An embroidery machine at home makes your life simple. It is quite normal to experience ripped seams in your favorite clothes, or the clothes, which you have taken out of your wardrobe for an upcoming event. Therefore, in such situations, an embroidery machine will be a very handy product because it will quickly stitch the unraveling seam. However, buying an embroidery machine is not an easy task, as a number of factors need to be considered when buying such a machine. If you don’t have time and knowledge for identifying the right embroidery machine, then just check out the best embroidery machine reviews consumer reports, which consists of detailed analysis of five top embroidery machines. These reviews will give you a better idea as to which machine you should buy.

Reviews Of 5 Best Embroidery Machines

1. Brother Sewing Machine SE600

best embroidery machine reviews consumer report

Brother SE600 is one of the best sewing and embroidery machine combos available on the market. This unit features a 3.7-inch color touchscreen display, which allows you to check all the functions of the sewing machine easily. The machine is so easy to use that even your kids can learn sewing and embroidery on it.

This is a perfect sewing and embroidery machine for day-to-day stitching work, but when it comes to professional embroidery, this machine may lack the necessary performance. However, the unit features a number of advanced embroidery features like different thread colors, moving of the designs around the screen and the ability to create arcs or letters.

You can also add your self-created embroidery designs into the machine using a USB flash drive, as the unit sports a USB port. You will also find more than 100 stitches that come with auto-sized buttons in this machine. Overall, it is an ideal machine for novices as well as experts because both can adjust the machine as per their requirements.

2. Brother PE800 Sewing Machine 

best embroidery machine reviews consumer report

This is another sewing machine by Brother, and it comes with a 5x7” field for embroidery, which is larger than most models. Just like the previous model, this one too comes with an LCD touchscreen that allows you to adjust the settings, see your designs and change thread colors seamlessly.

The machine is packed with 138 designs, which means, you don’t have to look for designs on the internet, as you can easily go through the designs on the sewing machine itself. Along with 138 designs, you will see 11 embroider fonts in the sewing machine, which include English (7 fonts), Japanese (3 fonts) and Cyrillic (1 font).

The machine also allows you to import your own designs, courtesy of the built-in USB port. The machine will store your design, as it has a built-in memory as well. With this machine, you will get an embroidery hoop and foot, four bobbins and spool caps, a needle set, and cleaning set, three screwdrivers and a dust cover.

3. Brother Sewing Embroidery Machine SE1900

best embroidery machine reviews consumer report

Did I say Brother sewing machines are good? If not, then let me say it now. Brother sewing and embroidery machines are not good, but in fact, they are great, which is why I have a third straight product on my list from Brother. This model also comes with an LCD touchscreen and has a huge number of built-in designs to get started with your embroidery venture. This is a combo machine, which means, it can handle both sewing and embroidery projects efficiently.

The machine incorporates over 240 built-in stitches, fonts, and monograms. Moreover, the machine has 10 different styles of 1-step buttonholes, just in case, you are tasked with adding buttons to your clothes. Just like previous two models, you can save your own designs into the machine. With this machine, you can even stitch the best bedsheets of your bedroom. The large embroidery field of 5x7” allows you to create bigger designs without frequent re-hooping. Moreover, you can edit individual thread colors in the machine as well.

The machine comes with an advanced feed system that offers a seamless fabric feeding for simple sewing projects. With the inclusion of eight versatile pressers such as zipper, zigzag, overcasting, monogramming, buttonhole, button stitch, button fitting, and embroidery, you get a lot of versatility in terms of adding beautiful designs and patterns to your clothes. There are many other features included in the machine such as built-in LED light to work in low-light conditions, automatic needle threader and drop-feed feature for free-motion quilting and sewing.

4. Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

best embroidery machine reviews consumer report

Janome is a reputed brand that makes efficient and durable embroidery machines. The embroidery size of this machine is 7.9x7.9”, which is the maximum on this list. The machine features an extra-wide table to help you work on a large working area. You will get around 160 embroidery designs in this machine for you to try. Along with that, there are six different fonts, which can be used for monogramming. Just like previously reviewed embroidery machines, you will get a USB port in this machine, using which, you can import and save your own embroidery designs.

The speed of this embroidery machine is incredibly fast, i.e., 860 stitches per minute. The unit is packed with plenty of useful features such as adjustable speed, flexible stitch traveling, adjustable hoop positioning, and auto-return after thread break. You will be surprised to know that this embroidery machine can be used to create designs on flannel sheets as well. Other things that you will find in this machine is colored LCD touchscreen, which you can use to edit designs using various functions. Overall, it is a very capable embroidery machine, which you will like using on a regular basis.

5. SINGER Legacy SE300 Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine

best embroidery machine reviews consumer report

SINGER Legacy SE300 is the last embroidery machine, but it is definitely not the least. This machine is packed with many amazing features, which will come handy when you begin to sew or embroider clothes. If you are a creative person, then this embroidery machine will give your creativity large wings so that you can create new designs.

The product incorporates 200 designs of embroidery, which you can go through just in case you aren’t able to find any in the magazines or on the internet. Then, there are six different letter fonts, which can be used for monogramming. To help you with the creation of designs, an LCD touchscreen has been installed on the machine. The company has provided software with this machine, which you will have to download in case you are looking to get more designs and ideas for your embroidery projects.

How To Choose The Best Embroidery Machine?

There are many machines dedicated to sewing and embroidery work, but a normal sewing machine is the most preferred choice among the users. However, in addition to your sewing machine, you may want to invest in an embroidery machine to create patterns to infinity. However, which embroidery machine to choose? At first glance, choosing an embroidery machine may seem confusing given the wide range of models and features available to you especially when you start.

The embroidery machine is undoubtedly the ideal companion for fashion designers and tailors who wish to fully customize their creations with beautiful patterns and lettering. To achieve quality embroidery, the purchase of an embroiderer is essential but represents a significant investment. To help you find the most suitable embroidery machine for your needs, I have included all the essential information in this purchasing guide that you ned to know in order to purchase the best embroidery machines.

Embroidery Machine Alone Or Sewing And Embroidery Machine

The first difficulty is to understand the main differences between the various types of machines on the market - sewing machine, embroidery machine (embroidery machine) or sewing machine AND embroidery machine (combined machine) - but above all to clearly define your needs and your expectations. To make small daily adjustments or simple assembly work, it will be more advisable to point you to a sewing machine. It will have the advantage of being less expensive and will be largely suitable for your use.

When you already have a mechanical or electronic sewing machine or only want to embroider, you will certainly get better value by buying only an embroiderer. You can switch from one machine to another to sew and embroider simultaneously. However, if the embroidery is long to achieve, it will still monitor, change the wire colors or fill the bobbin. The embroidery machines perform their tasks faster and you can also embroider on caps or hats, they are the only ones to do.

For creative work mixing both stitching and embroidery, the sewing and embroidery machine is a much better choice when you do not own either, or when you want to replace or even sell your old machine to sew. The combined machines are more versatile, more economical, require less space and can be easily transported from one place to another.

Of course, you will not be able to sew and embroider at the same time, but given the attention an embroidery requires, the majority of tailors prefer to focus on one task. These machines offer more features than a conventional sewing machine and a larger workspace, which is very valuable, especially for quilting. The only downside is that in case of failure, you are deprived of both functions.

Size Of The Embroidery Surface

Each embroidery machine model has a predefined embroidery surface. This area is the largest embroidery size that the machine can make at one time. The larger your area, the easier it will be to create large, seamless structures. The embroidery field differs according to each model. However, when the embroidery surface is restricted, it is still possible to create large works using a small embroidery frame but this will require more manipulation on your part.

Display On The Machine

The LCD screens available on embroidery machines can vary radically from model to model. Some screens are tiny, in black and white, while others offer large, high-definition color displays. The larger and more detailed the display, the easier it will be to use the pattern editing functions from the embroidery machine without having to open the software on your computer. To be able to see the actual image of the color drawing that you are going to embroider is an important feature to have in the embroidery machine.

Embroidery Editing Software

Embroidery machines are usually sold with a number of embroidery designs embedded in the machine. Nevertheless, you will probably, one day or another, want a little more freedom and creativity in the choice of your reasons. Embroidery software allows you to customize, edit, combine or even create your own designs directly from your computer.

The choice and the cost of embroidery software is an element not to neglect since it represents a real investment in addition to the machine. Embroidery software is broadly divided into two categories. On the one hand, you will find software that will allow you to rework already existing patterns by resizing them, rotating them or turning them vertically and horizontally. All embroidery software programs are not designed the same way and neither are they going to work in the same manner, so check the software that comes along with the embroidery machine, and if it suits you, only then shortlist the product.

Embroidery Frames

The embroidery frames allow to stretch and hold in place the fabric on which you want to embroider a pattern. The number of frames provided, their shapes and sizes differ depending on each model of the embroidery machine. Although some manufacturers provide several additional frames with their models, these accessories can be purchased separately according to your needs. Although they are quite expensive, know that it is not necessarily necessary to have the largest embroidery frames to achieve great work. Indeed, you will always have the opportunity to create a large pattern with a small frame. This will simply take more time to divide your reasons into parts.

USB Port And Storage Capabilities

When you create your own designs or download new ones on the internet, you will need a connection to transfer them to your machine. You will not be limited to the drawing library provided with your machine. Some machines make it easier than others by offering a USB port to import additional patterns by simply connecting a USB key. Other models need to be connected directly to a computer to transfer the patterns.

Price Of The Machine

The price of embroidery machines varies a lot, as a feature-packed machine will have a higher price compared to an entry-level machine. Therefore, you need to outline the features that you want to have in your embroidery machine and then, begin your search. This way, you will find the most suitable machine, which will have the features of your choice and the price that is well within your budget.

Concluding Remarks

An embroidery machine is a great way to enhance your creativity and to give your dull clothes an exciting touch. Moreover, an embroidery machine is very useful in times when you are about to leave for an urgent meeting and you encounter a ripped seam in your shirt or pant. You can quickly stitch the unraveled seam and get on with your work. But, for that, you need to buy the best embroidery machine, which you can after going through embroidery machine reviews consumer reports consisting of five top products that are available on the market right now.

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