When you become a parent, it is often difficult to find a way to entertain a baby, especially when you start to tire a little, isn't it? What if I told you that there is a type of accessory specially designed to occupy baby and this, in a completely safe way. This accessory is the baby jumper! In addition to entertaining him/her, the baby jumper effectively contributes to learning the market. But, what do you really know about the baby jumper? And, what is it for concretely? To know everything about the baby jumper, I invite you to read the rest of this article. To buy one for your baby, you can check out consumer reports baby jumpers reviews in the next section.

Reviews Of 5 Best Baby Jumpers

1. Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper 60441449

consumer reports baby jumpers

Evenflo has unveiled an excellent door jumper for babies that help them develop their core muscles along with entertaining them to the fullest. This jumper has so many benefits, yet it won’t take up too much floor space. You can easily attach it to most interior doorways with molding and if you wish to move it from one room to another, you can easily do so. The company has included adjustable straps in the jumper so that you can customize its height according to your child.

The jumper is easy to set up and is very portable, which makes it an ideal unit for day trips or vacations. Cleaning this jumper is also easy, as you just need to wipe the dirty fabric with a damp cloth or throw it into your washing machine. The jumper fits standard doorways having a thickness between 3 and 6 inches with firmly affixed door trim that is at least ½-inch wide. The spring incorporated into this jumper is fully enclosed to prevent any injury to your baby’s fingers and prevent dirt from accumulating in the spring.

2. Jolly Jumper 108 Stand For Jumpers And Rockers

consumer reports baby jumpers

With this amazing baby jumper from Jolly Jumper, you can help your baby develop motor skills, which means, he/she will start developing rhythm, coordination along with improving balance and strengthening muscles. You can use this jumper indoors as well as outdoors, which shows how versatile the unit actually is. Setting up this baby jumper is very easy, as you don’t need any tools for the same. It comes with a portable stand that folds flat for easy storage.

The company has taken care of the safety aspect as well, which is why you will see a uniquely designed saddle seat in the jumper, which offers firm support to the baby’s spine, making sure he/she is in the correct, upright position during exercise. The jumper can accommodate the maximum weight of 28lbs or 13kg. Overall, a perfect product for babies who like to bounce and have fun, and parents who like to see their babies bounce up and down.

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo ‎K6070

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Fisher-Price is not only known for amazing baby swings but baby jumpers as well. Check out this baby jumper, which comes with alluring lights, music, and sounds that come off with every jump made by your baby. This baby jumper allows 360 degrees of play, which includes rattle lizard, bat-at monkey, peek-a-boo tiger, and more. With 3 adjustable height positions, this jumper will grow with your baby.

The jumper boasts a durable frame and is very easy to set up since it doesn’t require any doorway. Moreover, the spring incorporated into the jumper is encased in a fabric cover to prevent any injury to the fingers of your little one. A soft and comfortable seat pad makes the whole experience a lot more satisfying for your baby. The seat pad is washer and dryer safe.

4. Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper ‎10504-1

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Have a look at this activity jumper from Baby Einstein, which will make your baby jump on the music. The theme of this baby jumper is based on music, which is very engaging and entertaining. You can easily adjust the height of the baby jumper in 4 levels, which means, the jumper grows with your baby.

The jumper features a 360-degree rotating seat, which is connected to music. You will also like the inclusion of a removable toy station, which allows you to remove the toys that your baby wants to play with without getting onto the jumper. You can easily wipe down any stain on the jumper with a damp cloth and mild soap. To wipe anything off the baby’s skin, you must only use the best baby wipes.

5. Jolly Jumper 104 The Original Baby Exerciser

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Ending my list with another incredible baby jumper and exerciser from Jolly Jumper. It boasts a durable frame construction, which is scientifically designed for use with suitable doorframes. What makes this baby jumper unique is its ability to provide complete freedom of movement along with easy, natural breathing. Your baby is going to build balance, strength, and coordination on this jumper.

You can buy this jumper for your baby who is 3 months of age and he/she will continue to use it until he/she starts walking. Before letting your baby use the jumper, make sure he/she can hold his/her head up with neck support. The jumper can support a maximum weight of 28lbs or 13kgs. You can use install the jumper on a wall that is around 6 inches thick with frame moldings having a flat top surface of at least ½-inch. You will get a door clamp in the package. 

What Is The Baby Jumper For?

The baby jumper allows the child to get used to a new position, other than those on the back and the stomach. Your baby can thus develop a more “usual” view of what surrounds him/her. It is a particularly useful accessory in that it gives parents a bit of a break. They now have more time to devote to other activities without having to worry about their baby. Studies have shown that the baby jumper promotes endurance in the muscles of the neck, which will help your baby to support his/her head in a much better way.

The baby's head doesn’t rest on any surface on a baby jumper, which can help in remedying the problems of flattening the skull. With that said, the baby jumper should be used wisely. Know that the child also needs to lie on his/her stomach to develop the muscles of the trunk. It is also important to let it evolve naturally in its environment to promote normal motor development.

Types Of Baby Jumper

It is possible to find different models of baby jumpers on the market. However, the principle of operation of all these models remains the same. The child will sit on a seat attached to elastic straps. There are two main types of baby jumpers. If they start from the same principle, only a few options allow them to be differentiated:

The suspended baby jumper: These suspended models, which are fixed in height, generally at the level of a door. Of a fairly simple design, they are used less and less because it is generally difficult to find the ideal location for them at home.

The fixed baby jumpers: These baby jumpers fixed or on feet can be installed anywhere. These are usually provided with toys so that the child can have fun in another way if he/she is tired of hopping. To date, these are the most popular models.

Why Buy A Baby Jumper?

By its structure, the baby jumper allows the child to work on his/her motor skills in anticipation of learning to walk. Kept upright, he/she gradually gets used to a new position, and thus, be able to stand easily by hopping on his/her feet or even moving around without risk. It is undoubtedly the ideal object to occupy and amuse your child at the same time. The jumper will also make your baby spend a substantial dose of energy, without tiring him/her too much, to prepare him/her for more restful and calmer nights.

The baby will have more self-confidence and will be more independent. The baby jumper has undeniable advantages in addition to considerations on motor skills and the sense of balance. Over time, you will notice that your baby will gain independence. And, this will be felt both in the baby’s movements and in his/her behavior in general. The device also greatly facilitates learning to walk.

In addition, the current trend of manufacturers is towards the marketing of a range of baby jumpers that are more practical and less bulky. Usually, the use of a baby jumper is limited to the age of six months, which nevertheless leaves a fairly good margin of use. Indeed, it is at this age that the baby aspires to explore his/her environment.

At an older age, your baby runs the risk of falling from the seat if the baby stretches too far to grab an object for example. Since the baby is also stronger, he/she is more likely to push backward out of the seat, which could end up injuring him/her. Around six months, the child learns to stand alone in the sitting position. As a result, there is no need for this seat to support the baby since the muscles of his/her trunk are strong enough for him/her to hold this position.

Final Verdict

A baby jumper is what you should buy if you want to keep your baby entertained and help him/her develop different skills. Now that you have read the reviews of consumer reports baby jumpers along with buying guide, you can easily identify the best product for your baby that suits your budget as well. Place an order to get the most durable baby jumper for your little one.