Traeger is a brand that is on everybody’s mind when talking about the best grill brands that are available on the market. For those who have an immense love for grilling, having a brand like Traeger gives an opportunity to grill food to perfection. There are many different products that have been launched by Traeger since its launch, and all those have fared extremely well.

But, Traeger is getting a tough competition from other brands as well, so one can’t say that it wasn’t an easy road for Traeger to get inside the homes of people as the primary grilling brand. Today, we will be comparing Traeger with five other top brands in order to give you a better picture as to where Traeger stands.

We are going to start with Camp Chef Pellet Grill Vs Traeger, then Louisiana grills, Green Mountain Grill, Pit Boss and Rec Tec Vs Traeger, so if you are planning to buy a grill for your personal grilling venture, then you can go through the comparison that we have laid out for you below.

1. Camp Chef Pellet Grill Vs Traeger

1.1. Cooking Area

Camp Chef: The cooking space of 570 square inches, will give you the freedom of cooking multiple meals at a time. If you are a party animal and always invite people to your house during weekends, then having this smoker will not just fulfill food related requirements, but will help increase your reputation as well.

This SmokePro DLX Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker also has a decent side shelf. Having some extra space to keep a plate full of food or the ingredients that you wish to add into the food that is being smoked or grilled is always good.

Traeger: You are getting a grilling area of 418 square inches, which is sufficient for cooking multiple meals at a time. Although, the cooking area is less in comparison to Camp Chef’s smoker, but it is still good enough to provide food to half a dozen of guests.

Sporting a large grilling area, this smoker will cook more food at once, thus preventing you from getting into embarrassing situations in the parties that you’ve organized.

1.2. Temperature Management & Control

Camp Chef: The company has included a digital temperature reading module in the machine that makes it easier to determine what the exact temperature is.

You can even read the temperature at night. The inclusion of a temperature selection dial allows you to select the right temperature by turning the dial and let the auger supply the right amount of pellets to the hopper. This makes the process a lot simpler.

If you were looking forward to having a probe-style thermometer in the unit, then you will not be disappointed, as there is one given with this product. No need to slice open the food to check if it is cooked or not. Just stick in the thermometer and you’ll be able to know the temperature of your food.

Traeger: This particular model consists of a digital elite controller that gives the smoker an ability to cook evenly with keeping balanced flavors in any type of food, whether hard or soft. Getting a delicious dish depends upon the temperature at which you have cooked that dish.

This grill is so efficient that you don’t have to worry at all regarding the food that you cook. Your food will be cooked perfectly with this digital elite controller.

This machine can smoke, grill, roast, and braise food, thus giving you the best of all the worlds in a single cookware. This ability comes from the fact that this smoker can control the temperature in a much better way than most pellet smokers.

1.3. Technology Used

Camp Chef: A number of advanced technologies have been incorporated into this smoker, such as:

Automatic Auger

Adding pellets manually to get the right temperature has a greater chance of creating errors, so what Camp Chef did is they included a technology in this product that automatically delivers the pellets into the hopper in the right quantity, thus leaving no room for human errors. 

Pellet Purge System

This system ensures that removing unused pellets from the grill becomes an easy task. You can also change pellets part way through a smoking.


Electronic Auto-Start Ignition

The smoker sports a cutting-edge electronic auto-start ignition that makes this device a lot easier to use because you don’t have to look for an ignition source.

1.4. Design & Construction

Camp Chef: This amazing smoker is built using quality materials and looks robust. This smoker was able to mark its presence through its large cooking chamber and a gigantic hopper that is given on the side.

A worktable has also been provided on the side, which I’m sure will make the cooking task a lot easier. For easy maneuvering, the smoker has got a pair of wheels, which easily withstand the weight of the smoker.

Traeger: I really like the construction of this smoker because high-quality steel has been used to build this smoker. To complement the strong machine, the company has provided a strong grill stand that keeps the smoker steady for a long duration.

Despite a strong look, this smoker doesn’t feel heavy, and thus, can be moved from one place to another quite easily. To make movement effortless, the company has provided wheels in the back legs of the smoker. 

1.5. Cleaning

Camp Chef: It is important to buy a smoker that is easy to clean, and if you take this parameter seriously, then you need to buy this smoker because cleaning it is anything but cumbersome. Burning wood will always produce ash, and dealing with it can be quite annoying.

So, to make the lives of its users easier, Camp Chef has attached a cup underneath the burn chamber where all the ash will be collected. Moreover, a small bucket has been included that will collect all the grease that drips during the grilling process.

Traeger: Cleaning Traeger’s smoker is also easy, although it doesn’t have a cup to collect the ash or a bucket where the grease would accumulate, but then, there are porcelain grill grates that will provide you with the most delicious food and can be cleaned in a matter of a few minutes.


Who won and who lost is very hard for us to judge because we are talking about two brands, which have proven their supremacy in their own respective line of work. Where one brand can provide you with a variety of recipes while you travel from one place to another, the second brand can be a good in-house grilling option. It is not possible for us to take a decision because we can’t decide between apples and oranges, can we? So, it is up to your requirements as to which brand you would like to go with.

2. Rec Tec Vs Traeger

The competition between Rec Tec and Traeger is really an exciting one. Both brands are giving one another hard time in terms of build, features, and price, but there is going to be one winner, and we are here to find that out. Let’s judge both brands on certain parameters and find out who got the better of another.

2.1. Build & Construction

Rec Tec is a solid product and the reason for me to say that is the presence of 304 stainless steel. The body is made up of 304 stainless steel, which makes it sturdier than Traeger, which makes use of a lower grade steel and powder coat finish. The body of Rec Tec grills seems heavy duty, which many experts believe it is. So, in terms of durability, I think Rec Tec wins the battle.

2.2. Performance

Rec Tec is quite easy to use and is built to perform excellently in all conditions. You will get the best quality result regardless of the cooking style you choose. You can set the temperatures low, and take as much time as you want to cook a particular food without worrying about the food getting burned. Rec Tec is a very versatile grill, which has also got the ability to provide steady heat throughout the duration of cooking.

On the other hand, Traeger is a lot better than most pellet grills, period. But, when it comes to comparing it with Rec Tec, the brand turns out to be a bit lackluster. With Traeger, you will have to stand near the grill and manage each and everything until you put the food on the plate. Whereas, in Rec Tec, you simply set and forget, as the grill will manage most of the things on its own.

2.3. Heat Control

In outdoor cooking, heat control plays a very crucial role. Messing around with the temperature, even for a few seconds can ruin your what could otherwise be juicy briskets. Rec Tec maintains temperature up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with an increment of around 5 degrees. On the other hand, temperatures in Traeger can also be easily maintained up to 450 degrees with an increase and decrease of 20 degrees. The heat generated in Rec Tec is more compared to Traeger and that too, with a better heat control.

2.4. Hopper Capacity

Hopper capacity is obviously going to be in the discussion when you are planning on smoking for a long period of time. If that’s the case, then I would recommend Rec Tec because of its higher hopper capacity compared to Traeger. Where Traeger holds about 19 lbs of pellets, Rec Tec is going to hold 40 lbs of pellets.

2.5. Weight & Portability

If you are planning to take your grill on a small outdoor trip, then Rec Tec will make you slow, or you won’t be able to carry this grill at all. In this particular aspect, Traeger wins the battle because it is light and portable.

2.6. Ease of Cleaning

Both Traeger and Rec Tec are easy to clean, so both win this battle. No matter what you cook and how messily you cook, your grill will be cleaned within a matter of a few minutes.

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3. Green Mountain Grill vs Traeger

These two brands also need to be discussed because Green Mountain Grill has done extremely well over the past few months. Both brands promise excellent product quality, and it is definitely going to be a tough task selecting a grill between the two brands. But, the following detailed analysis will offer a lot of help, so don’t miss to read it. There are a few parameters on which we compared Green Mountain with Traeger. Here are those;

3.1. Temperature Range

All the grills that you will find from Green Mountain have a digital display, which you can use to check the temperature inside the grill. Also, there are buttons given on the panel of the grill to select the minimum and maximum temperature, which is 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. On the other hand, the temperature range in Traeger is comparatively small, i.e., 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. But, it is easy to watch and adjust temperature, all thanks to the LED display and Digital Elite Controller.

3.2. Design

If looks mean a lot to you, then Traeger is the brand that you should go for. Traeger grills look more elegant, and you will certainly get the feel as if you are using a premium quality product. From the lid to the cooking chamber, everything seems to be so ravishing. But, we couldn’t say the same for Green Mountain Grill. Although the build quality of the grills is great, the combination of silver and black doesn’t seem to create any excitement despite a beautiful looking lid of the grills.

3.3. Performance

Both brands offer a wide temperature range, so it is possible for you to easily go from low-slow setting to a high-fast setting, depending upon what you are cooking. As far as accuracy in the temperature control is concerned, then Green Mountain Grills offer a lot more accuracy along with stable cooking power. Some models also come with a Wi-Fi option, so you can control the appliance via remote control. All you need to do is, download the company’s app and then, you will be able to use the appliance via remote control.

3.4. Cooking Space

If you are looking to get a variety of choice, then Trager is the brand that you should go with. You will get from 300 to 1,300 sq. inches of space, so you can cook multiple pieces of meats at once. The space in Green Mountain Grills will not be as bigger, but it will be restricted to a max 650 sq. inches.

3.5. Portability

If you want your grill to have wheels so as to move it from one place to another easily, then we would like to tell you that both, Traeger as well as GMG offer wheels. But, if you want your grill to have legs, which can increase the height of the grill, then Green Mountain Grills would be a better option for you.

3.6. Warranty & Price

Both companies have products available at the different price range, so you can go check out the official websites of both companies to find out the best grill for your grilling adventure. As far as warranty is concerned, Traeger wins the battle here, as it offers a better warranty than GMG. You can get up to the 3-year warranty on certain products, whereas GMG offers a 2-year warranty.


It is hard to pick up a winner, but according to us, Traeger has an upper hand over GMG. Reason being, the number of models and the affordable pricing that Traeger has in the offing. But, if you want a product that offers convenience and Wi-Fi, then Green Mountain Grill is the brand for you. Finally, it is up to you as to which brand you want to go for. Analyze both brands diligently and then, take a decision. There is one more comparison that we would like to do because without comparing Traeger with Pit Boss, it won’t be possible for us to give a clear picture to you as to which grill brand you should go for.

Pit Boss is another top brand that has done extremely well all across the globe. It won’t be wrong to state that Pit Boss is on the list of top pellet grill brands that are currently available on the market. An Interesting fact about Pit Boss is its manufacturer, which happens to be ‘Dansons’, the same manufacturer that produces Louisiana Pellet Smokers as well. The creation of Pit Boss pellet grills was to compete with Traeger.

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4. Pit Boss Vs Traeger: Who’ll win the battle?

4.1. Temperature

Traeger Grills come with Digital Elite Controller along with LED display, which makes viewing, maintaining and adjusting temperature easier. You can easily control a wide range of temperature, i.e., from 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As far as Pit Boss Grill is concerned, the temperature range extends a bit further, i.e., 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, you get the opportunity to view the temperature through a thermostat, which the company has placed on the lid of its grills. But, the highlighting feature of Pit Boss grills is their ability to automatically start or cool down.

4.2. Versatility

We have discussed six different cooking styles that Traeger has in the offing, which we were thinking an unbeatable number until now, but get ready to be amazed. Pit Boss offers 8 different cooking ways, which is two more than what Traeger has to offer. These cooking ways include smoking, barbequing, baking, searing, roasting, grilling, char-grilling and braising.

4.3. Hopper Size

Although hopper size varies from model to model, you can expect it to be between 7 and 14 pounds. Whereas, Traeger grills are equipped with a bigger hopper with some touching 18 pounds. Along with that, the company has incorporated a system to help collect ash from the pellets easily.

4.4. Cooking Space

This is one of those parameters where it is a lot easier for us to choose a winner. Traeger grills are bigger than Pit Boss grills, so it is obvious that Trager grills will have a larger cooking space. You can get anywhere between 300 to 1,300 sq. inches of cooking space depending upon the model you’ve selected. Meanwhile, the maximum cooking space that you will get in Pit Boss would be around 500 sq. inches. Although, there are some models with a cooking space of more than 500 sq. inches, but those are designed with two-tiered cooking space.

4.5. Grilling Construction

The battle of grilling construction is tilting towards Pit Boss, as it is more elegantly constructed. Grills feature cast iron grates along with a nontoxic cover, which bars food from getting stuck on the grill. This helps easier cleaning of the grill.

4.6. Performance

The performance of a pellet grill can be realized from the fact that how well the food has been cooked. How accurate the temperature is and how easily can the grill be grilled also add to the performance of the grill. One thing that you can rest assured about is, both Traeger and Pit Boss is going to give you excellent results. But, we would still rate Pit Boss a tad above Trager, all thanks to the digital functionalities that are incorporated into the grills. Pit Boss has even gone a step further and introduced flame broiler in its grills, which lets a user adjust the flame for direct or indirect cooking. With this, a user need not have to worry about meat getting burned.

4.7. Pricing

It depends on you as to how much you want to pay for a pellet grill. If the price seems to be the most important parameter for you, then Pit Boss grill will be an ideal choice for you. Grills from this brand are available between $300 and $700. But, if you want to have certain features on your grill and are also ready to pay an extra amount for those, then go for Traeger.


If eight different ways of cooking intrigue you more than anything else, then you should go with Pit Boss. You will get a host of other features as well, which will make cooking food a fun task. However, if you are looking for a larger cooking space and a bigger hopper, then Traeger is the brand made for you. It all depends on what you actually need. So, outline your requirements and then, make a decision.

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5. Louisiana grills vs Traeger

Another brand that competes neck to neck with Traeger is Louisiana Grills. Both brands have some similarities and differences, and we are going to discuss all those. Let us start off by mentioning that both brands make use of wood pellets, not charcoal or propane. The food becomes a lot more flavourful by the use of wood pellets. But, which grill brand stands on top of other will be decided after we discuss a few parameters in detail.

5.1. Ease of Operation

Grills of this brand comes with digital controls that help set precise temperatures between 170 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures can be maintained within +/- 5 for quick and even cook. It is also possible to maintain temperatures even when cooking in winters. You will get an electric ignition, which allows fast start up and cool down times. A mechanism has been made to ensure the flavors of the food remains intact while the excess oil is removed from the food.

On the other hand, Traeger models also feature advanced grilling logic control using which, you can control temperatures between 180 degrees Fahrenheit and 425 degrees Fahrenheit. There are multiple meat probes given in some of the models that help monitor food temperatures. To change the pellet flavors, the company has given pellet hopper. Moreover, loading and unloading of pellets are also easy, thus reducing clean-up time.

5.2. Design & Construction

Louisiana Grills make use of 14 gauge powder coated steel, which will keep the heat within the cooking region and prevent any kind of heat loss. The lid and the body of the grill have been rolled out of the same piece of steel, thus making the product formidable and efficient.

The construction of Trager’s grills comprises of a powder-coated steel, which makes the appliance solid as a rock. The design of Traeger grills is ideal for different types of cooking, as the heat remains well within the cooking area, and thus, reduces the cooking time. Though Traeger grills are large and heavy when compared to grills of different brands, sawhorse designed chassis, the inclusion of a handle and wheels make grills easy to move around.

5.3. Performance

Louisiana Grills provide you with an opportunity to do open-flame grilling in which you can reach the highest temperature of about 600 Degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, cooking becomes a lot easier. As far as Traeger Grills are concerned, you can easily maintain temperatures of +/-15 degrees Fahrenheit due to the presence of grilling logic that is included in the grills. This grilling logic will promote fast and even smoking & searing. But, Traeger has said that the temperature range is available for only ideal weather conditions. Whenever the weather will fluctuate, the temperature range will also change accordingly.

5.4. Stand-Out Features

There are a few features in Louisiana Grills that according to me stole the show, which is; digital control center, adjustable flame broiler, and programmable meat probe. Cooking becomes more of a fun rather than a task when such features are given on the panel. These features ensure that you always get the best quality food on the table. In Traeger’s Grills, we really like the presence of advanced grilling logic offers sharper and more accurate temperature settings. The inclusion of multiple meat probes will allow you to cook two different types of meats easily. The sawhorse design of the grills has been able to give a sleek look to the grills and has also provided a lot more stability to the machines.


If you are about to use the pellet-grill for the first time, then it will be better for you to use Traeger Grill. Whereas, if you want to use a feature-packed machine, then we will advocate for Louisiana Grills because of its amazing in-panel controls.

Final Comments

We really hope that the above-mentioned comparisons help you find the pellet grill of your choice. Go through all the steps that are discussed in the post carefully because after all, it’s about the quality of food that you want to get from a grill, which is at stake.