The tire industry is one of the biggest in the world and continues to grow at a rapid pace, thanks to the manufacturing of more automobiles and more purchasing power of the people. In the tire industry, the craze for budget tires is on the rise because these are affordable, offer decent performance, and are pretty reliable to some extent. If you are looking for budget tires for your car, SUV, or mini truck, then you can consider Mastercraft tires. There are many good ones available on the market, which you can find out in Mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports. Check out the list of products and decide which Mastercraft tire suits you the best.

Reviewing 5 Best Mastercraft Tires

1. Mastercraft Avenger G/T Performance Radial Tire

mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports

If you have an old muscle car you wish to retain the character of, then you should have Mastercraft Avenger G/T tires installed in the car. This tire comes with a treadwear protection warranty for up to 50,000 miles. The design of this high-performance radial has been perfectly redistributed for better tire-to-road contact, which results in a significant improvement in handling and treadwear.

The tire features a notched, solid rib at the center with a unique tread element shape that offers even treadwear. The shoulder slots provide solid, all-weather performance and are resistant to irregular wear. To improve riding comfort for the users, the pitch sequence has been optimized to reduce tread-related tire noise.

2. Mastercraft Stratus AP All-Terrain Tire

mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for an all-purpose tire with excellent performance at an affordable price, then you can buy Stratus AP All-Terrain Tire. This particular model is capable of working brilliantly in all weather conditions and terrain. It also provides excellent noise reduction for a smooth and quiet ride on SUVs and pickup trucks. The company offers a solid treadwear protection warranty on this tire for up to 50,000 miles.

A unique thing about this tire is the presence of full-depth biting edges, which are also called sipes. These offer better traction even in wet and snowy conditions. You will like the zig-zag tread pattern, as it helps reduce the noise while driving by impeding the air flowing through the tire tread. The inclusion of wide grooves on both sides of the tire won’t let the water stay, hence improving traction on the wet surface along with hydroplane resistance.

3. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for a dependable tire for your light truck, then you won’t find a better option than Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire. You will enjoy the aggressive traction it provides on the off-roads and brilliant handling on the smooth highways. The tire boasts a ‘side biter’ design along with wide and deep tread grooves for exceptional performance in the snow and mud. This tire provides an enhanced driving feel on all kinds of terrain, thanks to the optimized rubber on the tire. The tire boasts an upper deep ‘side biter’ design, which improves off-road traction along with sidewall abrasion resistance.

The tire incorporates scallops that offer a ‘mud-scoop’ effect for excellent traction on off-roads. Even the traction edges on the alternate shoulder elements add more biting edges for better lateral grip. Cleaning this tire is very easy, thanks to wider grooves between the outer tread blocks, which also offer better grip on slippery roads. The presence of sipes on the tire provides better traction on wet surfaces. Even when the tire is 50% worn, 80% of the sipes would remain functional, which would offer consistent performance throughout the entire time you use the tire. You can apply the best tire dressing to make your tire look like new and prolong its life at the same time.

4. Mastercraft Stratus AS All-Season Tire

mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports

Have a look at this tire, which has been specially optimized to provide superb performance in all seasons. Anyone who is looking for a reliable set of wheels for a long duration can go with Mastercraft Stratus AS All-Season Tire. The tread compound and profile of this tire have been improved from the previous Mastercraft products to deliver all-season traction in dry, wet, and cold conditions. The shoulder of the tire features lateral slots that offer brilliant traction throughout the life of the tire.

The company has provided a spiral nylon overwrap, which controls the growth at the center at higher speeds and offers dimensional stability in the tread. As a result, the tire has a good, strong grip on the road. The presence of sipes in the shoulders along with intermediate tread rows have meticulously placed deep sections that offer biting edges for good performance in all types of weather while ensuring tread block stability for prolonging the tire’s life. The unique design and the careful selection of materials make the tire less noisy even at higher speeds on the highways.

5. Mastercraft SRT Touring Radial Tire

mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports

Here is another top-class radial tire from Mastercraft, known as SRT Touring Tire. It is one of the most comfortable and reliable tires available on the market right now. Offering great performance in all seasons, this tire comes with many fitments for a wide range of passenger touring vehicles. It features a highly advanced 5-rib tread pattern with 20% more lateral grooves around the tire’s circumference from the previous generation that allows better traction in wet and snowy conditions.

The company has added a newly designed pitch sequence along with an advanced tread pattern layout for less noise on all terrain. The inclusion of 4 wide circumferential grooves won’t let the water stay on the tread footprint, thus helping maintain rubber-to-road contact. Moreover, the grooves also help the tire resist hydroplaning. The cutting-edge tread compound and profile offer even wear and allow the tread to last longer.

Mastercraft Tires Review: Buying Guide

Mastercraft specializes in tires for passenger cars. Their most popular models include the vehicles that are used for long tours, which are available in multiple sizes that will fit your compact car, minivan, or crossover. These tires are made primarily for drivers who prefer their vehicle to handle well on wet surfaces.

The company also offers many tires for SUVs and trucks. Mastercraft's portfolio includes touring, grand-touring, highway, and all-terrain/mud-terrain tires for off-road conditions.

However, Mastercraft tires aren't really geared toward track use. Instead, they offer a better grip on the street and more responsive handling.

Mastercraft's portfolio also includes tires for all seasons and winter as well. Summer compounds weren't available for this company, but that makes sense given the lower price point. Additionally, people would always go for all-season tires in this segment.

mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports


  • Budget-Friendly Prices

Mastercraft tires can cost a little more than other brands. Nevertheless, they're still available everywhere and are quite affordable compared to premium options.

There's a saying that in the world of tires, paying a little bit more is worth it. Mastercraft tires are much safer than other brands, yet they cost just a tad more.

  • Very Safe Drive on Dry Roads

If you only drive during the dry weather, Mastercraft tires should be more than adequate. Though they're not necessarily sporty, they still provide you with reasonably good handling, responsive steering, and cornering stability.

The braking distances for these Mastercraft tires are quite short, which was something that really impressed me. I found them to be most effective in dry conditions and I would recommend them wholeheartedly for driving on dry roads.

  • Usable on Rainy Days

A good rule of thumb for any driver is to stay off the roads in rainy conditions, especially if you have a cheap tire. Fortunately, Mastercraft tires will perform well in these conditions and will be safe to drive on. There is no doubt that premium tires offer better traction and braking, but considering the difference in the prices, I’d say that Mastercraft tires do a pretty good job.

Most Mastercraft models have sufficient traction for cornering and braking, while the hydroplaning resistance is very good.

  • Long Tread life and a good warranty on treadwear

Mastercraft tires are a cheaper alternative to other competitors because they last 30% longer than most. This means you'll save money on your purchase and down the road.

In other words, not only are these tires cheap, but they also offer a treadwear warranty of up to 60,000 miles while in some models, the warranty goes up to 80,000 miles as well.

  • Fairly Comfortable and Quiet

Mastercraft tires are perfect for a range of drivers because they are also reasonably comfortable, quiet (most of the time), and have a smooth ride. Sure, premium competition is quieter than Mastercraft when cruising at highway speeds, but you cannot beat the price!


It's not surprising that Mastercraft tires don't perform well when it comes to driving. They make a lot of resistance to keep everything on the road, but they won't last long if you push them in a race or performance situation. I would use Mastercraft tires for normal commuting and slower driving – not racing. Just remember to change your tires every 25,000 miles or so.

Braking distances are longer on wet roads and rougher surfaces, you might not feel it when driving on a normal highway, but it takes time for tires to slow down the speed! So, if you want to ensure good handling and quick braking on a variety of surfaces, then you will have to go for premium Mastercraft tires.

Summing Up

Now that you know that there are budget-friendly tires available on the market, which perform pretty well, then there is no need to spend extra hundreds of dollars to buy premium tires. You can just pick a product after going through Mastercraft tires reviews consumer reports and enjoy a comfortable and reliable drive on any type of terrain with confidence.