You probably know that vehicles use several filters in order to deliver optimal performance and stay healthy. Those for engine oil and transmission oil as well as the engine air filter are the best-known and most obvious when it comes to maintenance. Then, there is oil filter for keeping the health of the car’s engine. However, the cabin filter is not to be neglected either.

Sometimes called a pollen filter, the latter is relatively new since it appeared in most automobiles in the early 2000s. It allows the driver and passengers to breathe quality air by filtering the impurities and dust that otherwise would enter the car. If your car also uses a cabin filter, then you should buy the best one to obtain maximum performance. For that, you can take a look at reviews of the best car cabin air filter consumer reports.

5 Best Car Cabin Air Filters

1. EPAuto CP285 (CF10285) Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated Carbon

best car cabin air filter consumer reports

Get this cabin air filter that proficiently cleans the air for the driver as well as the passengers. The cleaning process is carried out by the combination of soda and carbon, which results in fresh and clean air to breathe. This car filter has been enhanced for delivering excellent HVAC performance. Coming to the cars it can be fitted into, then those include Toyota 87139 series cars, Subaru, General Motors and Jaguar 72880 series, SEDNF, and C2S cars.

2. FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter CF10285 For Toyota Vehicles

best car cabin air filter consumer reports

This air filter doesn’t just clean the air, but releases deodorized air to keep you and everybody else inside the car in a good mood throughout the journey. It does that using the power of arm and hammer baking soda. This car cabin air filter will comprehensively eliminate dirt and get you fresh and clean air.  The air filter is capable of eradicating even particles like dust and pollen that accumulate inside the car. These irritants are not visible to the eyes, but can cause inconvenience to you and all passengers, but fret not, this air filter can eliminate 98% of those contaminants.

Installing this cabin filter is a breeze, as you just need to reach into the glove department, then slide the filter in and ensure a locked-in fit. You get to experience a clean and fresh feeling as you install this air filter, and say goodbye to unknown particles getting inside your lungs. This cabin air filter will remove all foul odors flowing through the ventilation system of the vehicle, courtesy of ARM & HAMMER baking soda and carbon, which are embedded in the filter, which also results in better and long-lasting functionality of the engine.

3. Puroma Cabin Air Filter With Activated Carbon For CP285, CF10285, Toyota, Lexus

best car cabin air filter consumer reports

Get this highly effective cabin air filter from Puroma, which offers incredible protection from dust, pollen, soot, and other contaminants present in the air inside the vehicle. The air filter features a perfect blend of soda and activated carbon that efficiently capture contaminants that cause odors and offer fresh and clean air for the driver as well as the passengers.

With this air filter, you can rest assured about the absence of small airborne particles from entering the cabin, as its closed-meshed, non-woven filter layer won’t let that happen, which in turn enhances the engine’s life. The air filter is excellent for Toyota 87139 series cars, but make sure not to use it for the 2016 Prius model. You will get a couple of cabin air filters in the package, so if you are driving in heavily polluted areas, then make sure to replace the filter every 5000 miles or else, after every 12,000 miles.

4. Bosch 6055C HEPA Cabin Air Filter

best car cabin air filter consumer reports

Bosch brings to you a highly capable air filter that offers clean and fresh air that is free from any odor. The air filter doesn’t feature any formulated chemical odor neutralizer, so you can expect it to provide true clean air to improve respiratory health. The company has provided a melt-blown electrostatic layer into the filter along with a dense media that offers excellent trapping abilities.

The HEPA media also features an extra layer of the static cotton layer to filter the higher capacity of pollutants. The inclusion of structural ribs offers better stability to the filter. But, keep in mind to replace the air filter after every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. This air filter is compatible with certain filters like Lexus, Scion, and Toyota cars.

5. PHILTOP Premium Cabin Air Filter

best car cabin air filter consumer reports

Last on the list is Philtop cabin air filter, which consists of three layers that offer up to 99% filtration. This air filter will keep dust, pollen, soot, and other air pollutants from sneaking into the vehicle. The air filter features activated carbon that quickly absorbs all the foul odors from outside the ventilation system and transforms the inner environment into a pleasant one for everybody inside the car. 

Besides filtering the air, this cabin filter ensures better airflow for enhanced performance, improves onboard air conditioning for better cooling and heating, and prevents musty odors to form inside the vehicle. For the best efficiency, you should replace the car cabin filter every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes earlier. As far as compatibility is concerned, the cabin air filter supports Accord, CRV, Civic, Odyssey, Crosstour, TL, RL, TSX, ILX, RLX, TLX, MDX, RDX, and ZDX models.

How Many Types Of Car Cabin Air Filters Are Available?

To purify the air in the passenger compartment of your car, there are several levels of filtration. To choose, you must first know your needs and possibly take into account your budget. However, three types of cabin filters are interchangeable depending on the needs of your car.

  • The simple anti-pollen filter: It is mainly dedicated to filtering pollen. White in color, it filters fine particles and pollen from the air
  • The activated carbon filter: it is a filter that simultaneously filters pollen, odors, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • The polyphenol filter: it is an activated carbon filter treated on the surface with polyphenol which makes it possible to obtain a neutralization of 92% of allergenic particles. For optimum protection of your passenger compartment and the good health of the driver and passengers, this is the model to be preferred. Indeed, polyphenol is present in certain plants such as grapes to protect them from insects and diseases.

Choosing the right type of filter from the three presented above will depend on the areas where you are used to driving your car. In this sense, if you often drive in town, bet on a carbon filter treated with polyphenol for effective protection. For the campaign, a pollen filter might be enough. If you are allergic to certain particles in the air, the polyphenol and activated carbon compound help to filter all the pollutants contained in the outside air.

How To Choose The Best Car Cabin Air Filter

best car cabin air filter consumer reports

People who use their cars for simple commuting may not realize the importance of cabin filters. After a few months, the air quality from your car air conditioner may not stay as fresh. At this time, the cabin air filter must be replaced. This buying guide will tell you how to choose the best air filters.

Choose Type

The first selection to get the best cabin air filter for your needs is to select the type. There are so many air filters that help you in different ways. Here are the most popular types and what they do. This type of air filter is the most common. This collects the smallest particles to make your life easier. They are also the cheapest.

Electrostatic filters have more advanced technology in their operation. This type of filter uses an electrostatic layer to filter particles, including smoke. You can filter out cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, and to some extent even odors.

These filters have an activated carbon layer. This material helps absorb bad smells, odors and harmful fumes, and even contaminants. They sometimes also work hypoallergenic.

Charcoal filters are coated with a layer of charcoal. In addition, charcoal works very well to eliminate odors by trapping them. These include smoke, fumes, and even particles like dust.

Driving environment

One of the very important ways to choose the type of cabin air filter is to look around. The environment in which you drive your car. The environment will show you the level of protection your air needs.

Therefore, you can select the filter. If you use your car in urban places, you need something to get rid of odors or fumes. However, for a rural environment, you can opt for something low-key.


Cabin air filter material varies. Most of the time it is polyurethane with filters of various materials. Filters are charcoal, electric and more. It depends on the type of filter you choose.


Air filters absorb all contaminants from the air. Once you've decided on the air quality you put your car in, you need to make sure your filter survives. Durability is measured in kilometers traveled. Usually, 12,000 miles is enough. However, the filters also last longer than average. Needless to say, the longer the service life, the better and more convenient for you.

Some air filters work longer than their miles. They are washable and reusable. This characteristic gives them an advantage over disposable. They are slightly more expensive, but they save money in the end.

Size and cut

Another very important feature is the size. Size is one of the main things to look for. Most air filters are either one-size-fits-all or snug-fitting. If you are looking for something OEM, you need to know the exact dimensions and size of your vehicle's cabin air filter.

Nature friendly

Getting an eco-friendly cabin air filter is not mandatory. However, you can help save the environment. To make sure it's not a threat to the environment, make sure the material isn't plastic. If the material is plastic, maybe something recycled will help the world.

Plus, being reusable rather than disposable saves a lot of resources. Moreover, you can also save extra money.

Wrapping Up

Getting the right filter for your car can save your life. Since there are so many different pollutants in the air, getting the best air filters is important. You need to take charge of your health and that of your loved ones now. That's why should choose a car cabin air filter from the reviews of the best car cabin air filter consumer reports to get the best results.