As the temperature begins to soar, people start going out, enjoying the sun, but the same weather attracts pests as well. You will then see mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches, etc. that will explore your kitchen as well as your entire interior. Beware. It is not because they are few in numbers at the beginning that it will stay that way. They are also not going to disappear with a single wave of a magic wand.

If you do nothing, your home may be infested with little bugs within days. Several options are available to you to avoid this scourge. You can kill them by using insecticides or by implementing natural tricks. But it is also possible to scare them away. For this second option, you can use a spray, essential oil, or ultrasonic insect repellent. To determine a reliable ultrasonic pest repeller, you can refer to the 10 best ultrasonic pest repeller consumer reports followed by a comprehensive buying guide.

Reviews Of 10 Best Pest Repellers Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Neatmaster Neat-002 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller consumer reports

Get this pest repeller from Neatmaster, which has been fine-tuned at the range of ultrasonic frequencies. The device features three function modes, which are green, blue, and red. In the Green setting, the device will work on a slight pest infestation, and you won’t be able to hear the sound coming from the device. The Blue setting is for normal pest infestation, which again, you won’t be able to hear.

Then, there is Red setting, which is used for heavy pest infestation and you can hear it. As far as coverage is concerned, then the pest repeller can easily cover an area between 80 and 120 square meters. You can place the device in one room and get rid of all the pests from there. For multiple rooms, you will have to buy multiple pest repellers, as a single unit won’t be able to penetrate through walls and solid objects. The pest repeller works with low-frequency ultrasonic waves.

2. RevolMax RX-1 Ultrasonic Wall Plug-in Pest Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller consumer reports

Get this comprehensive pest control solution that is lethal for pests, but completely safe for you and your pets. The pest repeller is non-toxic and odorless, thus making it very convenient for you to use the product. Make sure not to use the pest repeller with peppermint, spray essences, gel, traps, poison sprays, roses, and cedar oil, etc. You can place the pest repeller in any room of your house or office, and expect obliteration of pests in the most effective way.

The device is capable of getting rid of fleas & ticks, flies, roaches, spiders, squirrels, bats, mice and rodents, crickets, ants, mosquitoes, silkworms, wasps, bees, and other small pests. The device works on a supply voltage of 100-240 volts and a frequency of 50/60Hz. As far as the coverage is concerned, then the pest repeller covers around 1600 square feet.

3. Bectine Ultrasonic Electronic Indoor Pest Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller consumer reports

Have a look at this ultrasonic pest repeller that can stimulate the brain and auditory nervous system of the pest to force them to leave your premises. There are two light modes incorporated into the pest repeller, which you can turn on and off. It is better to turn the light on because it increases the effectiveness of the device. Moreover, the light can also work as a small night light. The pest repeller covers a decent area, i.e., around 80 to 120 square meters.

Just like other pest repellers, these are also effective in the room they are installed. For every room, you need to install a separate pest repeller. The device doesn’t work on battery and also consumes very little power, thus helping you save money besides eliminating unwanted pests. The pest repeller works at low-frequency ultrasonic waves, which you won’t be able to hear but are very effective for pests and rodents, thus letting them leave your home in a hurry.

4. ELLASSAY Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller consumer reports

With this amazing pest repeller, you get all-round protection against pests and other unwanted beings. The device affects the nervous system of the pests by emitting a disorienting pulse. This irritates the pests effectively, which will bring a huge relief to you knowing that those bugs are gone for good. The pest repeller is effective for a wide range of pests that include fleas, flies, ticks, ants, spiders, crickets, wasps, roaches, mosquitoes, mouses, rodents, squirrels, bats, silkworms, bed bugs, and many more.

The company has taken care of the safety aspect, so you can use this when there is a pregnant woman or small baby in the house because there are no chemicals, radiation, or traps to bother them. Using this pest repeller is quite easy, as you just need to connect it into a power socket and then, it emits different frequencies to protect your premises. The device covers 1200 square feet of area, but make sure there are no barriers in between such as cabinets or curtains. This is a long-lasting device that can easily last for 3-5 years.

5. Grafken Ultrasonic Electronic Indoor Pest Repeller QSQ2

ultrasonic pest repeller consumer reports

This is another user-friendly pest control repellent that can be connected to a power outlet and starts repelling pests. The device works on ultrasonic frequencies, which are inaudible to humans and pets, hence making the process of repelling the pests safe for all beings except those tiny pests. Using this pest repeller is very easy, as you just need to connect it to an electric outlet, then wait for a blue LED night light. When the light comes on, it means the device is working and you will see your floors, walls, cellars, and attics free from pests.

The silent operation of the pest repeller allows you to use it even in your baby’s room, and if you have a baby monitor installed in the room, then you can track all the activities easily. Coming to the coverage, then the pest repeller covers between 800 and 1200 square feet of area, and one device covers a single room, so if you need to cover multiple rooms, then you will have to buy as many pest repellers.

How To Choose An Ultrasonic Pest Repellent?

As you know, there are many options on the market to scare off pests. We have just seen it above. But since we will only focus on the ultrasonic pest repellent in this statement, it would be interesting to know how to choose a good model. It should be noted that several brands have embarked on the manufacture and marketing of repellents of this type. So, to get a truly effective repellent model, you must take into account a few features. In particular, there is the format of the repeller, its range, and the option of adjusting the frequency.

Format Of The Ultrasonic Repeller

Commercially, you will find ultrasonic pest repellents in various formats. In particular, there are models in the form of sockets, those in a case, there are also repellent bracelets and finally key chains. You will be able to choose their format according to the use you plan. For a model of repellent made for the house, you can in particular opt for the housing or the socket. Indeed, they both require to be continuously connected to the mains while the others are portable.


It is worth remembering that ultrasound is waves. They can spread in the air, in water, through gases, and even some materials. But their effectiveness reduce as the distance becomes larger, so they have a limited range. This range depends on the model of the device. Before buying an ultrasonic repeller, then measure the area of the room. Next, look at the features of the ultrasonic repeller. If the values match, the device is suitable.

Frequency Setting

To scare off a pest with ultrasound, you will need to identify its species and the frequency of the ultrasound that will make it flee. Take the case of female mosquitoes, for example. It is worth knowing that they are the ones who itch. Males do not bite. These female mosquitoes flee when they hear the wingbeats of males. Still, there are more than 300 species in the world, and each at its own beat frequency. It is therefore important that the frequency is modulable.

How To Use An Ultrasonic Pest Repeller?

Using an insecticide to scare away pests for you is an unthinkable thing. These products can cause damage to your health, that of your family, and even that of your pets. So, you were looking for less violent solutions instead. Recently you have heard about ultrasonic repellents. If you have ever tried the smartphone applications that have, by the way, this function, you have surely noticed that they are ineffective. This is explained by the fact that tablets and phones cannot produce ultrasound.

It may be that you get better results with the ultrasonic pest repellent you just bought. But for this, first, you need to learn how to handle it correctly. Since this is a product that emits ultrasound, a few parameters should be taken into account. To help you in this direction, we have left you some tips in the parts below.

Make sure that its battery is well powered: Like any device, ultrasonic pest repellents need electricity to emit ultrasound. After, it all depends on the model you have. Let's take the example of a repellent plug. To make it really effective, connect it to the mains continuously. Indeed, insects may come back if you unplug them after a few hours or a few days. For bracelets, charging is done by cable and for key chains, it is done by batteries.

Respect the surface that it can cover: Before handling your repellent, always remember to read the instructions for use. This will save you from damaging it or wasting time making it work. In addition to these instructions for use, you will also find information about the scope of the repellent in this document. Knowing this parameter is essential to let you know if the room where you planned to place it corresponds to this scope or not. Be sure to comply with the latter so that your repellent is effective.

Pay attention to the furniture: It is worth remembering that we are dealing here with ultrasound. The latter do not pass through the walls and furniture. So, if you want its scope to cover the entire room, avoid putting it behind a curtain, behind an armchair, or a shelf. These are just a few examples, but for this object to really do its job, place it in a barrier-free space. In this direction, install it at least 30 cm from the floor.

To modulate its frequency from time to time: This action is possible only on models of repellers equipped with control for frequency modulation. It is important to change the frequency because not all insects flee at the same frequency level. In addition, if the frequency of ultrasound caused them to leak, and after a while, you do not change it, they may get used to it. They'll come back then. To prevent this from happening, from time to time change this feature of the ultrasound.

Wrapping Up

To safely get rid of the pests, you don’t have to use harmful chemicals or traps because a pest repeller can efficiently scare off the pests. So, buy the best pest repeller from the list of 5 best Ultrasonic pest repeller consumer reports and enjoy living in a pest-free room. You won’t even know that there is a highly capable device working in the vicinity, taking out the unwanted insects from your premises. Get a pest repeller today!

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