Consumer Ratings & Reports Best Tires For SUV Reviews 2023

Driving an SUV is a totally different experience compared to driving a car, the height, the space, and the kind of masculine feel of the SUV add a sense of pride and confidence among the riders. There is no doubt that an SUV is a special vehicle that needs special brakes and special tires with excellent grip both on and off-road. If you have been driving an SUV and looking to buy high-quality tires, then you should check out the consumer reports best tires for SUVs where SUV tires of top brands have been reviewed in detail. The list is followed by a purchase guide that will further help you buy the right tire for your SUV.

Best Tires For SUVs – Detailed Reviews

1. Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT 235/75R15

consumer reports best tires for suv

Goodyear is another world-class tire manufacturing company that creates durable and long-lasting tires. Now, this tire strikes a perfect balance between comfortable highway tires and off-road traction, thus letting you drive with the utmost comfort in any terrain. The tire also features large interlocking tread blocks that help deliver excellently on and off-road durability. The tire works on a majority of SUVs, yet you should check with the company whether your SUV supports this tire or not. If it does, then you will be amazed to see its incredible performance on all terrains.  

2. Hankook Dynapro AT2 RF11 All-Terrain Radial Tire-265/70R16 112T

consumer reports best tires for suv

Everybody knows the name Hankook, it is one of the oldest tire manufacturing companies in the market. The tire in the review is among the most popular SUV tires. It is made of durable rubber, and what makes me say this is that the tread would wear out after 60,000 miles of use, so you can imagine how rugged the tire is. The load capacity of the tire is 2469 lbs, and you can drive off-road with it as well, as it maintains the air pressure to prevent bead separation. You will get an excellent blend of balance and performance, so if you are driving on a well-maintained highway or rough terrain, this tire will support you like no other.

3. Cooper Evolution M/T All-Season 35X12.50R20LT 121Q Tire

consumer reports best tires for suv

You can also consider this all-season tire for Cooper, which is ideal for jeep owners and pickup trucks who are fond to take their vehicles off the road. This tire is going to provide you with great confidence to power through tough terrain, thanks to large tread blocks with alternating mud scoops that deliberately dig into loose sand, dirt, or sticky mud. The tire also features mud slingers that offer additional grip from the deep. The inclusion of wide trenches in the tread continuously clears the mud from the tire. The tread also features stone barriers that add durability whereas the ridges are designed to safeguard the tire against any damage caused by sharp rocks and throw lodged stones. The tire also boasts a trail grip sidewall that allows sufficient power on trail obstacles with climbers that hold onto sticks and rocks, offering a good amount of resistance to rubbing.

4. Starfire Solarus AP All-Season 265/65R18 114T Tire

consumer reports best tires for suv

If you wish to have a long-lasting tire for your SUV, then you can consider Starfire Solarus all-season tire, which is basically an all-terrain tire that allows you to drive your vehicle on smooth highways to rough and uneven roads of the mountains or deserts. The company provides a warranty of up to 50,000 miles on this tire, which shows how reliable it is. The tire is rated for mud and snow, so you can use it in any weather condition. Just make sure to check with the manufacturer for the right size, as there is a variety of tires for SUVs as well.

5. Lexani LX-Thirty 305/30ZR26 109W XL

consumer reports best tires for suv

Ending my list with Lexani LX-30 XL tire, which offers a great balance to your car when driving at high speed, making no compromise in the performance as well. You will feel the comfort because you know that your SUV is running on these durable and dependable tires that are specially designed for SUVs and Crossover vehicles. The tires are made with cutting-edge European-designed technology that will offer a whole new dimension to your driving experience. The tires work incredibly well on both dry and wet roads, offering amazing traction along with superb performance.

How To Choose The Best Your SUV Tire

consumer reports best tires for suv


The tire size is always indicated at least once on the tire sidewall. If you bought a used car and you are not sure if the tires supplied are the correct size, you can consult the owner's manual or an online tire size calculator. Read the markings as follows: The first is a letter representing the type of car (P for SUV and so on). For example, if P215/60R15 is written on the tire, then the P represents the SUV, 215 is the width of the tire in millimeters, 60 is the height, which is calculated as the percentage of the tire’s width followed by the letter ‘R’ for radial layer lines. Then, the number 15 represents the diameter of the wheel.

Tread Design

All-season tires can have three types of tread: unidirectional, symmetrical, and asymmetrical. The symmetrical tread will be more durable because it can be rotated back and forth and side to side without disassembling the wheel. Most vehicles come with all-season tires with a single-direction tread, which is designed to be driven in one direction. However, they require rotation to avoid frequent wear. Asymmetric patterns are very popular in muscle cars or sports cars as they offer better grip at high speeds.

Load Capacity

A tire's load rating measures the number of pounds it can effectively carry. For each brand, size, and model of the tire, the tire manufacturer determines this index. The manufacturer of your vehicle will specify the load index that is suitable for your car. Never buy tires with a load index lower than that recommended by the manufacturer.

Shock Absorption

Riding tires that have little or no elasticity not only hurt ride quality but hastens the need for alignments. Tires that can absorb some of the hardest bumps in the ground will last longer and be a suitable option for all conditions besides racing.


To determine the durability of the tire, you need to take the maintenance requirements and warranty offered by the tire manufacturers. It is important to rotate the tires, but if the tread is even and the quality of the rubber is good, the tire is going to last longer.


The performance and safety of your SUV get affected if you choose cheap tires or worn-out tires. Better handling, shorter stopping distances, and faster acceleration are the advantages of better quality and well-maintained tires.


Different tire manufacturers offer different warranties that cover different defects. Some even guarantee tire durability based on mileage. While this won’t prevent the tires from wearing out, it can certainly reduce the cost of buying new tires. Be sure to keep records of your interview to take advantage of the agreement.

Tips To Maintain For Your SUV Tire

consumer reports best tires for suv

Maintain Correct Tire Pressure

The key to proper tire maintenance is keeping a regular check on the tire pressure. Your owner's manual will tell you the correct pressure for your tires. After driving your SUV for prolonged periods, tires lose pressure and need refilling. Check the pressure of all four tires every fortnight. The best time to do this is in the morning, when the air is cold, as that will help you get accurate readings. Also, keep an eye on the pressure level of the spare tire every month. If you want, you can fill the tires with nitrogen as it stays longer, thus reducing the need of checking the tire pressure from once a week to once in two months.

Check Tire Rotation

A tire rotation will increase your tires' life and make your ride smoother and safer. Rotating your tires regularly will save you money and increase the life of the tires. In FWD SUVs, the front tires will be worn out much faster as compared to rear tires. So, you need to confirm with the tire manufacturer as to when to rotate the tires, and also check if the tires are directional or non-directional. The rotation method varies in both types of tires. In case, you have a spare one, you can replace the existing one with it.

Regularly Inspect Treads

Make sure you know how the tread looks when your tires are new so you can spot wear more easily. If the tread is unevenly worn, be careful as the exposed wire beneath the casing can cause injuries to your hand. Carefully check the edges of the tire as well, as on many occasions the worn treads are lying around the edges, and if there are, then you are using an under-inflated tire. Make sure to use a portable tire inflator to keep the tires properly inflated. If the worn treads are at the center of the tire, then it indicates over-inflation. Worn tires are prone to leaks, punctures, and even blowouts. Tire manufacturing companies are making tires that come with a limit mark that indicates when the tire will be worn out and needs replacement.

Have The Wheels Aligned And Balanced

The tires of your SUV’s wheels are aligned by the suspension, which can get uneven over a period as your drive the SUV on different terrain, some smooth and some very rough, which even contains potholes. By aligning the wheels, all the parts will be readjusted, letting the tires roll parallel to each other while staying at 90-degree to the surface. Whereas in wheel balancing, the tire loses weight and is also uneven on the side, leading to uneven wear. The problem can be reduced by adding a bit of weight. It will also bring longevity to the tire.

Avoid Erratic Behavior

You must avoid sudden and excessive braking to preserve the life of your tires. Sudden acceleration also helps reduce tire wear. The design of regular tires is such that they can’t withstand power slides or burnouts. Even if you experience a vague smell of burnt rubber, then just avoid those maneuvers. They put excessive pressure on the tires, which reduces their life more quickly than expected.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read the consumer reports best tires for SUVs along with a detailed buying guide, you are in a better position to choose the right SUV tire. If you think you are, then you can quickly select the SUV tire as per your SUV and enjoy a safe and smooth ride irrespective of the terrain.