Aging and disability are often synonymous with movement difficulties. The need to invest in suitable equipment is usually imperative. Among the medical equipment for the assistance of such people, there is a product, which can bring undeniable comfort and practicality. This is the lift chair, which is also called relax chair. Ideal for the elderly or disabled, this chair can provide great comfort to the people sitting on it along with many other features. Sitting on the lift chair and raising from it is anything but daunting. This is the reason that it is being used not just by the elderly, sick and disabled, but also by common people like you and me. If you are interested in the lift chair and want to buy one, then kindly go through best lift chair reviews consumer reports comprising of seven amazing products.

Reviews Of 7 Best Lift Chairs

1. Golden Technologies Comforter PR-505 Infinite Position Zero Gravity Lift Chair Recliner

best lift chair reviews consumer report

When you are looking for extra comfort in your chair, then you need to look at something extraordinary, something like the zero gravity lift chair recliner by Golden Technologies. This product is plush and padded heavily to offer the comfort you never have experienced before. There isn’t any gap between the seat of the chair and footrest, and it goes without saying that this lift chair delivers great support to your back and lumbar area.

The chair is equipped with all the features that you need to adjust it to your preference. The chair comes with programmable hand control, which lets you select literally an unlimited combination of back and leg adjustments, something that I really liked a lot in this chair.

As it works as a recliner, you can expect relief from your muscle tension and lower back pain. Coming to the construction of the chair, then it uses premium leather, which doesn’t just give beautiful look to the chair, but makes it durable as well. However, the lift chair is available in two other styles as well, Luxe and Sunbrella Loft, which are equally attractive.

2. Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger Power Lift Chair Recliner

best lift chair reviews consumer report

This is another premium lift chair, which will be liked by people who are looking to have a modern and sleek chair for their living room. This lift chair has a solid wooden frame on which, top quality leather has been stitched, which makes the lift chair beautiful and dependable. This lift chair can quickly get to the positions of your choice, courtesy of the powerful motor.

It can also recline up to 135 degrees, and when you’re in a reclined position, you will see the backrest and footrest automatically adjusting to a position where you can feel the maximum comfort. It comes with remote control using which, you can lift and recline the chair. And, there are cup holders provided on both arms of the chair, where you can place your cup of coffee or any other beverage as you enjoy your time on the lift chair.

3. Pulaski Faux Leather Dual Motor Lift Chair in Badlands Saddle

best lift chair reviews consumer report

Once you start using this chair, you will fall in love with it because it is so beautiful in looks and so easy to use. The combination of beautiful looks and easy operation does wonders. The lift chair sports a versatile style and subtle leather-look covered in Badlands Saddle. This makes the chair a must-needed item for the living room. The chair comes with a wired remote, which has large buttons to allow you to position the foot and back of the recliner as per your requirements.

A side pocket is also present in the chair, where you can keep the remote safely. You will also like the generous amount of padding being done all over the chair for added comfort and support. This is a full chaise recliner, which will help you relieve your back and lumbar pain. In case, the chair gets dirty, then you can easily clean it with mild, water-free cleaning solutions.

4. BONZY Lift Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair 

best lift chair reviews consumer report

When you first look at this lift chair, you will be amazed to see how big the seat of the chair is. Despite having a big seat, the chair has a slim profile, which means, it can easily be placed in the corners of the wall. The company knowing the people’s requirements has added a good amount of cushioning around the back, arm and leg areas. Along with that, you will find the presence of micro-peached upholstery in the chair, which helps clean the chair quickly and easily. The operation of the lift chair can be controlled easily with the remote control, which is also included in the package. A pocket has been given on the right side for storing the remote control safely. This chair supports up to 300 lbs of weight easily. 

5. Mega Motion LC-200 3 Lift Chair Recliner

best lift chair reviews consumer report

Mega Motion is a big American brand, which is known for manufacturing aesthetically appealing and durable lift chair. This chair features a built-in motor, which is powerful, thus helping users adjust the position of the seat to an extent you can’t even imagine. The chair even has a battery backup, just in case, you want to use it during a power outage. The chair wears a 100% soft durable polyester, which looks incredibly well and keeps the chair intact.

The chair comes with storage pockets where you can keep remote control, newspapers, magazines, and whatnot. Overall, a beautiful lift chair, which is ideal for sick, injured and elderly people. As far as the warranty on the product is concerned, then the company offers a 1-year in-home service warranty, lifetime warranty on the lift machinery and a 2-year warranty on parts.

6. ProLounger Lya Cream Renu Leather Lift Chair

best lift chair reviews consumer report

ProLounger lift wall hugger chair will fulfil all your requirements in the most suitable way. It can be kept in the corners of the wall, and you can operate it quite easily, as all the controls are added on the remote control. The chair has a weight carrying capacity of 300 lbs, which covers most people; if not you, then buy a home gym right now, you need it. The company has designed this lift chair keeping in mind what users want to have in the era of social media where they keep posting stuff they like a lot. This is a perfect lift chair for elderly and disabled because of its great support and excellent features.

7. Golden Technologies PR-501M-26D Lift Chair

best lift chair reviews consumer report

Golden Technologies is a blue-chip company when it comes to making lift chairs, which is why we have another product coming from it. Now, this one is an elegant, durable and highly efficient lift chair, which is going to last for a very long time in your house. It features double seam back with extra padding. This has been done to provide great comfort to the back area of the user. The lifting and reclining mechanism of the chair is smooth and noise-free. It is a split chaise recliner, which means, it is excellent for back, leg and arm support. From controlling to cleaning, everything can be done quite easily in this lift chair, so you must definitely consider this chair.

Excellent Tips For Choosing A Lift Chair

Which Lift Chair To Choose?

A lift chair is medical equipment for assisting the person in a situation of loss of autonomy or great fatigue. To make your life easier every day, it provides you with valuable help. It is without any difficulty, that you will be able to sit there and you recover in complete safety with the main concern to avoid the losses of balance and the risks of fall. Electric relax chairs are very efficient. They have been perfectly studied to preserve the autonomy of your seniors, people with reduced mobility or sick living with you or simply relax effectively after a day exhausting work, especially if you opt for a model of relaxing massage chair.

Choosing the best chair for your needs is decisive. Aware of the challenge of this purchase, I have created a complete purchasing guide. I expose you to the essential criteria for a wise choice, the particularities, and advantages of these lift chairs and tips for easy use.

Read it carefully, then you will have all the necessary information to make the right decision to purchase the model of an electric lift chair that will effectively meet your expectations.

Electric Relax Chair: Special Features And Advantages

Electric Lift Chair Vs. Manual Relax Chair

The relax or lift chair is also available in a manual version. Where for an electric lift chair the different functions and positions are electric, they operate manually for a classic chair. In these conditions, it is clear that the electric lift chair, equipped with one or two motors, allows greater autonomy to its user. Indeed, a push of a button or the remote control and your chair is immediately placed in the desired position. The backrest tilts, the footrest activates, and the lift system tilts your chair forward. Without having to exert the least effort you position your chair to relax as you please. All types of "violent" gestures or movements are abolished. No more risk of getting a kidney, losing balance, flailing arms and falls.

Different Positions Of An Electric Lift Chair

At a touch of a button or your remote control, you can choose 3 super comfortable positions: relax or lounge chair, rest with an almost complete lengthening and reliever in which your relax chair gently tilts forward. With so many different positions, you can easily get off without having to rest on your legs or arms.

The Massage Function

For extreme comfort and total relaxation, some relax chairs have a massage function. Your cervical, all your back from the bottom to top, your hips and your legs will be delicately massed for optimal relaxation. What happiness! Your muscular and joint tensions relieved, you will be able to indulge in a little nap.

Tips For Easy Use

Electric Lift Chair And Morphology

For absolute comfort, I suggest that you should choose a relax chair adapted to your body type. You must, therefore, pay particular attention to its dimensions, especially the depth of the seat and the height of the backrest. As for the width of the seat, it must allow you to be comfortably installed without feeling too cramped or lost in the center of your relax chair without being able to rest your elbows on the armrests.

Size Of The Lift Chair And Location

It is also important before you receive your all-mounted relax chair, measure the surface you have to install it. If you don’t measure the area you wish to keep the lift chair at, then you will have to indulge in the nuisance of multiple phone calls related to replacement or refund.

Retractable Footrest

For increased comfort, you need to be careful that it bends enough so you do not have to spread your legs to get up. Your feet should be able to touch the ground and lie flat. Thus, all risks of falls or loss of balance will be avoided.

Presence Of Multiple Storage Pockets

The hanging storage spaces on the sides of your relax armchair allow you to have at your fingertips your favorite magazine, your arrowheads, your water bottle or your phone without forgetting the necessary remote control. You will not need to get up all the way to get what you need. Once comfortably seated in your electric lift chair, you are off to a relaxing afternoon.

Criteria To Remember When Buying A Lift Chair

Number Of Engines

Electric relax chairs are equipped with one or two motors.

Equipped with a single motor, the backrest and the leg rest are operated jointly. Their degree of inclination is therefore dependent.

With two motors, the inclination of these two elements is independent. You can adjust your relaxation position more accurately. Your comfort will win.

Comfort Of The Seat

It depends on its width and depth, but also on the type of upholstery used. It must provide you with sufficient firmness so that a long sitting position does not give you any pain. The average value of the foam density required for prolonged sitting in comfort is estimated at 20 kg/m3. Obviously, foam and filling must be of quality. Keep in mind that you will spend long hours in your easy chair, as for a sofa, it is essential that the seat does not settle or deform after a month. Some lift chairs are also made of high-quality polyurethane foam that returns to its original shape once you have left the chair.

Others have lumbar and cervical supports. It is up to you to consider these features to choose the electric lift chair that best suits your medical needs.

Coating And Color Of The Lift Chair

Different coatings are offered: leather, imitation leather, microfibres, velvet, etc. Each type of coating has its particularities in terms of comfort and ease of maintenance. Opt for the one that fits your taste and maintenance constraints (machine wash covers, simple sponge or special leather treatment). Anyway, always favor the quality of the coating. It will ensure the longevity of your lift chair.


Lift chairs are recommended by doctors to people who have trouble sitting on a normal chair, However, with the passage of time, new technologies have developed and incorporated into the lift chairs, which you must have read about in the best lift chair reviews consumer reports. If you have made up your mind as to which lift chair to buy, then you can go ahead and buy the lift chair of your choice.