The key to delicious grilled food lies in the type of fuel that you use along with the performance of the grill. While the performance of the grill can’t be changed after a grill has been bought, but if it runs on a wood pellet, then you can make changes there in order to improve the taste of the food you grill. If you want to know the best wood pellet for pellet grill, then keep reading this post, as, by the end of it, you will be in a better position to decide as to which wood pellet you should buy.

Reviews Of 3 Best Wood Pellets For Pellet Grill

1. Traeger PEL305 Grills Mesquite 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets

wood pellet for pellet grill

Traeger has proved its mettle in the field of smokers and pellet grills, but there is one more field where the name of Traeger is taken with respect, and i.e., wood pellets. Traeger Mesquite 100% all natural hardwood pellets are the excellent solid fuel that will surely add tonnes of additional flavors to your food.

Highlights Of Traeger Mesquite Hardwood Pellets

  1. Get rich blue smoke to flavor your scrumptious food. If you are familiar with the smoky flavor of hardwood, then you will like using these pellets.
  2. No use of any fillers or binding agents so gets genuine flavors from 100 percent natural hardwood.
  3. It doesn’t matter what you grill, bake, roast, smoke, BBQ or braise, use these wood pellets as fuel to enhance the taste of your food.


  • Get excellent and consistent flavors every time you cook the food using these pellets as fuel.
  • Wood pellets are made of 100% natural hardwood, and no barks or recycled materials, so forget about any foul smell while burning these pellets.
  • Pellets can be used for cooking food in different styles.


  • Pellets may burn too hot and fast at times, so be careful with the quantity you are adding.

2. Traeger Grills Pecan 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets

best wood pellet for pellet grill

If mesquite is not your type of flavor, then you will like the aroma of pecan hardwood pellets. These are similar to hickory but are milder and sweeter than the hickory. You will experience a delicious nutty after-taste as well, which together will excite your taste buds. Traeger’s pecan 100% natural hardwood pellets are well-suited for beef, chicken, and pork, but honestly speaking, you can use to cook anything as it will add its magical flavors to the food to make it more delightful. You can use these pellets alone or mix with other wood flavors, as that is completely your personal choice.

Highlights Of Traeger Pecan 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets

  1. These premium wood pellets only deliver authentic hardwood taste to the food along with an absolute blue smoke to enhance the existing flavors of the food that is being cooked on the grill.
  2. You will get 100% natural hardwood with no binding agents or fillers, so don’t worry about those foul odor or chemical like smell surrounding the grill, as that won’t happen.
  3. These pellets will add a sublime taste to your meals irrespective of the cooking type because these wood pellets work excellently with all cooking types, let it be grill, BBQ, braise, smoke, roast or bake.
  4. Despite a premium level product, the cost of these wood pellets will not burn a hole in your pocket.


  • Get a sweet and mild flavor from your food along with a nutty after-taste.
  • Pellets contain less moisture, thus burn faster
  • The absence of bark, glue and other binding materials ensure a natural and aromatic flavor to the food.


  • Pellets may burn too fast and hot at times as a result of less moisture content, so be attentive while adding the pellets in the chamber, as too many pellets may ruin your food.

3. CookinPellets 40 PM Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets

Best wood pellet grill for pellet grill

One of the more popular wood pellet brands in the market, these have the capability of adding a smoky flavor to your ribs, steaks, briskets or anything that you cook on the smoker.

Highlights Of This Amazing Wood Pellets

  1. No inclusion of any artificial chemicals, so no foul smell to ruin the smoky flavor.
  2. These pellets comprise of a hickory base with a blend of hard maple, apple, and cherry.
  3. The company uses only the best quality heartwood for pellets, so there won’t be any bark or any recycled material that produce more ash.
  4. Suitable for both, long and short cooks.


  • No filler material present in these wood pellets.
  • The capability of working efficiently with all types of smokers and grills.
  • Doesn’t have any distasteful odor.
  • Pellets made from the finest hardwoods.


  • At times, the pellet may burn a bit too fast.

What To Look For In A Wood Pellet To Make A Decision?

With a large assortment of wood pellets available on the market, it could be a tough task zeroing down the most suitable wood pellet for your grilling adventure. So, let us take a look at some key points that you must check while buying a wood pellet.

  • Heat Output: A wood pellet with higher BTU ratings (unit for measuring heat output) is better to buy. The best wood pellets have BTU ratings of around 8,000-8,500 range, but such high ratings can only be achieved when wood pellets are placed in a vacuum, so to be realistic, you can get 7,500-8,000 BTUs.
  • Low Moisture Content: The less the moisture content, the faster the pellet will burn. Using low moisture pellets as fuel will burn a lot quicker than pellets with high moisture content. It is better to use pellets with a moisture content of 6.5 percent and below.
  • Low Ash Content: A good quality wood pellet won’t create much ash. If you see a lot of ash at the end of cooking, then it means that the stove has run less efficiently.
  • No Additives or Bark: Check for the wood pellets without glue, cardboard, bark or any other recycled material, as those would burn hotter and produce less ash.

What Are Advantages Of Wood Pellets?

The sale of wood pellets are on the rise, so there is definitely something special in wood pellets that make people attracted towards these. Let us delve into the advantages of wood pellets

Wood pellets make an eco-friendly solid fuel that is made from compacted sawdust along with related industrial wastes, which produce from milling of lumber.

  • Renewable: Wood pellets have a significant edge over fossil fuels. Wood pellets are produced from renewable materials like sawdust and wood shavings. So, using wood pellets will not just help you get the best-grilled food, but also contribute towards conservation of nature.
  • Sustainable: Grills/smokers don’t come cheap these days, so if you have bought one, then you need to make sure that it stays intact in the long-run. Where the price of fossil fuels are unpredictable and can change with the fluctuations in the global market, the price of wood pellets is much more stable.
  • Cost-Effective: There is a significant difference in the price of wood pellets compared to the price of fossil oil or natural gas. You can save up to 50% by opting for wood pellets as a fuel for your grill. An important factor that makes wood pellet cost-effective is the highly efficient heating devices that were manufactured to support this solid fuel. More than 90% of the energy that is generated by pellet grill is transformed into usable heat.
  • Comfortable: The whole comfortability factor comes from the wood pellet central heating boilers, as those ensure easy operation, high user comfort and cleanliness. Everything happens systematically in a wood pellet grill, and users just need to dispose of the ash that is accumulated in the ash cup, which makes the cleaning process a lot faster.
  • Eco-Friendly: Wood pellets don’t emit harmful Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere in the same quantity as fossil fuel does. If you want me to talk in figures, then wood pellets will emit 95% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere compared to fossil fuel.

Now, after going through all the advantages of wood pellets, you must be wondering as to which are the best wood pellets on the market. So, let us now discuss three wood pellets that are ruling the market all over the world.


After an interesting battle between the top three wood pellets, it is time for you to select the product that you think is right for you. Let me assure that the aforementioned products are the best wood pellet for pellet grill, so the only thing left for you to pick one out of those three, which isn’t that difficult, right! Wood pellets have been used as fuel for centuries, and it is right for me to say that these are the best type of fuel for cooking food because these pellets are 100% natural, have their own unique flavors to add to the food and are eco-friendly. So, I leave it to your wisdom as to which wood pellet you want to go with. Happy Grilling!