Do you want to buy an inflatable paddle but do not yet have all the keys in hand to choose the best model? Thanks to our buying guide specially designed to help you in your approach, you will be able to choose serenely and in all conscience the SUP board that suits you. Whether you are a fan of sensational water sports or family outings, you will find your best inflatable paddle in the list of consumer reports inflatable paddle boards. So, go through the reviews and make your selection.

Reviewing 5 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

1. FunWater Stand Up Inflatable Paddle board

consumer reports inflatable paddle boards

This paddle board is perfect for people with any skill level who wants to explore or adventure in the water. The paddle board is made of military-grade double-walled PVC, which is durable and 35% lighter than other products used to make paddle boards. The durability of the paddle board can be determined by the fact that it can accommodate a weight of up to 330lbs. The company has equipped this paddle board with an ergonomic handle that allows quick inflation of the paddle.

A sensitive barometer is also included in the paddle, which lets you read the sup inflation pressure value, which is between 12 and 15 psi. You can fix a variety of objects with this paddle board, thanks to the inclusion of a multifunctional elastic string. Taking this paddle board from one place to another is very easy, thanks to a multipurpose and ultra-large backpack included in the package. The company provides 30-day return assurance along with a 60-day warranty against all manufacturing defects. You will also get a sup pump, adjustable sup paddle, dry bag, backpack, leash, and 3 fins in the package.

2. DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

consumer reports inflatable paddle boards

Have a look at this paddle board, which takes just 10 minutes to inflate and 5 minutes to deflate. It features a grip handle, which along with extra steel D rings to brings extra convenience to carry the paddle board. These rings can be used to connect the paddle board with your friend’s, to travel together. If you have the best kayak, then you can also install a kayak seat on the board using the same rings. The paddle board is made of ultra-light PVC drop-stitch fabric, which is used by the military. The material is extremely durable yet lightweight. The anti-slip soft deck enhances the grip on the paddle board along with ensuring the safety of the person.

The weight of this paddle board is 45% lighter than standard SUP paddles. Despite that, it can easily support weight up to 352 lbs. This paddle board comes with a ‘Sport Camera Bracket Mount’, allowing users to install a sports camera to record adventurous moments. The company provides a wide range of accessories with the paddle board, which consists of an air pressure gauge, removable fin, repair kit, safety ankle leash, large backpack, transparent waterproof cell phone bag, and a 5-liter waterproof bag to keep essential things, such as first aid kit, smartphone, food and solar cell phone charger, etc. You can take this paddle board in freshwater as well as saltwater, which shows how versatile it is. Coming to the warranty, then you will get a 1-year warranty on this product that covers all manufacturing defects.

3. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

consumer reports inflatable paddle boards

SerenLife brings to you an extra-wide paddle board, which makes sure that you never go off the balance in the water. the top deck is made of an anti-slip material, which is very soft. The material provides a great cushion when you slip or fall, preventing any serious injuries to you. The paddle board is equipped with triple bottom panel fins, which allow you to easily steer and handle the stand-up inflatable paddle board.

As a result, you get incredible surf control, as if you’re a sea creature. You can easily carry it from your home to your favorite spot where you want to enjoy paddle boarding. The company provides several accessories with this paddle board, such as an upgraded aluminum paddle, coiled ankle cuff safety leash, manual air pump, and a spacious storage bag.

4. DRIFT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

consumer reports inflatable paddle boards

This is another extremely stable paddle board that enhances your performance as a paddle boarder. You can quickly inflate and deflate this paddle board. It folds down to such a compact size that you can easily store it in a bag. The company provides a premium-quality backpack where you can store the paddle board while traveling to a tropical paradise or a beautiful fishing spot. The paddle board is made from military-grade PVC which makes it durable and extremely lightweight.

Having a store connection of composite drop-stitch fibers makes an indestructible outer skin, thus making the paddle board withstand anything. With this paddle board, you will get a paddle board pump, repair kit, removable fin, coiled leash, and backpack carrying bag. The paddle board comes with an EVA foam deck pad, grab handles, bungee straps, and the company’s signature entry rocker style hull that keeps the nose of the board up against the water level. The paddle board has a capacity of 250lbs. The company provides a 1-year warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

5. Runwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board With Premium SUP Accessories

consumer reports inflatable paddle boards

Ending my list with a highly durable paddle board from Runwave. This is made of high-quality PVC material, which is highly durable and lightweight. The company has used the toughest drop-stitch materials to make an indestructible outer skin. Inflating and deflating this paddle board is easy and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

When not in use, you can quickly roll the paddle board and take it wherever you want. The top deck of the paddle board helps beginners deliver excellent performance. The size of this paddle board allows the user to remain well-balanced and stable even in a standing position. Coming to the accessories, then you will get a high-pressure pump, paddle and repair accessories kit, foot leash, and instruction manual.

Different Types Of Paddle Boards

The general shape of a SUP board also called “shape” has a direct influence on its performance. Therefore, it is important to distinguish the factors to take into account when choosing a paddle and that, depending on your practice. Let's see together the different types of paddle boards.

The Racing Paddle Called “Race”

The “racing sup” is a competition board intended for athletes practicing paddle racing. With a long shape and a pointed nose, this type of board is designed for speed. With a length of 12.6 or 14 inches, the width is restricted to have this ergonomics which allows it to slide and move very easily on the water.

Given its characteristics, the race board is less stable than other types of paddles.

The Surf Paddle

Specially made for surfing, this board is suitable for sailing in extreme conditions. Thanks to its more compact size which allows it to be more maneuverable, this SUP can easily make tight turns and conquer all the waves.

The non-slip mat takes up most of the time 3/4 of the surface of the deck which allows you to have very good support. Smaller, the paddle surf board is less stable on flat water.

The Versatile Paddle Called “All Round”

All-round paddles have a traditional “windsurfing” type hull and are generally between 10 and 11.6 inches long and 29 to 33 inches wide. This type of board is ideal for beginners and anyone who wants to practice in calm water. The versatile SUP board can also be used for paddle yoga and some even use it for fishing.

Thanks to its versatility, it is greatly appreciated because it allows you to switch from one discipline to another. Its greater width allows for more stability and it is also very manoeuvrable. With it, no need to buy a SUP board for each practice, your wallet will be better off.

The Paddle Or Hike Called “Touring”

Perfect for long rides along the water, the paddle touring has beautiful dimensions with a large width and length. These assets allow it to have a very high stability while having an ergonomics allowing it to break the waves with its pointed nose.

This is the model for adventurers who wish to travel long distances and fully enjoy the landscape.

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Paddle Board

Each paddle has its own characteristics. Length, width, thickness, weight... All these factors are taken into account in the performance of your SUP and must be analyzed and chosen with care.

SUP Width

The greater the width of the paddle, the more stable your board will be. You will then have to choose it according to your activity. This is an important criterion because you have to find the right compromise between balance and speed. Indeed, a wide board is stable, while a narrow board is faster.

SUP Length

As a general rule, longer SUPs will cut through the water and therefore go faster than smaller models. The shorter ones, on the other hand, swing a little more on the sides which makes them very manageable. It is more complicated to turn with a large SUP but a smaller one will need more strokes to cover the same distance. The good compromise remains the versatile all-round paddle.


Weight is important if you need to transport your board over long distances. It does not directly influence the buoyancy of the paddle.


The thickness tells you how buoyant the board is. It has a special meaning for inflatable SUPs. As a general rule, if the thickness of an inflatable board is less than 15 cm, the level of buoyancy will not be the most optimal.

Top Deck

Top deck corresponds to the non-slip foam glued to the top of the board. It allows you to have a better grip on your paddle and prevents you from slipping. A cushioned top deck also offers more comfort under the feet and is very useful during long sessions. Depending on your SUP, the top deck is more or less extended. For example, it will be found on almost the entire deck of a surfboard while it will only occupy a small part on a paddle touring. This is because you don't move your feet much while hiking while surfing requires constant movement.

Shape Of The Bow (Nose)

The bow of a board corresponds to the tip of the paddle. We distinguish between two: wide and narrow. A wide nose provides more buoyancy, making it easier to navigate, and its extra volume is also useful if you plan to carry gear.

A narrow, or pointed, nose cuts through the water instead of through it. Race and tour paddles use a pointed bow.

Tail Shape

The tail is the tail of your paddle. Cut or rounded, this detail is important. A more angular and straight shape allows you to take turns with more precision while a rounded shape will allow you to go more gradually and smoothly. This is why surf paddles have a perpendicular tail.

Number Of Fins

The paddles are all equipped with a fin. This part is essential for the stability of the board. Located at the back of the board and constantly underwater, the fin can be fixed or removable. For use in calm water a single fin is sufficient. It is also possible to find SUPs with 3, 4 or even 5 fins. There are often 3 of them on surfboards with a large central fin and two smaller ones on the sides.

Maximum Load

Depending on your body type, you may need to choose a thicker or wider board. The maximum weight is always indicated on the detailed product sheet. Unless you weigh more than 250lbs most SUPs will be suitable for you. For larger sizes, be sure to check this data before any purchase, otherwise you will have less stability during use.


It is not strictly speaking a technical characteristic but the price remains for most people the first criterion for choosing a paddle. It will indeed determine a good number of factors including the range, the brand and the additional options. A SUP board can quickly reach thousands of dollars, but it is worth every dollar because of the fun and excitement it offers.

Final Verdict

The time has come for you to pack your bags and travel to a tropical paradise to have some fun in the water. Don’t forget to take the inflatable paddle board along, as it will make your adventure time a lot more thrilling. Buying an inflatable paddle board becomes more important now that you have read consumer reports inflatable paddle boards. Pick a product from the list of 5 best paddle boards and enjoy your time in water like never before.