Regardless of how hot or cold the weather is we all want to stay in a room where the temperature is favorable and comfortable for us. While there are many technologies available to make that happen for us, but the one I’m sharing today is arguably the best way of keeping the room to a comfortable temperature. Mini Split systems, have you ever heard about them? If not, then you will be amazed to know how flexible, efficient and economical they are when it comes to maintaining a conducive atmosphere in the room. With an ability to cool and heat as per the requirements, you will not have to run after other machines. Just install the indoor unit and outdoor unit, and with that, you are all set to enjoy a comfortable temperature irrespective of the weather outside. These are noiseless, oil-free and uncomplicated machines, which are worth every penny. To find out the best among these products, you need to go through mini split reviews consumer reports given below.

Reviews Of 5 Best Mini Splits

1. Pioneer Ductless Mini Split AC System

mini split reviews consumer report

When everything is combined in a single package, then that’s what I call a ‘GREAT DEAL’. This mini split system from Pioneer is a perfect blend of quality, comfort, efficiency, and longevity. A powerful machine, Pioneer Multi-Split System is built to deliver to its promises in the best possible way. The system is divided into two parts, an indoor and outdoor unit, and along with that, you will get a remote controller and a useful kit as well in which, all the installation accessories will be present.

This system has a heating and cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU per hour, which is at par with any other top-quality mini split system. As this is a ductless mini split system, you won’t hear much noise while your room is getting heated up or cooled down. Simply put, you have to look at this mini-split system when scouring the market.

2. Innova Ductless Mini-Split AC System

mini split reviews consumer report

If you are looking for a mini split system that is compact in size and significantly quiet, then you can consider this incredible Mini Split AC system by Innova. The indoor unit of this system has a refreshingly new design, which gets a lot better with an LED display that becomes hidden when the unit is off.

Having a capacity of 12,000 BTU, this mini-split system becomes perfect for home use. This system doesn’t just cool and heats the system, but it dehumidifies the room environment as well, a function that is not present in many mini-split systems at the same price range. This product is equipped with ‘Inverter Technology’, which enables the mini-split system to change the compressor speed without consuming much power.

You will get a 16ft copper line set in the package for improved functionality of the system. The package also includes a hanging bracket, remote control, and its holder to make it easier for you to use the system. Considering this model for your home won’t just save you a lot of your hard-earned money, but a highly reliable product as well.

3. Senville Mini Split AC & Heat Pump System

mini split reviews consumer report

This mini split system promises fast and efficient heating and cooling of your home without burning a hole in your pocket. The system is packed with ‘Inverter Technology’, which offers a flawless way of controlling the temperature in your home. The operation of this machine can be defined in two words, which are; silent and powerful, so you can expect your room to get cooler or hotter quicker than most mini-split systems and that too, without making much noise.

The power of this mini split unit comes from the coveted GMCC Toshiba compressor, which is known for delivering high-quality cooling and heating. The system comprises of a condenser as well, which is installed outside. You will get a programmable remote control along with the product through which you will be able to control the temperature of the unit precisely.

The company has also provided an installation kit with the unit that comprises a 16ft copper line set, which will improve the functionality of the unit. You can easily install this unit in bedrooms, living rooms, garages, and commercial outlets. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the parts of the product. If you want a fast and reliable mini split for your home, then this is definitely an option worth considering.

4. Pioneer Multi-Split Inverter System- Ductless

mini split reviews consumer report

Pioneer is strictly going as per its name ‘Pioneer’ because the products manufactured by the company excels in every aspect convincingly. In this Trio (3 zones) mini-split system, the company has used cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional performance to the customers. The unit has a maximum heat capacity of 32,860 BTU/hour and that of cooling is 30,600 BTU/hour.

The machine comprises of two units, indoor unit, and outdoor unit. You will get three indoor units, with each sporting an elegant front panel with LED display that dims with the intensity of light in the room. It also incorporates a multispeed fan motor and air filters. To control the unit, you get a remote control, which sports a large LCD backlit display to help you control each indoor unit quite easily.

This mini split system allows you to have a decentralized and independent zone control so that you can have a different climate in different rooms. No other mini split system offers such a versatility like this one from Pioneer. Cleaning of the indoor unit consists of taking out the air filters and washing it with soap and water. As far as the operation of the system goes, then that is as quiet as you’ll see, which is why it is one of the most recommended products on the market right now.

5. Air-Con Mini Split AC System

mini split reviews consumer report

Air-Con is also known for manufacturing some of the most reliable mini split air-conditioner systems in the world. The one I’m discussing here is no different because it incorporates a GMCC Toshiba Compressor, a bright LED display, 2-way draining connection, 7 indoor fan speeds and corrugated filter screen. Features like auto-restart, auto-cleaning, and auto-defrost also

The system consists of an indoor unit, outdoor unit, wireless remote control, 15ft communication wire, and installation & operation manuals. What makes this unit outstanding from the rest is its compact design and noise-free operation, which is also light on your pocket. The inclusion of a feature like ‘Comfortable Sleep Mode’ and ‘Inverter Technology’ allows you to operate the unit without making any noise and steady temperature respectively. Maintaining this unit is anything but tedious and expensive, plus the company offers a 5-year warranty on the parts just in case a few wear out.

What Is a Mini Split System?

Despite the fact that we have discussed five best mini split systems, many people still don’t know about certain terms such as ‘Mini’, ‘Split’ and ‘Ductless’. These terms are widely used during the reviews of each product, so let’s discern as to what each term means.

  • Mini: The term ‘Mini’ in a mini-split system is basically the condenser or condensing unit that is installed outside the house. This condensing unit is smaller than a standard split system in terms of size and capacity but serves the purpose properly for which it was installed in the first place.
  • Split: The term ‘Split’ means that the system comprises an indoor unit called air handler or evaporator and an outdoor unit called condensing unit. It should not be confused with the system where air handler and heat source are amalgamated into a single cabinet. A single mini-split condenser is capable of working with eight air handlers in different rooms. Evaporators are installed on the floor, wall or ceiling depending upon the size of the evaporators. The large ones for the floor, medium for walls and small for the ceiling.
  • Ductless: This term is basically used because you don’t need to make any ducts while installing mini-split systems. The heat generated by the condenser is carried out to the evaporator with the help of a refrigerant at the time when the system is used for heating. The exact opposite process takes place when the system is set to cool the room. This is carried out through separate lines that are installed through the roof or wall depending upon where the system is installed. For commercial projects, roofs are preferred whereas, for residences, lines are carried out through walls. A power line goes in between those two lines. When the system is used as an air conditioner and dehumidifier, a drain line goes through from the evaporator to the drain condensation that is present outside the house.

Crucial Aspects To Check & Compare Prior To Buying A Mini-Split System

With hundreds of mini-split systems put on the display on the markets all around the world, zeroing in on the best product is not going to be easy. To make it easy, you need to compare the following parameters.


The performance in a mini-split system can be determined from the BTUs. To give you a better idea about this, just consider a room with 250 square feet of space. To cool it up, you need a system with a capacity of 6,000 BTUs per hour. Also, take the location of the room into consideration because if the room receives more sunlight than any other room, then you need a more powerful system for it.


This parameter also varies with the size of the systems. If you buy a small mini-split system, then the voltage consumed by it would be 120 volts, and for that of a large mini-split system would be 240 volts. Also, take the overall home’s voltage into the consideration as that must match with this system.

Energy Efficient

The initial cost of the mini-split system is something that you don’t have much to negotiate on, but you can certainly save a lot on the recurring energy bills by opting for an energy efficient product. Ductless mini split AC systems, for example, are energy star certified, so you can opt for those.


A mini split system is an expensive product, costing you a few hundred dollars, so you will not want to invest in an unreliable product that needs repairs and replacements after a few years. So, buy a branded product in which the company offers multiple years of warranty as well.

Additional Features

If a mini split system comes with remote control, its holder, hanging bracket and a programmable timer, then that will add to your convenience big time.

Final Verdict

Now that you are fully aware of mini-split systems inside out, the only thing left for you is to take a decision as to which brand you are interested in going with. I have done my best to provide you with information regarding the most popular and efficient products available on the market through my unbiased mini split reviews consumer reports. The sooner you buy the product, the better it is because then, you will be able to change the climate of your room to suit your comfort.