When it is hot outside, an air conditioner is the best bet to cool yourself down. No matter, how many cold drinks you slurp to cool yourself, there is no better way to cool down your body than to sit in front of an air conditioner. Where a fixed air conditioner is bulky and remains fixed to the spot where you install it, a portable air conditioner offers a great flexibility in that context. You can easily move ‘portable air conditioner’ from one room to another without putting in much effort.

Moreover, these are sleek looking devices, which won’t consume much space in the room. On the contrary, a portable air conditioner will perfectly blend in with the aesthetics of your room. Therefore, if you are convinced with the advantages of a portable air conditioner, then let me just tell you that buying the best portable air conditioner reviews consumer reports is not easy, so I’ve handpicked five portable air conditioners, which I believe are being used by the majority of the existing customers.

Reviews Of 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners

1. Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner With Dehumidifier & Fan

Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

Despite its simple looks, this portable air conditioner is powerful and will cool down a room of 500 square feet area within a few minutes. With this portable air conditioner setup in your house, you don’t have to swelter in the heat. The hot and humid air turns into dry and cool in no time, thanks to 14,000 BTUs output.

You just need to make sure that you operate this portable air conditioner as per the instruction manual that comes along with the unit in order to get the desired cooling. You will be amazed at the amount of moisture absorbed by the unit every day, which is roughly 100 pints. If on a certain day, you don’t feel like turning on the air conditioner mode, then you can simply turn on the fan mode to enjoy the normal air.

In this air conditioner, you will see a patented ‘Auto-Draining Technology’ that converts the moisture picked up the unit into the cool air. Overall, it is a machine worth considering, which is why I put it on my list.

2. Black & Decker Portable Air Conditioner - Best Portable AC Units

Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

In the US, everybody knows what ‘Black and Decker’ is and how amazing products they make. Their products had set benchmarks in the country as to how quality products should look and behave, so there are lesser brands who could compete with Black & Decker. The portable air conditioner that I’m talking is no different, as it is highly efficient and built to last. Having an output of 5,000 BTUs, you will get a decent cooling from this unit. Moreover, operating this portable air conditioner is extremely easy.

What stands apart in this portable air conditioner is its vertical ventilation system, which is something that you will not find in other portable air conditioners. The airflow gets a whole lot better with that vertical setting and the areas that you were specifically looking to cool are cooled at a much lesser time. The competitive price of the unit makes this product more attractive to consumers.

3. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier & Fan

Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

Honeywell is known for manufacturing some of the best portable air conditioners and air purifiers in the world. This 10,000 BTU air conditioner with dehumidifier and fan sports a sleek and elegant look. However, don’t you underestimate this device because, despite its minimalist design, it cools in a powerful manner.

Setting up the unit is as easy as it gets, and once installed, the air conditioner works superbly well even in the hottest of the environments. A room of about 350 square feet can be easily cooled down with this portable air conditioner. The main highlight of this portable air conditioner is its ability to be moved from one place to another without any effort.

Easily transform your hot and humid room into a cool and relaxed place where you will feel like dozing off. The operation of the unit is easy as there is no drainage tank for you to empty. The portable air conditioner comprises of a dehumidifier, which will suck 70 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours, which is nothing but incredible.

4. LG Portable Air Conditioner with LCD Remote Control

Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

LG manufactures a gamut of electronic products and they all are efficient and reliable. This portable air conditioner also fits into that category of products, as it is highly capable of cooling an area of around 300 square feet. You can use it for larger rooms as well, as it will not disappoint you, but will take more time to cool the area. The operating voltage of the device is 115V with 7,000 BTU output. The unit consists of a dehumidifier, which soaks up moisture from the air at a rate of 1.2 pints per hour. This is a portable machine, which you can easily shift from one room to another depending upon where you need the cooling.

5. Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

Frigidaire is a renowned brand when it comes to refrigerators, and banking on its popularity, the company started manufacturing portable air conditioners, which also became extremely popular with the consumers. This portable air conditioner pushes the envelope with its adept units. Where all other AC units require to throw out the hot air created by the motor, this portable air conditioner from Frigidaire doesn’t need any such thing.

Hence, you can place this air conditioner in the middle of the room and activate the fan settings or if you want, you can pull the hose over to the window in order to enjoy cool, refreshing air. The portable air conditioner consists of a Wi-Fi control function as well, which allows you to manage the unit remotely. I really liked the 360-degree airflow feature of the unit, which is not available in too many portable air conditioners. Whether I talk about setting up the unit or moving it from one place to another, everything is extremely easy.

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Before you finalize this amazing cooling device, you must know how do they work or else, you will find yourself in a precarious situation if anything wrong happens to your portable air conditioner. The working of a portable air conditioner is premised upon two parts, i.e., refrigerants and coils, which absorb the heat and pump it out of the system. The heat in your room blows over the cooling coils, which is absorbed by the refrigerant, which then, transforms from liquid to gas in order to soak up more heat.

In your portable air conditioner, the concentrated heat of the room stays where it is until the unit throws it out of the window using forced air. This complicated procedure stays hidden as you are busy enjoying the cool air that is flowing through the front passage of the machine. All the heat captured in a coil, which stays outside of the house. 

What Features To Consider When Buying A Portable Air Conditioner?

There is always a risk in buying a product when you are not sure what features to look for, so in order to make a wise decision, make sure to check the following features.


When buying a portable air conditioner, it needs to be ‘PORTABLE’, i.e., easy to move from one place to another. The size and length of the unit need to be not that much or else, you won’t be able to maneuver it that easily.

BTU Capacity

BTU Stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’, which is basically a measurement of how much heat is required to increase the temperature of 1 lb of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. However, in the case of air conditioner, BTU capacity will decide how much heat the AC can remove in an hour. The higher the BTU level, the more will be the removal of heat from the room.

Single Hose Vs. Double Hose

Which hose you require depends upon how hot your city is. If the temperature gets above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, then single-hose models will do the job nicely.

Drain Pump

A drain pump will perform a crucial job when it is extremely humid outside, i.e., <90% humidity. With that, the water reservoir will fill up and you will have to drain it after every hour or so. If you have a drain pump, then the water can be drained effortlessly.


With so many factors to weigh, I don’t want to influence your decision by recommending any product of the five best portable air conditioner reviews consumer reports. The best I could do is sharing the five best products, so it’s time for you to select the portable air conditioner, which you think would suit the area you reside in and the room where you will be mostly using the air conditioner. Just go through the reviews once again in order to be sure of the product because these things are not bought every day, so make an informed decision.

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