If you like to sit at the front porch of your house because you have a beautiful garden and you like enjoying pleasant weather, then you should definitely get an outdoor ceiling fan to enjoy your time sitting at the porch in a much better way. An outdoor ceiling fan will not just add to your comfort, but also improve the aesthetics of the exterior of your house. If you live in an area, where it gets hot during summer, then the natural wind won’t be sufficient to keep you cool. You will have to get an outdoor ceiling fan to ensure that you sit comfortably at the porch. Some outdoor ceiling fans feature a reversible motor, which helps them circulate warm air, thus allowing people to use the fans even during winters. If you are interested in buying such amazing fans, then all you need to do is go through the reviews of the 7 best outdoor ceiling fans consumer reports.

Reviews Of 7 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

1. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF621VNB Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer report

Check out this beautiful looking fan, which has been given ‘wet rated’ by the manufacturers. Thus, it can be used in any weather conditions because water will have no effect on it. However, the fan is intolerant towards salty moisture. If you live near a coastal area, then this is perhaps the best option that you have to install outside your house.

The wicker leaf blades of the fan are weather resistant, so they won’t corrode even after staying in the influence of salt water for a long period of time. A total of five blades are there in the fan, with a blade span of 52 inches, which together move 5255 CFM of air.

Coming to the controls, then the fan comes with a wall switch and pull chain control, so nothing fancy you are getting here. The company offers a 1-year warranty on parts and electronics and a lifetime warranty on the motor, which is another great feature of the unit.

2. Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan, with pull chain control

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer report

Hunter Fan Company is known for its elegant fleet of fans, and the one I’m reviewing sports a traditional design, which will attract many. I’ll give full marks to the looks of this ceiling fan, however, there is a room for improvement in terms of power. Moreover, the fan is ‘damp-rated’, which means it can be used in moist environments, but the performance will not be as great as a ‘wet-rated’ ceiling fan.

The fan sports a reversible motor, which operates quietly and can provide you cool as well as hot air in summers and winters respectively. The air pushing capacity of this fan on high speed is not as high as you may find in other outdoor ceiling fans.

Other features of the fan include variable speeds and wall control. The fan has a blade span of 52 inches and they move 4999 CFM of air. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the motor.

3. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Ceiling Fan with Remote

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer report

If you are looking for something opulent, something that steals the spotlight, then take a look at Monte Carlo Maverick Ceiling Fan, which comes in six incredible finishes, including models with weathered oak blades and hand-carved balsa wood.

You will definitely be awestruck by the beauty of this fan, but that’s not just where the good stuff ends. The fan comprises a DC motor, which works quietly and efficiently. Varying speeds and the ability to reverse the fan’s direction makes users feel that they have got a complete fan with all the necessary features.

The fan is ‘damp-rated’, which means, it can be used in all weather conditions. This high-quality fan comes at a high price as well, but then, if you were specifically looking for something grand, something that reflects your lifestyle, then this is exactly that type of fan.

4. Honeywell Belmar Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer report

A good-looking outdoor ceiling fan with decent cooling power, if you were looking for this combination, then why don’t you check out Honeywell Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan. This fan features large blades to ensure proper air circulation.

The fan’s motor can work in reverse direction as well, thus letting you enjoy cool as well as warm air in summer and winter season respectively. The fan comes with three-speed settings, so it won’t rotate at a single speed.

The motor of this fan is super quiet, so you won’t hear a thing when this fan is circulating air throughout the room. For controlling the fan, you will get pull chains. However, the fan works seamlessly with Honeywell remotes that are made for ceiling fans, but you will have to buy it.

5. Hunter Fan Company 59214 Hunter Ocala Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer report

Ocala ceiling fan comes with a 52-inch blade span and delivers 3,904 CFM of air, which makes it an ideal choice for people having a small porch or were looking for a small-sized fan. The power consumption of the fan is around 46 watts, which means it consumes 84 CFM per watt.

The fan has many interesting features, with one being the inclusion of two 9-watt LED lights, which can easily light up 55-60 sq. ft., of area. The fan has been given a ‘damp’ rating, which means, it is perfect to be used in all types of weather conditions. The only drawback of the unit is that it consumes more power to circulate less air.

6. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii Outdoor Down Rod Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer report

If you live in a city where it gets too hot during summers, then you must buy a solar panel to generate free electricity and at the same time, you should consider buying this outdoor down rod ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze. The unit contains two fan assemblies, which deliver 4450 CFM of air. The length of the ceiling fan is 74 inches. The sturdy wicker blades of the fan look spectacular, thanks to the bronze hardware.

The motor can work in reverse direction, so getting warm air during winters is a feature that you’ll get in this ceiling fan. The only trouble that this fan may cause you is at the time of installation, but that is not a certainty.

7. Harbor Breeze Merrimack Down Rod Mount Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best outdoor ceiling fans consumer report

This is not a fan, but this is an antique piece, which will grab the attention of everyone who takes a look at it. The fan has been given a ‘wet’ rating, but even then, it is suggested to keep the fan in covered outdoors compared to the environments where it directly exposed to the water. The inclusion of a remote helps users program the fan as per their preference. The fan comes with a light fixture, which has a couple of bulbs providing decent light.

The fan features a simple dimmer that you can use to toggle between slow, medium and high speed. A 6-inch down rod is also included with the fan, but if you are not satisfied with the length of the rod, then you can buy a longer one. The operation of the fan is quiet and efficient, thanks to its powerful motor, which works in reverse direction as well. The reversible motor allows you to enjoy cool air during summers and warm air during winters.

Difference Between Outdoor Ceiling Fans And Indoor Ceiling Fans

I too had this question in mind when I was about to buy an outdoor ceiling fan, but then I researched and got the right answer to this question. You can’t install a fan made for indoor use on the outside of your house. You need to buy and install an outdoor ceiling fan because it is designed to operate in harsh environments.

There is an obvious difference in the design and construction of the outdoor ceiling fans, which make them durable. An outdoor ceiling fan is made with ABS plastic with its housing made with steel or galvanized aluminum. To prevent corrosion caused by the presence of moisture, a special coating is done on the components of the fan. Even then, outdoor ceiling fans are given ratings, which decides whether a fan is suitable for a certain type of weather condition or not.  

Points To Keep In Mind When Buying An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Now that you know the difference between an indoor ceiling fan and its outdoor counterpart, let’s discuss the points, which you need to consider when hunting for the most suitable outdoor ceiling fan. 

Damp Rated Vs. Wet Rated

These are the two types of ratings, which you will find on the outdoor ceiling fans, which are; ‘Wet’ or ‘Damp’ rating. What’s the difference between these two ratings? Well, a damp-rated ceiling fan can be installed in wet environments where it rains a lot or the presence of water is higher than normal, but the life of the fan is affected due to it, therefore, it is always recommended to install ‘damp-rated’ fans in covered outdoors. On the other hand, a wet-rated ceiling fan is suitable for any type of weather, as they don’t have any effect of the water.


Ceiling fans come in different sizes, so you need to find a fan that suits your requirements. The rule of thumb is that the larger the size of a fan, the wider will be the reach of air. However, that depends on the placement and clearance of the fan as well.

You need to place the fan a foot away from the ceiling and 7ft away from the floor in order to get proper air circulation. As far as blades of the ceiling fan are concerned, then those need to be at least 2ft away from walls. If these requirements are fulfilled, only then, you can expect a good flow of air reaching you.

Motor Type

The majority of fans come with a standard motor, which allows the blades to rotate in one direction, but you can find some fans that have motors, which let blades move in reverse as well. The standard direction of the blades is for summer when you need cool air downward. However, during winters, when you need warm air, the blades move in reverse direction resulting in the extraction of cold air. Therefore, the cold air moves upward and brings the warm air downward.  Thus, you can limit the use of your mini split by having a ceiling fan with reversible motor.

Material & Color

It is very important for you to discern the material used in the construction of an outdoor ceiling fan because the type of material used is going to determine the resistance level of the fan. An outdoor ceiling fan is made from a wide range of materials like wood, galvanized steel, stainless steel, iron and aluminium.

Whereas, you will also find a huge number of ceiling fans made with plastic, especially ABS plastic. Therefore, if you want to buy something durable, something that lasts for a long time, then stainless steel or aluminum is a good choice. If you want to buy a classic outdoor ceiling fan, then wood can be a great option.

As far as the color of the fan is concerned, you will have to choose the color that you think blends well with the color and design of your porch. Make sure that the ceiling fan fits perfectly with the surroundings. For instance, if you have a rustic porch, then you can’t have a trendy ceiling fan hooked up to the ceiling, as that won’t look good at all. You need to buy a rustic-themed fan or something that looks more traditional.


Almost every outdoor ceiling fan comes with speed settings, but you should check this feature when buying a ceiling fan because, at times, people end up buying the only bad piece from the lot (happens a lot with me). Varying speeds will allow you to sit comfortably under the fan in different weather conditions.

Extra Features

Many manufacturers are adding new features in fans to make them an attractive buy for customers. You will find lights being integrated into the central part of the fan or the inclusion of a remote to control the fan. Look for these features if you have a good budget to play with.

Final Verdict

The market for outdoor ceiling fans is on the rise with many companies competing against each other to get the maximum sales. Consumers like you and me who are benefitting the most out of this fierce competition. Now, I have reviewed seven best outdoor ceiling fans consumer reports in which you have found from affordable fans to luxurious ones. Therefore, the ball is now in your court. Make a decision as to which outdoor ceiling fan suits your house and then, proceed with the purchase.