Are you looking to transform your dull, boring living room? You can get all the antiques you want, but in my opinion, the best transformation of your living room is going to come after you lay down a stunning carpet on the main area of your living room. Until and unless you do that, your living room is not going to look like the way you want it to look. The markets for carpets or rugs is bigger than ever before, so if you are planning on checking every major carpet brand available on the market before boiling down to the perfect carpet, then let me tell you, it is not going to be easy at all. The best way for you to get hold of an ideal carpet is by going through consumer reports best carpet brands. Take a look below at the five carpets that are ruling the current carpet market.

Reviews Of 5 Best Carpet Brands

1. Safavieh California Premium Shag Collection SG151-1313 Beige Area Rug

Consumer Reports Best Carpet Brands

This superb area rug can blend in nicely with the aesthetics of your living room. Safavieh is known for weaving some of the best rugs and carpets, and this rug is one fine example of that, as it offers plush texture along with a pile height of two inches. The rug is made with an enhanced polypropylene fiber, which doesn’t shed easily and doesn’t need much maintenance as well.

Moreover, it is safe for kids and pets, so they can play on it. The company has made this carpet in 20 different colors, so you can choose the color of your choice from those 20 options. The carpet is perfect for any house setting, and the quality manufacturing ensures that the carpet lasts for multiple years.

2. Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Taupe

Best Carpet Brands

This is another carpet made of polypropylene, which is top quality material, so you don’t have to pay any maintenance fee as well. Moreover, the carpet is also going to resist stains and pet hair. Overall, a very comfortable carpet to use that won’t shed despite how much time you spend on it. The carpet is available in different colors to suit the existing interior design of your house, but when it comes to the primary color of the carpet, then that is Taupe.

The carpet is just 1-inch thick, which avoids tripping. You can get the carpet in standard shapes, i.e., rectangle or square, round and a lot of other sizes that are available on the market. The carpet despite having all the features is quite affordable.

3. Safavieh Milan Shag Collection Navy Area Rug

Consumer Reports Best Carpet Brands

If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your living room with an elegant and neutral look, then this carpet is perfect for you. You will really like the comfortable plush feeling of this carpet as it comes under your feet. If you want to feel all relaxed having this amazing carpet under your feet. You will love the versatile contemporary style that this carpet has to offer to you because it can really augment the space of your living room.

The blend of soft and thick polypropylene along with power-loomed fibers will ensure the longevity of the carpet. Moreover, you don’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning the carpet because it doesn’t shed. The carpet also features a 2-inch thick pile height, which will offer sink-in comfort.

4. 2305 Gray Black Red White Swirls Modern Abstract Area Rug Carpet By Persian Area Rugs

Consumer Reports Best Carpet Brands

You will love the carpet in the first look because it is so unique and elegant looking. This Persian carpet is ideal for any modern living room, and you will love the soft plush texture that it offers because it is comfortable to walk on and sit through. Now, coming to the material used in this carpet, then no surprises here, as it is made of high-quality polypropylene, which ensures the carpet’s longevity. Moreover, it makes cleaning and maintaining of the carpet easy as well.

With this carpet laid on the floor, you don’t have to worry about stains, as this is a stain-resistant product, which will also withstand the damages done by hyperactive pets. Pet hair that falls on the carpet can be removed easily. You can really transform the aesthetics of your living room with this incredible carpet available to you at such a low cost.

5. Safavieh Monaco Collection Modern Bohemian Multicolored Distressed Area Rug

Consumer Reports Best Carpet Brands

If you are fond of Bohemian design carpet that also comes from the house of Safavieh, then you got to check this Monaco Collection Modern Bohemian Multicolored Distressed Area Rug. You can make your living room alive and talking with this carpet. This carpet sports a free-spirited design, which will build a unique atmosphere inside your living room even with the minimum amount of interior.

Cleaning and maintaining this carpet is a child’s play, courtesy of enhanced polypropylene fibers and power-loomed construction. Moreover, there is no need to worry about shedding pet hair, feathers and fabrics as you are looking at a non-shedding carpet. The height of the pile is ½ inch thick, which may look less, but it is sufficient to provide you with a non-tripping surface. Along with that, the carpet gets a sleek look.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying An Area Carpet

When looking for a carpet for your home, you must go slow and patiently, as there are an overwhelming amount of options available on the market that may confuse you rather than help you with the selection process. A carpet is an integral part of your home décor, which can enhance the beauty of the room or make it look bad.

Therefore, you must know the crucial elements to pay attention to when buying the right carpet for your home. There are five of them, and I have listed all five below:

  • Size & Shape: Area carpets come in all shapes and sizes. But, when it comes to the handmade carpets, then those are rectangular in shape and have standard sizes. Moreover, you need to select the carpet according to the area of the floor that you want to cover with it. So, take accurate measurements of your room and only then, you need to take any decision on the shape and size of the carpet.
  • Color: This is one of those home décor items where color plays a very crucial role. The aesthetics of the room will not be right until you get the right items with matching colors. Sometimes, contrasting colors also do the magic, so just figure out which carpet matches the best with your living room settings.
  • Pattern: When it comes to zeroing down onto the right carpet, the pattern is going to prove extremely useful. There are three main categories in carpet patterns such as pictorial, geometric and curvilinear. The pictorial pattern is basically portraying of people and/or animals on the carpets, whereas the other two consists of conventional motifs, which are woven with curving or straight lines.
  • Style: You should always invest in carpets that truly reflect your style, which is a parameter that constitutes all aforementioned points. You will see the style of carpet changing from traditional to contemporary to floral, or you will find styles reflecting a theme or a season, so you need to roll out what you like the most. Carpets are made in many parts of the world, so if you are searching for a particular type of carpet, then the search becomes a lot more complex.
  • Design: You need to select from either All-Over, One-Sided or Medallion. In All-over, the motifs are spread throughout the carpet whereas in one-sided, the design is woven in one direction and when it comes to medallion design, you will find a large centerpiece being the limelight of the design.

If you start to dig deep into the details, you will come across ‘N’ number of things, but the above-mentioned features are of paramount importance that you will have to keep in mind while buying a carpet.

Summing Up

Having a perfect home setting is impossible to achieve because things you like today may not interest you in the days to come and then, you will want to change the current home décor to something more trendy and exciting. However, you can’t say the same for carpets because the one you buy a carpet, you will want to keep it for at least a few more years. You can buy other interiors according to the color, shape, and design of your carpet, which shows how important a carpet is for your home décor.

Now, I have shared details of the five best carpets that you can choose from, and I would also like to mention that those aforementioned five products also feature in consumer reports best carpet brands, therefore, it becomes important for you to consider those aforementioned carpets before taking your final decision.