While GPS has become one of the most essential elements for any self-respecting driver, the different models available on the market do not really make the choice easier. Which model should you choose? While the basic GPS devices are equipped with all the necessary functionalities, the higher-end ones offer more features. What differentiates one model from another is in particular the size of its screen, traffic information, voice recognition technology, connected services, or even the GPS Bluetooth connection. Now, you can find all options that in the past were only reserved for mid-range or high-end models, in a cheap GPS model. If you want to choose the best GPS consumer reports, then you will have to go through the reviews of the 10 best GPS discussed in the following section.

Reviews Of 10 Best GPS Systems

1. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker

best gps consumer reports

Tracki mini GPS tracker is an ideal unit for getting real-time location data. You can use it with a wide range of vehicles, such as cars, boats, drones, ATVs and more. If you have a child or adult at home, whom you want to keep a track of, then this device is perfect for that. The device comes with an app for tracking location in real-time. The app works on both Android and iOS devices.

You can attach this unit to the leash of your pet or on the clothes of the person who you want to keep a track of using a chain. The unit boasts a long battery life of 4 days. The GPS tracker will ping 4 times a day, with each ping taking just 15 seconds. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the product.

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles VYNCSLINK-001

best gps consumer reports

This GPS tracker comes with a wide array of features, which allow it to review the information accumulated by the vehicle’s computer through the Vync’s software package. The unit comes with highly responsive web support, hence allowing a fast resolution of your problems. You can get the precise route of the destination you are headed to on your smartphone, courtesy of the app provided with the GPS device. The location is updated every 3 minutes as you travel to your destination.

The position continues to broadcast on the passage of every 30 minutes even when the car is turned off due to its OBD port, which always stays on. The device lets you know if it was unplugged, thus preventing your kids from cooking up lame stories. You can always keep an eye on your teenage kids, courtesy of this GPS device. The device runs efficiently on both 2G and 3G connections. It also features a highly advanced Accelerometer chip and GPS to detect the unsafe drive and intimate you about it.

3. Arova GPS Navigation for Car & Truck

best gps consumer reports

Check out this GPS navigation system, which sports a classic design. It can be easily mounted onto the dashboard of your vehicle with a suction cup. The device comes with software, which is very fast and reliable. The device boasts a 7-inch screen, which has 800x480 resolution to let you see the routes and directions without any issue. You can switch from 2D mode to 3D-view mode, as it looks far better.

The GPS unit features an FM transmitter, games, and multiple language support. This navigation is very safe and capable of delivering fast reminders and traffic information. Combine this GPS with the best radar detector, and you won’t have to face traffic as well as traffic police on the road. The only downside to this unit is its battery, which isn’t as impressive as other units.

4. CARRVAS GPS Navigation for Car & Truck

best gps consumer reports

This is yet another incredible GPS navigation system for cars and trucks. It features a 7-inch HD bright screen display and 8 GB space along with 256 MB RAM to ensure a smooth running of the device. The unit features a large 2500mAh polymer battery, which allows the unit to operate for 3 hours non-stop. The company has already installed maps of the US, Canada, and Mexico of 2020, which can be updated free of cost as the new map updates unveil.

The GPS navigation system boasts a wide range of features such as speed limit, alarm for an upcoming sharp turn, red light, limit height reminder, and other important notifications. You can customize the route depending upon the vehicle you are driving, as trucks may not go on certain roads where cars easily can. The company offers a 90-day worry-free money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. Then, there is a lifetime warranty on the unit against all manufacturing defects.

5. Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch

best gps consumer reports

This GPS watch from Garmin is used by athletes and fitness freaks who want to monitor their activities in a precise manner. If you are into fitness as well, then you can wear this watch, which tracks your heart rate and many other aspects. The watch displays the data on a bright sunny day, thanks to its transflective memory in pixel (MIP). This watch can be fully customized according to your training, thus letting you get only the information you really need.

Featuring audio prompts, this watch can let you know about certain aspects of your workout on the smartphone connected to the watch such as the number of laps and lap times. This watch can operate for 9 days on smartwatch mode and 11 hours on GPS mode. As far as notifications are concerned, then you can get call alerts, text messages, incoming emails, calendar reminders, and many more from the connected smartphone. There is no better device than this when it comes to tracking your fitness activities.

6. ZOLEO GPS Satellite Communicator

best gps consumer reports

ZOLEO GPS is an efficient and durable deice, which comes with an application to let you declare your position accurately to others in case of an emergency. You can install this app on your smartphone, no matter if you are using an Android or iOS smartphone. This device can send your messages to anywhere on Earth at the most affordable price. The unit offers similar text messaging experience from and to any email address, SMS text number, or ZOLEO app user. You ZOLEO devices come with a dedicated US SMS text number along with an email address, which you can share with people you want to remain accessible to so that they recognize you when you try to contact them.

You can immediately declare SOS and send GPS coordinates to GEOS. The device also comes with a button on the device, which you can press to let others know that you’re OK. You can also get weather forecasts on your device to make changes to your travel plans. It is as efficient as a home weather station. The Li-ion battery of this unit lasts for more than 8 days or 200 hours. The unit is water-resistant (IP68) and can be charged using micro-USB type B port. The unit takes 2 hours to charge.

7. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer WFCC3

best gps consumer reports

Buy this GPS unit for bikes, which is accompanied by ELEMNT Companion App, which pairs automatically with your device. The unit configures quickly for a quick and easy setup. The app downloads route automatically and uploads with third-party apps compatible with the product such as Singletracks, Strava, Best Bike Split, Ride With GPS, MTB Project, and Komoot.

You will get LED notifications on the screen to ensure that you never miss a turn. The GPS boasts a long battery life of 15 hours and can even work in the rain since it is IPX7 rated. The unit can be integrated with Strava Live Segments for providing accurate progress status along with the final push for beating your goals.

8. ATOTO A6 Car Navigation Stereo With Dual Bluetooth

best gps consumer reports

ATOTO A6 is more than just a GPS, it is a feature-packed device, which comes with an input for a backup camera, automatic Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth compatibility, FM/AM radio and micro SD and USB support. Sporting an Android-based interface, you will find no issues using this GPS unit. It takes just two seconds to begin the navigation system and it comes with a large 7-inch screen.

The company also keeps on updating its operating system from time to time to keep the user-experience exciting. The unit features a steering wheel key control to ensure safety. You can view the information on the screen in any weather condition, thanks to its large and bright screen.

9. Garmin inReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator

best gps consumer reports

This is another product by Garmin, which is compact, lightweight, and rugged. Being a satellite communicator, it features two-way text messaging using a 100% global Iridium network. You can trigger an interactive SOS to round the clock search along with the rescue monitoring center. Garmin keeps on updating its maps from time to time. Use the Garmin Earthmate app to access US NOAA charts, downloadable maps, and color aerial imagery.

You can get inReach weather forecast service to receive in-depth updates to your paired device, which could be inReach Mini, but this feature is optional. You can easily send and receive inReach messages using compatible Garmin devices, which include connected handheld devices and wearables.

10. AMERICALOC GL300XW Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

best gps consumer reports

Ending my list of best GPS with Americaloc GL300XW Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker, which boasts multicarrier coverage along with long-lasting battery life. The features incorporated into this unit is way better than most GPS trackers available on the market. You will get alert messages of the movement of your subject. You can track things in real-time and keep tracking history for up to a year. You can get your location report for every minute without paying any additional fees.

Wrapping Up

The list of 10 best GPS consumer reports includes reviews of car GPS systems, GPS watch, satellite communicators, and in-dash navigation systems. Therefore, you can choose the GPS device that suits your requirements the best. Once chosen, you can proceed to the purchasing part and bring home the GPS for tracking your or someone else activities in the most accurate manner.

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