of the water is exactly what you desired. If you like taking a bath in a hot tub, then you can get the tub filled with as much hot water as you like. A highly rated walk-in tub in my opinion that you should definitely consider.

5. Ariel EZWT-3060 Walk-In Bathtub

walk in tub reviews consumer report

This walk-in bathtub is among the most versatile units that you will find on the market. An ADA compliant bathtub, it is also one of the few walk-in tubs to have both air jet and whirlpool options. The frame of the unit is made of stainless steel with fiberglass and resin coating that adds to the durability of the bathtub. A triple gel coat has been done to give a glossy feel to the unit.

The reinforced door to the bathtub is easily accessible and comes with enhanced security. A grab bar is also added to the bathtub that you can use to maintain your balance while bathing. Some of the notable features of the unit include a handheld showerhead and side faucets. Heat pump and air blower options are also given on the side of the tub, which are included to provide you with a better showering experience. The only drawback of the bathtub is its small size, so tall people will find issues fitting inside the tub.

Working Of Walk-In Tubs

The working of a walk-in tub is not as same as that of a normal tub. The unit comprises of an airtight entrance door along with a low step-in threshold. The reason why these two things have been added to the tub is to provide easy passage to the elderly people or the people with limited mobility to directly step into the tub instead of stepping over the side.

A majority of walk-in tubs incorporate chair-level seats, which are extremely comfortable. The main purpose of having those seats is to remove the hassle of getting up & down from the base of the walk-in tub. They just need to sit on the chair and enjoy the bath.

Features To Look Forward To Seeing In A Quality Walk-In Tub

Buying a walk-in tub is not like taking a stroll in the park because the tub you put your money on will either enhance your bathing experience or totally ruin it. If you want to choose the first option, then look for below-mentioned features in a walk-in tub.

  • Low Step-Up: A walk-in tub needs to have a low step-up, thus making it easier to walk directly into the tub rather than jumping over the sides. A step-up height of 4”-7” is a norm for walk-in tubs, but you will find some having step-ups as low as 2.5” as well. 
  • Hand-held Showerhead: Many walk-in tubs have got a hand-held showerhead at the front with faucets. Some manufacturers have added a raised showerhead with an adjustable rod. Both are good, but I would rate a hand-held showerhead higher in terms of comfort. 
  • Extra-Depth: Where a standard bathtub is just a foot deep, walk-in bathtubs can be 2-5 ft., deep, which allows the users to enjoy a spa-like treatment.
  • Sizes: Walk-in tubs are available in different sizes, but the maximum length caps off at 60”. When it comes to the width of the tub, you will see tubs that are 28” to 32” wide. Whereas the height of the tub could be anywhere between 37” to 47”. So, go through the options and pick the tub whose dimensions fits you well.
  • Safety Features: If you are able to get your hands on a walk-in tub that is equipped with a built-in shower seat, anti-skid floor, grab bars, anti-scald valve, and in-line heaters, then chances of unfortunate incidents occurring at the time of bathing will reduce significantly and you will be able to enjoy a comfortable bath.

Summing Up

A walk-in tub can be a perfect companion for those who want to enjoy some time in private taking a bath, rejuvenating their mind and body. With a wide range of walk-in tubs available on the market, you will definitely be spoilt for choices, but that’s where I came to the picture with my best five picks. Go through walk in tub reviews consumer reports and select the tub that resonates the most with your requirements.