Clean and safe water is not a luxury, but a basic human necessity, and I feel pity for people who are deprived of it. Being an American, it gives me immense pleasure to share that I don’t have too many problems when it comes to getting water for daily consumption. On most occasions, we all receive safe and clean water, but at times the quality is not up to the mark. To ensure the best quality water at all times, we install the best water filter at homes. Those who lack the budget to have a water filter opt for water filter pitchers or dispensers, which are equipped with water filters. If you too are interested in such products, then check out the assortment of ZeroWater products, ranging from pitchers to jugs and dispensers. You will definitely be able to find the product of your choice after going through the best Zero Water reviews consumer reports consisting of 10 incredible products.

Reviews Of 10 Best Zero Waters

1. ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

One of the most incredible water filter pitchers, you can be assured of cleaner and fresher water with this product. This water filter pitcher promises peerless performance along with great affordability. You can even keep the water filter pitcher in the refrigerator to get cold water during summer months, courtesy of the NSF certification. The pitcher features a 5-filtration system, which efficiently removes up to 99.6% of unwanted elements from the water, such as mercury, chromium, lead, chlorine and chloramines, etc. The unit features a TDS meter, which comes with a digital reading to alert you about the time to change the filter. With the inclusion of one-handed spout, you can easily fill any cup, glass or drinking container without breaking a sweat.

2. ZeroWater 12 Cup Pitcher with Filter Travel Tumbler

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

With this water filter pitcher and tumbler, you can enjoy clean and safe water whenever you like. This is a 12-cup ready-pour pitcher, which comes with two pitcher filters along with a 26-ounce tumbler, which is also equipped with a filter and straw. The unit also features a water quality meter, which lets you know about the quality of water that you put inside the pitcher. Just like other ZeroWater filters and pitchers, this one too sports a 5-stage filtration system, which makes use of Ion Exchange Technology to lower the contaminants count in the water to bring cleaner, safer and better-tasting water. The filters included in the pitcher work for a long time, and once they are rendered useless, they can be easily replaced as well. With the ability to remove lead and chromium, you will be assured of 100% safe drinking water each time.

3. ZeroWater MAIN-50479 12-Cup Ready-Pour Pitcher

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

Get this ‘Ready-Pour’ Pitcher if you want to enjoy large volumes of fresh, clean and safe water on the go. With the capacity of holding up to 10 cups of water with 2 cups in reserve, you don’t have to worry about finding drinking water when you are in the middle of nowhere. The water pitcher is also equipped with a 5-stage filtration system, which promises 100% safe drinking water. The company has added an ‘Ion Exchange’ filter in the product, which will efficiently treat 25-40 gallons of water under typical levels. The inclusion of a one-handed pull spout makes filling the bottle a lot easier.

4. ZeroWater ZBD-040-1 40 Cup Ready-Pour Glass Dispenser

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

Check out this water dispenser, which is capable of holding 40 cups, sufficient to quench the thirst of many people at a time. The large dispenser is equipped with a highly efficient filter, which lasts for around 40-50 gallons. The unit has been designed from high-quality glass and chrome, which gives a stunning look and adds aesthetic value to where you decide to keep it. The filtered water then flows out of the tap, which easily adjusts regular-sized glasses, but if you want to fill a large glass, then you’ll have to place it on a stand. As far as the filtration goes, then it features a 5-stage filtration process to purify the water in the reservoir where around 99.6% of dissolved solids and other contaminants are removed. Elements such as Chlorine, Chromium, and Lead, etc., are obliterated from the water.

5. ZeroWater 23-Cup Pitcher with Replacement Filters

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

This is a 23-cup pitcher, so you can expect it to provide clean and safe drinking water for you and other members of your family. The water filter pitcher is capable of removing 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other contaminants in the water. With the capability of removing hard metals like lead and chromium in the water, you don’t have to worry about getting another water filter system for your house. The inclusion of a one-handed push to the dispensing spout makes it easier to fill a cup or bottle. Other features of the product include a 5-stage filtration system, Ion Exchange Technology and water-testing meter. You will also be informed by the unit as to when to change the filter, which shows the company has put a lot of thought into making their products including this one.

6. ZeroWater ZR-0810-4, 10 Cup Round Water Filter Pitcher

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

If you are living all alone and in a small house with less water consumption, then ZeroWater ZR-0810-4 Water Filter Pitcher is a perfect option for you. This compact unit is ideal to be placed on the countertop or refrigerator shelf. Equipped with 5-stage filtration, you can expect this water filter pitcher to remove up to 99.6% TDS (total dissolved solids) and other contaminants from the water. The company is providing a water quality meter with this product so that you don’t have to worry about the quality of water ever again. The product is NSF-certified, which is a testimony to its quality and safety. The build quality of the pitcher is great, as the ergonomically designed grip handle makes it easier for you to hold the unit. Although it has been created with plastic, you don’t have to worry about chemicals being dissolved into the water because the company has used BPA-free plastic in the manufacturing of the unit.

7. ZeroWater ZJ-003/J-20 Water Cooler Water Filter Bottle

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

After going through previous ZeroWater product reviews, can you expect any different in this one? ZeroWater ZJ-003/J-20 is also packed with the same features that you would get in other water filter pitchers and dispensers. In this, you will get two-patented 5-stage Ion Exchange Filters, which get rid of all totally dissolved solids (TDS) along with other contaminants. The inclusion of a 5-Stage filtration system brings you clean, safe and better-tasting water. The product is also capable of reducing the presence of lead, chromium and other heavy metals in the water, and has got NSF certification for the same.

8. ZeroWater 7 Cup Water Filter Jug

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

Just like its siblings, this one too is equipped with ‘Ready-Pour Technology’, which continuously filters the water that is being poured into the reservoir. With a 7-cup capacity, you don’t have to buy water bottles when you need it urgently. The jug is available in a variety of colors such as blue, white & blue, white & blue clear and blue-white with lid. Coming from the family of ZeroWater, the jug is also meant to provide you with cleaner and purer tasting water. Along with the jug, you will get a water quality meter in the package as well through which you can know the quality of water easily.

9. ZeroWater 30 Cup Dispenser with Free TDS Meter

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

If you are looking for a beautiful and efficient dispenser for your house, then check out this 30-cup dispenser from ZeroWater. The ability to hold up to 30 cups of water prevents you from filling the reservoir every time you fill a glass with water. Needless to mention, but this dispenser too comes with a 5-stage filtration system, which ensures clean, safe and better-tasting water. The company has moved from carbon-based technology, which is inferior to ‘Ion Exchange Technology’ that this product is equipped with.

The new technology helps remove all the contaminants from the water. The inclusion of a water quality meter enables you to check the quality of water, whether it is safe for consumption or not. Another feature that you will find in the product is the presence of TDS meter, which makes you aware of the total dissolved solids present in the water and remove them.

10. ZeroWater 11 Cup Stainless Steel Water Filter Pitcher with Free Water Quality Meter

Best Zero Water reviews consumer report

The last product on the list is ZeroWater 11-Cup Water Filter Pitcher, which is capable of filtering 11 cups of water, thus making it an ideal product for individual use. Being a medium-sized unit, you can easily place it in your refrigerator or at the countertop of your kitchen and adore its stainless steel finish. The company has added the sprout at the bottom of the pitcher, which allows you to fill glasses easily, as you don’t have to lift the pitcher every single time.

Other features of the product include 5-stage filtration system for 100% clean and safe drinking water, TDS filter for removing dissolved solids, Ion Exchange Technology for getting rid of lead, chromium and other heavy metals and water quality meter for determining the quality of water to help you decide whether or not to change the cartridge. Overall, a highly capable product that will provide you with better tasting water.


Now that you have the entire list of the best Zero Water products, it is up to you to make the decision whether you want to go for a water filter pitcher, jug or dispenser. Moreover, you will also have to decide on the number of cups the pitcher or dispenser is able to provide you on a daily basis because the price of the product will be based on its water filtration capabilities. However, one thing that the best Zero Water reviews consumer reports has done for you is putting you in a situation where you can make a decision in a quick time.