Going out every day just to dispose of the trash is a total waste of time. If you have been dumping inorganic waste of your house a few miles away from your house for years, then it’s time to change that. You need to invest in a product like a trash compactor, which can save you the legwork of disposing of waste at a place far away from your house.

A trash compactor is a machine, which is known for reducing the size of the waste significantly. A trash compactor is known for reducing all kinds of waste, which includes paper as well. If you have been using a paper shredder, but you want to make the paper recyclable, then a trash compactor will be of great use for you. If you want to find out the best trash compactor, then you better check out five best trash compactor reviews consumer reports.

Reviews Of 5 Best Trash Compactors

1. Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor

trash compactor reviews consumer report

Using a trash compactor needs should be anything but complicated because this is one thing, which will be used on a daily basis, so the easier it is to use, the better it is for you. Household Essentials Trash Krusher Manual Trash Compactor is an easy-to-use unit, which is made from fingerprint resistant stainless steel. Then, there is a soft-touch foot pedal that allows you to easily open the compactor, no matter how many times you open it. The trash compactor comes with a locking mechanism, which keeps the lid open for as long as you’re putting the trash into it.

Then, there is a bag-lock feature, which ensures that the bag doesn’t slip down when you put something in it. With the ability to hold up to 13 gallons of trash, you won’t find a better unit than this. The company is selling this compacter in two versions, 30-liter and 40-liter version, so you can choose the model according to your requirements. In case, anything goes wrong in the product, then you can get in touch with the company, as it offers a 10-year warranty on it.

2. Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor

trash compactor reviews consumer report

Just like its name, this trash compactor works like a ‘Gladiator’, so you can get rid of the trash in the most comprehensive way with the help of this trash compactor. This is a 1 cubic foot trash compactor, which is equipped with 1/3 HP motor that gives you the opportunity to quickly compress your trash no matter where you are. If you want to keep your premises clean, then the best vacuum cleaner won’t be good enough, you need the best trash compactor as well, which Gladiator GACP15XXMG is.

The powerful motor produces a force of 2.200 lbs per square inch, which lets you compress the waste or recyclables into 1/4th of their original volume. You don’t have to touch the compactor with your hands, as you have a touch-toe drawer for the same. Then, there is an automatic anti-jam feature, which makes it easier to work with a large amount of trash. Overall, an excellent trash compactor, which can be great for reducing the waste materials to a quarter of their size.

3. Krushr TCK012 Trash Compactor

trash compactor reviews consumer report

Get this trash compactor if you want to ‘hypercrush’ the plastic and cards without putting in much effort. You need to emphasize the word ‘Hypercrush’ because it signifies more power and better performance of the product. The trash compactor features unique combinations, which allow it to function in different ways. As a result, it is able to address different regimes set by the Municipal Corporation.

With the ability to dispose of all types of waste materials like cans, paper, food packaging waste, recyclable plastics and many more, you can’t get a better product than this. With an average compaction ratio of more than 85%, it is hard to find a product with as many features as Krushr TCK012. Other features of the product include 5.5 cubic feet capacity, quiet operation that consumes less power and 2-year warranty that the company offers on all manufacturing defects.

4. Krushr K018 Recycling Trash Compactor

trash compactor reviews consumer report

This is another top product by Krushr, and it imbibes all the features that you will find in its sibling that I’ve reviewed above. The product is capable of reducing all kinds of waste such as food packaging waste, recyclable plastics, bottles, food cans, bottles and many more.

This is a highly efficient unit, which works on the principle of reduction of the waste but without consuming much energy. I really like the fact that this trash compactor works as a one-stop solution for different kinds of wastes, thus making your life a lot more sorted. You will be able to reduce world-class plastics, food packaging waste and other kinds of elements, courtesy of its ‘Hypercrush’ mechanism.

The waste will be reduced by up to 85%, which is a big thing, to say the least. The inclusion of customized bags helps keep the compactor clean. Plus, a provision is made by the company that allows you to have a customized door as well, so, you can make use of this feature to have the compactor’s door designed according to your comfort level.

5. Krushr K015 Recycling Trash Compactor

trash compactor reviews consumer report

The last product on the list is again from Krushr, so you know what to expect from this particular model. Krushr K015 is an excellent unit to help you dispose of all the recyclable plastics, cans, food tins, bottles, paper, food packaging waste and other kinds of waste materials at a single place. With the waste being segregated in one place, you can opt for easy recycling of it afterward.

Coming to the technology that is incorporated into the unit, then you will find a unique compaction mechanism in this product, which allows the storage of different kinds of waste at once. Just like its siblings, this model too is equipped with ‘Hypercrush’ feature, which efficiently compresses plastics and cards. With so many features and power-packed performance, you’d think that this unit consumes a lot of power, but that is not the case. Another feature of the unit includes full under-counter integration.

How To Choose The Best Trash Compactor?

The Capacity

Getting a waste compactor means reducing the frequency of emptying garbage cans. Therefore, getting a model whose width is between 30 and 38 cm is ideal. The height of its side must reach a maximum of 89 cm. And with regard to depth, it is recommended to opt for a model turning around 60 cm.

Type Of Compactor

There are two main categories of compactors on the market: under counter waste compactors and stand-alone compactors. Those, which are autonomous, have a cover. This allows the user to easily increase the counter surface. It is also possible to find stand-alone and built-in models under the counter.

Compression force

Before choosing a compactor or a bin with a compactor, you must find out what is its compressive force. The compression force is determined by the number of bags, which are compacted for emptying. Household waste compactors have an average of between 4 and 6 per emptying. However, you can find a model with a higher ratio, but it will usually be much heavier. Therefore, it's up to you. If the compactor you are looking for has to compress cans and glasses, you have to buy a more powerful and more resistant model.

Green Or Not

It is true that presses reduce waste by almost 80%. However, do all the models on the market use trash bags? Not all. Therefore, if you want to make your operation more ecological, opting for a model that you can use with biodegradable compaction bags is the best option. Above all, note that not all waste compactors are able to shred everything. Other kitchen compactor bins are only limited to crumbling bones, food debris.

Waste compactors are devices that facilitate waste reduction for perfect storage and a healthier environment. There are a wide variety of models with specifications that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is up to you to determine your needs and requirements to make the right choice. Don't forget to check the noise dampening system, the anti-lock device, and the tilt sensors.

Sum Up

As environmental pollution continues to grow, it is the right time to invest in a trash compactor. Despite their resemblance to the normal trash bins, trash compactors are capable of handling large volumes of waste and compacting it in the most suitable way.

If you are interested in buying a trash compactor but don’t know where to look for, then five best trash compactor reviews consumer reports will guide you in the right direction. On top of that, if you want to know the necessary parameters for choosing the right trash compactor, then you can go through the buying guide that follows the reviews. All information that you need with regards to the trash compactor has been provided in the post, so just pay attention to it and make your final decision consequently.

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