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You never know when you’re going to need a good knife, for cleaning a kill, cutting some rope to hang a tarp when camping, or defending yourself against a violent attacker. Having the best boot knife on you at all times can keep you out of trouble, in any situation.

Reviews Of 5 Best Boot Knifes

1. Columbia River CRKT 2075 Knife and Tool


Though made of durable HRC 58-60 steel, this dual edged blade is still light enough to keep in your boot without throwing off your stride. The Micarta handle adds to the strength, as well as giving it a stylish appearance, thanks to the two-tone design.


  • The leather sheath can be attached right to your boot or your belt with its metal clip
  • This knife can be used for multiple purposes, including professional use, hunting, fishing, and camping
  • It is very light, at only 4.3 oz
  • It is also quite flat, so it won’t be uncomfortable in your boot when walking
  • There is a lanyard hole at the end of the handle for an additional carry option
  • The full tang makes the whole knife stronger and more durable


  • Because it has a dual edged blade, this knife may be illegal to carry in some areas
  • There is no guard between the blade and the handle, which could result in serious injuries if the knife slips in your hand
  • It may not be as sharp as indicated straight out of the box
  • Though made of leather, the sheath is not strong enough to withstand the sharpness of the blade, and may need replacing due to cuts in the material

2. Smith & Wesson HRT SWHRT9B Fixed Blade


This stylish black high carbon stainless steel blade is 4.75 inches long, with a duel edged spear point blade. The rubber wrapped handle is grooved for comfort and to ensure a steady grip. This knife has been quality tested to make sure it is strong and durable enough to last for years.


  • The dual edged blade gives you maximum cutting power
  • There is a lanyard hole on the handle that can be used to make it a neck knife if needed
  • The leather sheath can be used on a belt as well as tucked into a boot
  • The whole knife is only 9” long, making it easy to carry concealed if necessary
  • This knife can be used for professional, sport, or recreational use
  • At less than $20.00, this knife is a great option for those on a budget
  • The knife comes sharpened in the box and can be used immediately upon opening it
  • The snap on the sheath is easy to open, which is important when in an emergency
  • The guard between the handle and the blade is large enough to prevent injury if your hand slides upwards on the handle


  • Because it has a double edged blade, this knife isn’t legal to carry in some areas

3. Cold Steel Kobun Fixed Blade Boot Knife


This super lightweight boot knife is equipped with a Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel fixed blade. The slim Kraton 17T rubber of the handle is textured to keep it in your grip firm no matter how wet the weather, while still remaining comfortable to hold onto.


  • The overall length of this knife is 9 7/8 inches long, making it easy to conceal in a boot
  • This knife weighs only 4.4 oz, so it won’t be uncomfortable to carry, even if it’s in your boot all day long
  • The tip of the blade is reinforced
  • The sheath is strong and well-made, with 10 eyelets for securing it to your boot, a pack, or even a tactical vest
  • There is a lanyard on the end of the handle to add a neck or wrist loop
  • The knife comes fully sharpened in the box


  • This knife is bit expensive at about $50.00
  • The handle has a very small guard, which could result in injuries if your hand slides up towards the blade
  • The metal clip on the sheath is not of the highest quality and doesn’t always securely attach to your boot
  • The handle may be a bit small for those with larger hands

4. MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Series Tactical Knife


This stainless steel dual edged blade is half-serrated, adding a bit of sawing power to your cutting knife. It is two-toned for a more stylish look, with a G10 handle that gives you the textured grip you need when on tactical situations in the pouring rain.


  • It is cheaply priced at less than $15.00, making it a good option for those on a budget
  • The excellent grip will reduce injuries
  • The leather sheath has extra fabric sewn in to keep the blade from cutting the threads holding it together, making it more durable
  • The handle is full tang, adding strength to your blade
  • The blade resists corrosion and rust, and is great for use in damp or wet weather
  • There is a decent guard between the blade and the handle, and when combined with the grip of the handle, will reduce the risk of your injuries


  • This is a tactical blade, so may not be useful for everyday use
  • The blade may not hold its edge as well as some other brands
  • The blade has been known to break if dropped onto even a semi-hard surface
  • Though great for army-style boots, this knife may be a bit large for smaller boots

5. Colt Boot Knife


This boot knife is made from high quality materials, including the 420 dual edged stainless steel blade and the stacked leather handle. There is also a stainless steel guard to protect your hand from slipping onto the blade and a steel pommel for use in hammering pegs or breaking glass.


  • This knife has been tested to ensure it is of the highest quality and durability
  • The shape of the handle is comfortable to hold in the regular and reverse positions
  • This knife is lightweight, so it won’t throw off your stride when you move
  • The blade is sharp and ready to use right out of the box
  • The stylish look of this knife makes it a fine addition to any collection


  • A bit expensive at around $50.00
  • This knife is not full tang, which could compromise its strength over time
  • The blood groove is too small to be useful
  • Though a great defensive weapon, this knife is not designed for everyday use
  • There is no clip on the sheath to attach it to your boot, though it has a paracord that can be used to loop it to your ankle
  • The sheath is made of nylon and not very durable

How To Choose The Best Boot Knife

best boot knife

With so many different sizes and types of knives to choose from, it may be hard to know which boot knife is the right one for you. But this can be an easy choice, if you keep in mind that the main purpose of a boot knife is for emergency defensive situations.

You don’t want to have to try to pull a twelve inch blade out of your boot when threatened. First of all, it probably wouldn’t fit very well, and second, you would most likely slice yourself doing so in a rush. That’s why you should choose a smaller knife, with a blade of about 3 to 5 inches.

Having a double edged blade is the most useful, so you don’t always have to be turning your knife to use it effectively. A sharp tip for smooth and easy piercing is also a must.

There are a few different types of steel to choose from, and the stronger it is, the longer your knife will last. But better metal is also more costly, so if you’re on a budget, buy what you can afford.

The Benefits of a Boot Knife

Because of their versatility, a good boot knife can be used in many situations, by anyone from a novice to a professional. Some of the benefits of a boot knife are:

  • They can be used by military or law enforcement during emergency situations, or when stealth is necessary.
  • They are short and slim, making it easy to tuck it into your boot, attach it to a belt, or even place in a bag or purse if necessary
  • When camping, you can use your knife to cut veggies, fruit, meat, or even rope to hang a tarp. Stronger knives can even be used to cut some kindling for a fire.
  • Hunters and fishermen can use their boot knife for cleaning their meat or fish.
  • A boot knife can be easily concealed when you’re in areas where the sight of a knife could cause panic
  • You can use a boot knife to defend yourself in any type of threatening situation.

How to Wear a Boot Knife

Some boots come with built-in holders for your boot knife, but this is not always the case. If you already own a pair of boots that you love and are just looking for a way to hide your new boot knife in them, there is a very easy way to do this. All you need is your knife, its sheath, your boots, and a good piece of string or shoelace.

First, put on the boots. Then take your sheathed knife and slide it into your boot. Make sure you put it on the proper side, which means if you are right handed, put the knife against the outside ankle of your right foot. The sheath should be high enough that you can pull the knife out safely, without cutting your leg.

Take your string, find the middle of it, and then place that part over the sheath. Wrap the string around your leg and sheath about three times, to make sure it will stay where you placed it. Then tie it off, tie up your boot, and you’re ready to go.

You can also tie your boot knife into the laces of your boots or shoes, as is demonstrated by this knife enthusiast.

Tips for Using a Boot Knife

When you decide to start carrying a boot knife, there are a few things to remember, to keep you safe and out of jail.

  • Make sure you have a good sheath, so the knife doesn’t slice through it. This will prevent injuries when you’re walking with it or pulling it out of your boot.
  • Don’t ever try to use your knife if you are off-balance. You could injure yourself if you fall, so keep the sheath on until you are stable on your feet.
  • Always check with your local law-enforcement before purchasing a knife. Certain types of knives are illegal in some areas, because of their length or the dual sided blade. There may also be laws about carrying a concealed weapon that you may not be aware of, so it is better to learn the laws early, to keep from unintentionally breaking them.

My Point of View

Though all five of the knives we’ve reviewed here are great for defensive situations, the Smith & Wesson HRT SWHRT9B Fixed Blade is the best boot knife of the bunch. The high quality steel of the blade won’t break as easily as some of the other brands, and is dual edged, so you won’t need to flip it around when trying to defend yourself. It also has the best and most durable sheath, which gives you a variety of carry options, so you’ll never have to leave it behind if you swap your boots for a smaller shoe.

The price is low, especially since this quality knife is worth so much more than you’ll actually pay for it. And the best part is that it can be used by anyone, from those in military or law enforcement looking for a decent backup weapon to any type of outdoor lover in need of a good blade to get them through their weekend in the woods.

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