As we all have surrounded ourselves with technology, it is very important for us to know that this technology has certain side effects as well. For example, if you use your computer and smartphone on a daily basis, then these devices are causing huge damage to your eyes. Similarly, televisions are also weakening the muscles of your eyes. Once we are done working on these devices, most of us pick up a book and start reading without thinking that our eyes are already tired. If your routine too is based around working on computers, checking messages on smartphones and then, reading a book before going to sleep, then you must get yourself a pair of reading glasses. This is the only way you can save your eyes from dryness, fatigue, blurry vision, and other problems. If you are scouting for the best reading glasses, then you can take a gander at the reviews of 10 best reading glasses consumer reports.

Reviewing 10 Best Reading Glasses Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Kerecsen 5 Pairs Fashion Ladies Reading Glasses

best reading glasses consumer report

Kerecsen has designed special reading glasses for ladies. Coming in a pair of 5, you can wear new glasses in case the old ones break or get misplaced. With a pair of 5 reading glasses, you can keep one pair in the car, another in the office, one at home and so on. These 5 glasses come in different colors, which are red, purple, grey, brown and blue, so you can amp-up your style game with these reading glasses. With a lens strength varying from 0.5 to 6.0 diopters, you can select the right lens strength while making the final decision.

The lens of the Kerecsen glasses is designed with high-quality plastic frames and incorporate a non-polarized lens. The measurements of the lens and frames make them suitable for any face size and structure. The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on the product along with a 1-year manufacturer defect warranty, which shows how much confidence the company has on its products. Despite being marketed as glasses for women, men too can put on these and be showstoppers.

2. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Amber Tint

best reading glasses consumer report

The next reading glasses on the list are from GAMMA RAY OPTICS, which are also high quality glasses having plastic frames and non-polarized lenses. The glasses incorporate a 53mm wide lens, which allows you to have a great range of vision. These glasses come with tinted amber lenses, which don’t strain the eyes when you are working on a computer. The inclusion of UV400 protection on the lens prevents the glare and fluorescent light from entering your eyes.

These are perfect glasses for those who work on computers for hours. Despite being flexible and lightweight glasses, these are very durable. With incredible magnifying power and stylish design, you can’t find better reading glasses than these. The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on the glasses along with lifetime warranty on the frames and lenses.

3. Spectra479 Blue Light Blocking Amber Reading Glasses

best reading glasses consumer report

If you are looking for sporty reading glasses, then check out Spectra479 Blue Light Blocking Amber Glasses. Deemed as the best glasses for sleep, you will love wearing them all day long because of their sporty look. The reading glasses come equipped with ‘BioRhythm Safe Technology’, which makes the glasses suitable for wearing even during the night-time. You will see an orange tint on the glasses, which allows your eyes to stay in the ‘Rest’ mode, thus letting you sleep a lot better. Just imagine, being wrapped in a heating pad with these glasses on, it won’t take than a minute before you are asleep.

The blue light won’t pass into your eyes, courtesy of the clear and bright lenses of the reading glasses. Even the lens isn’t polarized or has a dark tint, so you won’t even know if you are wearing glasses. The frames are made with thermoplastic, which makes them lightweight and flexible. Other features of this amazing eyewear include wraparound fit, blocking of UV rays and excellent support from the company.

4. K KENZHOU Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

best reading glasses consumer report

Take a look at these computer glasses, which are equipped with anti-blue ray feature to reduce the strain on eyes after coming in contact with a harmful blue ray from digital screens. Along with the glasses, you will get a frame packing cloth bag and a cleaning cloth as well. These reading glasses will not just obstruct blue ray, but also the UV rays and electromagnetic wave radiation.

Put these glasses on while working on a computer in order to get rid of several vision-related problems like blurry vision, losing focus, bulging, fatigue and many more. As far as the frames of the glasses are concerned, then those are adjustable acetate frames, which keep your eyes safe from different types of allergies. Moreover, the frames are anti-fatigue, anti-glare and anti-jet lag, which add to their efficiency. You can try finding a more stylish and comfortable pair of reading glasses, but I don’t think you’ll be able to find it. 

5. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses for Anti Eyestrain

best reading glasses consumer report

Do you want to buy men’s reading glasses, then you can check out ANRRI Computer Glasses, which are excellent for reading purposes as well. With blue light blocking capabilities, you will be saved from all the harms that people come across while using computers and laptops. With the ability to keep 90% of the blue light away from your eyes, the problem of blurry vision and fatigue won’t surface.

These glasses can even help you sleep better at night, as you won’t see negative light during the day, which results in faster sleep. The frames and lenses of these reading glasses are made from plastic and polycarbonate respectively, which is a great combination. As for the warranty is concerned, then the company offers a lifetime warranty on these glasses, which is great to see.

6. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Reading Glasses

best reading glasses consumer report

These are extremely stylish reading glasses, which you can wear all day. These will protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from computers, TVs, smartphones and more. With these glasses on your face, you can delay the muscular degeneration of your eyes.

The reading glasses come with high-definition lenses, which make your viewing experience a lot better. Sporting yellow-amber lenses, these glasses will help you steal any show. All eyes will be on you and these glasses. You can also opt for magnified options if you want to have glasses with more focus.

7. ThinOptics Reading Glasses + Black Universal Pod Case

best reading glasses consumer report

ThinOptics is known for making some of the most stylish and reliable reading glasses and the product in review testifies to that claim. These premium-quality reading glasses come in the Universal Pod case, which keeps them safe and secure. The case makes use of an adhesive stick to connect itself to a phone case or any other flat surface for convenience.

The lenses of the reading glasses are made of polycarbonate, which incorporates shatterproof technology, thus making them durable and long-lasting. The compact and lightweight design of the glasses make them easier to carry and store. Other features of the unit include titanium allow bridge, which is very flexible, flex-fit nose pads and an excellent grip that keeps the glasses in its place. The company offers a replacement for broken glasses, and you will get excellent customer service from them.

8. PROSPEK Premium Computer Glasses

best reading glasses consumer report

If you are looking for a pair of professional reading glasses, which you can wear all the time, including when you are doing work on your computer, then PROSPEK Premium Computer Glasses are the best. Having magnification levels from 0x to 3x, you will definitely feel as if this is the eyewear that you were looking for in the first place. The glasses are available in three different colors, black, red and grey, so choose the color that suits your style the best. Marketed as unisex glasses, you can get these for yourself and your partner as well.

You don’t have to be overprotective about this eyewear because it comes with anti-scratch technology and is also fingerprint-resistant. The reading glasses come with protection against harsh blue and yellow light, which makes your eyes comfortable throughout the day. If the eyestrain was causing you a migraine, then that problem will be solved by wearing these reading glasses. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the product, so in case, you come across any manufacturing defect, then you can get in touch with the company.

9. EyeYee Computer Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking

best reading glasses consumer report

These are another blue light blocking reading glasses, which will keep your eyes comfortable and safe. As it is not possible to avoid working on computers and laptops, it is your responsibility to keep your eyes safe by investing in the best laptop under $500 and computer glasses. These reading glasses give a premium feel, thanks to its high-quality frames, which although made of plastic material add a glossy touch to the overall product. Then, there are lenses, which let you see anything and everything with clarity and without color distortions.

The wide lenses of these reading glasses come equipped with anti-glare property, so it is going to reflect the blue light and protect your eyes from melatonin and dryness. Another notable feature of the glasses is the presence of a magnification option, which lets you read from the screens.

As far as accessories are concerned, then you will get one hard case for keeping the lenses safe when not in use and rubber ear temple tips for keeping the lenses at the desired spot on your nose. In my opinion, these reading glasses can help alleviate all the eyes-related problems that you have been dealing with for so long. Should you come across any issue while using these lenses or the size didn’t suit you, then you can return them within 30 days and get a full refund. Otherwise, the company offers a lifetime breakage warranty on the glasses.

10. TruVision Readers Reading Glasses For Men & Women

best reading glasses consumer report

When you buy these reading glasses, then you will get 4 pairs, which means, you can look different every day for up to 4 days. These reading glasses offer crystal clear vision whether you are indoors or outdoors. The company has taken extra care of the comfort level of the customers, which is why you will see ‘Sure-Flex Construction’ design in these glasses along with the inclusion of a soft and flexible temple.

These are solid reading glasses, which will easily withstand the usual wear and tear for years. You will get a cleaning cloth with each pair, so you don’t have to waste your time finding a soft and clean cloth for cleaning the lenses of the glasses. The soft and comfortable arms of the glasses won’t hurt the temple along with ensuring that eyewear stays in its place.

Wrapping Up

With so many different types of reading glasses available on the market, it could have been very difficult for you to find the best eyewear. However, you can thank me for providing reviews of 10 best reading glasses consumer reports in which, I have covered stylish, efficient and reliable reading glasses, which have the most useful features in terms of keeping the eyes safe. If you have already made up your mind as to which reading glasses to go for, then what are you waiting for, make a purchase now.