If you like creating new designs on your clothes, then you should have a reliable serger machine. While a sewing machine can also do the job, but then, it has certain limitations as well such as one bobbing and one thread to sew clothing. Whereas in a serger, you will get 3-5 bobbins, which are attached with 3-4 different threads. If you want to do more than just repairing clothes, let’s say, create unique and intricate designs, then you should get yourself a serger machine, which you can only get after you go through serger reviews consumer reports consisting of 10 best products that the market has to offer. Scroll down to the next section to check the reviews and pick the product you think suits your needs in the best way.

Reviews Of 10 Best Sergers Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Brother Serger1034D Heavy-Duty Metal Frame Overlock Machine (Most Durable)

best serger reviews consumer report

A perfect overlock machine for delivering professional edge finishing on different types of fabrics. You will be able to create decorative edges, ruffles, spaghetti straps, serge narrow sleeves, join laces and much more. In this machine, you will get 22 built-in stitch functions along with 3 and 4 thread overlock, ribbon lock stitches, rolled hem and many other exclusive stitch functions for crafts, home décor, heirloom, formal and bridal wear, etc.

This machine tick marks all the boxes for a professional serger, as you get differential fabric feed with even stitch quality on stretchy, knitted and thin fabrics. Coming to the warranty on the product, then you get a 25-year limited warranty, which is just brilliant.

2. SINGER ProFinish 14CG754 2-3-4 Thread Serger (Comes With Most Accessories)

best serger reviews consumer report

This serger is one of the most professional units you will come across in the market. It offers a wide selection of stitch options for a variety of projects, and you will get top quality results every time. The sewing machine allows you to adjust the length and width of the stitch, which along with color-coded lay-in threading and differential feed make it a highly versatile machine.

You will also get a free arm with the machine for sewing cuffs and sleeves. Boasting a speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, with automatic fabric trimming, you can expect quick completion of your sewing projects. You can easily convert to the rolled hem sewing mode in this sewing machine, which by the way has 4 built-in rolled hems. Just pull the lever to move the stitch finger to the right position for rolled hemming.

With the machine, you will get a wide range of accessories such as foot control, tweezers, all-purpose foot, spreader, needle set, power cord, small screwdriver and instructional manual with a stitch guide. The warranty period on this sewing machine varies from part to part, with sewing machine head comes with a 25-year warranty, whereas, bulbs, rings, belts, and attachments have 90-day warranty period and for motor, switches, wiring, light assembly, electronic components, and speed control have 2-year warranty.

3. Juki 1-Needle 3-Thread Overlock Machine MO-623 (Smoothest Transition)

best serger reviews consumer report

If you have undertaken multiple sewing projects in which you are supposed to change needle plate to sew the rolled hem, then you need a product like Juki MO-623, which doesn’t let you remove the needle plate. Another great thing about this machine is its simplicity, so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional sewer, you will have no problem using this machine. You can easily construct precise and strong seams, thanks to the seam gauge that is included in the sewing machine.

Another useful feature of the machine is the presence of color-coded threading guides and adjustable stitch length, which lets you serge like a pro in a matter of minutes. You can cut and sew multiple types of fabrics with this serger, and that too with extreme precision, thanks to a dedicated drive knife system. The company provides a 2-year and 5-year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts respectively.

4. Janome 8002D Serger (Best For Beginners)

best serger reviews consumer report

While this serger machine looks like any other serger machine, but when you begin to use it, you will find that it is very easy to use, especially its threading technique. The machine comes with various kinds of stitches that allow you to work on different kinds of projects. The machine allows you to get highly accurate 3-4 thread stitches along with an exceptional finishing for any project you carry out. Once you are done stitching, you can use the best clothes steamer to get rid of all the wrinkles.

The presence of a built-in rolled hem prevents from changing the plate. Just push a switch to use the rolled hem feature. The sewing machine is packed with color-coded threading technology, which along with electronic foot and presser foot lifter make using this serger a breeze. With the machine, you will get a few accessories like needles, screwdriver, and tweezers.

5. Brother Coverstitch Serger 2340CV (Easiest Sewing Machine)

best serger reviews consumer report

A lightweight sewing machine, Brother Coverstitch Serger 2340CV is all you need for carrying out different sewing projects. With a stitching rate of 1,000 stitches per minute, you can easily complete your task in the quickest possible time. You can easily get the hems right, provided you can control the front and rear feed dogs, which you can by using the slider level adjustment guide.

Another thing about the product that will suit beginners is the color-coded threading guide, which makes looping and needling easy. The machine incorporates a special presser foot, which easily snaps back into its position after use. The product has a couple of drawbacks as well, such as you need to roll up the fabric each time you begin a new project, small harp space and the absence of a free arm-major buzzkill.

6. Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger & Cover Hem (Best For Domestic And Commercial Use)

Juki manufactures game serger machines, and this is no exception. It is capable of 5-thread serging, which when combines with 24 stitch patterns and 3 cover hem types allows you to create complex sewing patterns in a much easier way. The three cover hem types in the machine include 2-Needle Narrow, 2-Needle Wide and 3-Needle, which allow you to create decorative thread work. The serger machine delivers perfectly finished clothes with an excellent rolled hem, which allows them to last longer because of the protective edges of the fabric.

This serger machine is perhaps easiest to use, thanks to the color-coded threading guide, looper threading, and upper and lower knife. The machine can handle all types of fabrics from ultra-lightweight fabrics to most difficult-to-feed materials. You can easily create a cover stitch and chain stitch with this serger. The company has taken care of the safety aspect as well, as it added a micro safety switch to prevent accidents while using the serger machine.

7. Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro (Most Portable Machine)

best serger reviews consumer report

Get this unit if you want to buy a machine that can be used for both home as well as industrial projects. Deemed as a heavy-duty unit, it will have no issues working on tough fabrics such as denim, but it works best on thinner fabrics because the chances of damages to the fabrics are lesser. The inclusion of three needles allows you to create overstitch, cover stitch, and chain stitch.

This machine also assures you of smooth and consistent stitches, thanks to its quality manufacturing and plenty of amazing features. The inclusion of free arm along with large harp space allows hemming sleeves and pant legs a lot easier. If you are buying a machine specifically for cover stitch, then Janome 1000CPX Cover Pro is what you should buy.

8. Necchi S34 Serger (For Professional Results)

Buy this serger if you want to seam, cut and finish in one-step with professional results. With the ability to stitch at the speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, you will finish garments and seams in the quickest possible time. The serger comes with 3 and 4 thread stitch options that let you choose the correct setting for your project.

You can serge without cutting the fabrics, thanks to the easily retractable upper knife. The inclusion of color-coded guides makes threading a lot easier. You can quickly change from serging to rolled hemming. So if you want to adjust the length and width to create various types of rolled hems, then that can be easily done.

9. Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine (Best For Industrial Purpose)

best serger reviews consumer report

If your motive is to get a top-notch serger machine, and budget isn’t an issue for you, then go for Juki MCS-1500. While it can handle any sewing projects, but the unit is primarily used for cover stitch and chain stitch. This is a must-have machine for a professional dressmaker. Coming with 3 needles, the serger machine lets you create a 3-thread cover stitch or 4-thread chain stitch. While chain stitch is ideal for stitching pant waists and side seams, the cover stitch is perfect for sleeve cuffs, simple hems, and necklines.

With a stitching speed of 1350 stitches per minute, this is one of the fastest serger machines on the list. Despite being a highly advanced machine, it is quite easy to use, as you can easily thread it and use the loopers, thanks to color-coded guides. The differential feed can also be adjusted to sew professional finishes despite the type of fabric you are using. The company offers a 90-day adjustment warranty on manufacturing defects, a 2-year warranty on electrical parts and a 5-year warranty on mechanical parts.

10. Bernette B42 Funlock Serger Machine (Editor's Choice)

best serger reviews consumer report

Ending my list on a higher note with Bernette B42 Serger Machine, which is probably the best cover stitch machine available on the market. The machine makes use of 3-thread and 4-thread for sewing. You will be able to make flawless hems and edges with the help of this product. You can thread needles and looper in less than a minute. Sporting a clear LED light, the sewing machine lets you work on your project during night, thus ensuring that the project gets completed on time.

Deemed as a versatile machine, you will be able to use it to sew beautiful attires, round & flat hemming, T-shirts and fix elastic hems. With a stitching speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, you can get your task finished in the quickest possible time. While everything is so good about the product, but there is one drawback, i.e., the absence of a free arm.


If you are serious about sewing, then you have to buy the best serger machine. I can’t suggest you a better place to look for the best serger than the aforementioned reviews because the list includes 10 of the most spectacular serger reviews consumer reports. You will find serger machines of different brands and with different features, but that’s how you identify the best product. If you have already identified the serger of your choice, then go a step ahead and buy it.

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