How would you feel when you are heading towards your office for an important meeting or to a hospital to deal with an emergency and your car stops working due to a dead battery? I’m sure you will be dismayed, distraught and disappointed because you may have to bear huge losses as a result of it. No matter if you are using the best car battery, it can stop functioning due to any reason. As far as reviving the battery is concerned, there are two devices you can consider, car battery charger and jump starter.

Both devices do the same thing, but a car battery charger takes a lot of time to charge the battery and is not portable. On the other hand, a jump starter offers fast and efficient charging of the car’s battery. Both devices are very different and their operation can’t be interchanged. To find out the best jump starters, you should check out the jump starter reviews consumer reports comprising 10 top-rated products being sold on the market.

Reviews Of 10 Best Jump Starters

1. TACKLIFE T8 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter (Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starter)

jump starter reviews consumer reports

Tacklife manufactures premium-quality jump starter units to make lives of people stranded on the road due to an exhausted car battery. This jump starter fits a 5.5-liter diesel engine or 7.0-liter gas engine and offers excellent performance whenever necessary. The jump starter features an impressive 18,000mAh supply, which is good enough to bring your battery from a dead state.

For a 7-liter gas engine, the jump starter starts the battery up to 9 times before its power bank is exhausted. The jump starter will last for ages when it comes to USB charging, so even if it becomes weak to jump a car, then you can use it as an emergency power bank for tiny devices. The only problem with this jump starter is the presence of overcharge protection because of the low threshold.

This means the jump starter may switch to overcharge protection while charging a battery even from a small power surge. As a result, the jump starter shuts down and remains unusable. The good thing about the overcharge protection is that the unit won’t let the power surge pass through the battery and damage it.

2. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Ultra Safe Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

This is a value for money device, which comes with all the necessary cables and clamps that you need to use to jump-start a car. It can be used for a car engine of a 6-liter gas engine or 3-liter diesel engine. The device features a built-in LED flashlight with modes to send emergency signals. The compact and lightweight design of the jump starter makes using this product highly convenient.

The device also gives you an option to charge via USB, as it comes with a USB cable. This jump starter may not be the most powerful charger, but it still is capable of restoring the functioning of standard-sized vehicles. You can jump start up to 20 batteries with this device, provided it is fully charged. The only drawback of this unit is its inability to jump-start the engine during winters.

3. TACKLIFE T6 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

Another jump starter from Tacklife on the list. This model, i.e., Tacklife T6 800A Peak Jump Starter has spectacular looks, thanks to the presence of blue lights, which beautifully illuminate the side of the device. The lights indicate the battery level, with each bar indicating 20% of the battery power. You can keep a constant track of the power level whether you are using USB ports or not. With the jump starter, you will get a DC adapter, carport adapter, two USB ports along with one USB cable. The jump starter works with 7-liter gas engines and 5-5-liter diesel engines but takes a little while to jump the car despite having 800A rating and deep 18,000mAh power bank.

4. GOOLOO GP37-Plus SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

Another portable jump starter, GOOLOO SuperSafe comes with all the features you need. It has a peak charge of 800 amperes, which allows it to quickly charge a dead battery. The unit takes 5 hours to completely charge, and once that happens, you don’t have to recharge it again for 3 months. The flashlight included in the unit has strobe light signal and SOS mode, which you can use in case of an emergency, although the lumen capacity is not that great. You can also charge your smartphone or other USB/MicroUSB devices, thanks to the inclusion of USB charging ports. A power indicator is given on the side of the unit to show how much charge is left.

5. DBPOWER G15 2500A 21800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

Get this lightweight portable jump starter, which offers an astounding 2,500 peak amps, hence making it suitable for charging dead batteries of vehicles having an 8-liter gas engine or 6.5-liter diesel engine. The jump starter is among the best multi-vehicle compatible jump starters on the market right now. Sporting 3-mode flashlight along with a range of safety features like over-voltage protection, you can’t go wrong with this unit. The only downside to this unit is the absence of an adapter, as it is sold separately.

6. MOOCK 8542037116 1500A Peak 20800mAh Car Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

If you are using a big car, which comes with a powerful engine, then it is better that you opt for a product like MOOCK 1500 Peak Car Jump Starter, as it is excellent for vehicles having an 8-liter gas engine or 6-liter diesel engine. The unit comes with a 20800mAh battery capacity along with USB charging ports, which provides enough power to charge smartphones, laptops, and other USB/MicroUSB devices. Use this product not just as a battery booster, but also as a portable battery backup.

The company provides intelligent jumper clamps to ensure the user’s safety. The unit offers high-temperature protection, over-charge protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and overload protection. The unit incorporates an LED flashlight, which is bright and comes with SOS and Strobe modes, which can prove useful for emergencies and outdoor activities.

7. ABOX TrekPow G22 Car Battery Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

A powerful product at a very affordable price, this is what defines ABOX TrekPow G22 Car Battery Jump Starter. Boasting a 1,500A peak performance, the unit can quickly jump your car and put you back on the road. The unit features a flashlight, which is bright and useful, but only on clear nights. If it is raining or snowing, the flashlight’s efficiency reduces significantly.

Coming to the capacity of the product, then it can easily jump up to an 8-liter gas engine or 6.5-liter diesel engine. With the inclusion of a USB C port and dual USB 3.0 ports, you can charge a wide range of devices through this device. I also liked the quality of the clamps included in the package, as they withstand a significant temperature range.

8. NOCO Boost HD GB150 Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

The ability of this jump starter to deliver power in spades compelled me to add it to the list. The power output delivered by this jump starter is seriously a thing to appreciate, as most jump starters won’t even deliver half of it. The amazing power capabilities of the unit can be determined from the fact that it can easily charge a vehicle equipped with a 10-liter engine.

So, if you operate a truck, then you must have a product like this to help you out in case your truck stops due to a dead battery. The unit also features a 12V charging cord, which you can use to charge the device after the battery is fully charged or replaced. The battery takes a few hours to charge fully, so make sure to charge it at home before going out.

9. Booster PAC ES5000 1500 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

jump starter reviews consumer reports

Take a look at this powerful jump starter, which gets all its power from ES series battery. The unit is capable of delivering 1,500 peak amp along with 400 amp of starting power. With the ability to recharge automatically, the unit is a serious time saver. Moreover, it won’t be overcharged as well. The inclusion of hot jaw clamps makes it easier for you to jump the car, as they are capable of working at high temperatures. You can check the voltage, status, and amperage of the battery on the LED display of the jump starter. It works efficiently in normal situations, but the efficiency further increases in emergencies.

10. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starter (Best Jump Starter With Air Compressor)

jump starter reviews consumer reports

Ending my list with yet another premium-quality jump starter unit, which is fully capable of reviving your car’s dead battery in a matter of minutes. With a peak performance of 1,400 amps, you can expect to hit back on the road in no time. The device also offers 120-PSI digital compressor for fast inflation along with a sure-fit nozzle and auto-stop perform to ensure the proper conclusion of the task.

The unit is equipped with two USB ports to help you charge your smartphones and other USB devices. You can check the battery status of the device on its LCD display. The inclusion of power coated steel clamps along with patented alternator test perform make it a unique automobile soar starter. The drawbacks of the product include the absence of a DC outlet, flimsy booster cables, and short clamps, which don’t hold the battery terminal properly.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of 10 best jump starters, courtesy of jump starter reviews consumer reports, you won’t have to remain stranded on the road with a dead car’s battery. But, there is one last thing that you need to consider, i.e., which jump starter is most suited for your vehicle, answer to which you can find in the reviews. If you have gone through the entire reviews and already selected the product, then you should quickly proceed to the purchasing part because a car’s battery can go down without giving any warnings.

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