A bath towel is an essential product to wipe the body after taking a shower, a bath, a swim in the swimming pool or at the beach. In order to make the best selection and limit the loss of money in the acquisition of products with low quality, do not hesitate to go around my product reviews and buying guide. In order to attract a large number of people, new bath towels are distinguished by their superb looks and innovative features. In recent years, the purchase of bath towels has risen significantly. As a result, a new generation of towels is emerging with a particular look, original features, and optimum performance. If you have a hot water tub or a rain shower head from which hot water pours down, then you have got everything sorted except a soft and comfortable towel to wipe out that water away from your body after a soothing bath. For that, you can go through the reviews of eight best bath towels consumer reports and pick the one that you like the most.

Reviews Of 8 Best Bath Towels

1. AmazonBasics 6-Piece Fade-Resistant Bath Towel Set

best bath towels consumer report

We have one more product coming from the house of AmazonBasics, and this one is a set of 6 towels, which include 2 bath towels, 2 washcloths, and 2 hand towels. All six towels are made of 100% cotton, so there is nothing to worry in terms of quality and longevity. The towels are lightweight and absorb moisture as quickly as any other premium towel.

The company has designed the towels with simple, yet trendy pique border, plus the color of this towel will not fade away with time. The product meets OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Factory Setting, which tells a lot about its quality and authenticity.

2. White Classic Circlet Egyptian Cotton Bathroom Towel

best bath towels consumer report

White Classic is another top company, which manufactures some of the softest and most durable towels. White Classic Circlet bathroom towel is made of 100% Egyptian cotton, which will make you feel as if you are in a 5-star hotel, taking a shower in a suite. For a spa-like experience, you must definitely get this bath towel.

With each towel spun from fluffy, lightweight and soft cotton, you can expect them to be extra absorbent and long-lasting. Some even claim that Egyptian cotton is better than Turkish cotton when it comes to touch, feel and usage. These towels are dryer safe and dry quickly as well, so you can just put them into the washing machine, wash and then tumble dry them. The company is so confident in its products that they offer a 2-year warranty on these towels.

3. Pinzon Organic Cotton Bath Towel 

best bath towels consumer report

Pinzon is also in the competition for the best bath towels, and the company has many excellent towels up for sale. The one I’m reviewing is a towel set, which consists of 4 extremely soft towels. The plush, softness and comfortability of the towels have got the official stamp by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) as well.

Surprisingly, these thick, heavy and excellent absorbent towels are coming from India, so there is no doubt upon the quality of cotton because India is among the largest producers of top quality cotton. Besides bath towels, the set includes hand towels, washcloths, and cotton bath sheets, which are also organic.

4. Cotton Craft Multi Color Bath Towels

best bath towels consumer report

When you buy Cotton Craft Bath Towels, you won’t get just one or two, but seven multi color bath towels, so if you were planning to change the towels of your family members, then just show them this pack of seven towels and let them choose the towel of their favorite color. Made of 100% cotton, you will love the color, the looks and the feel of these towels.

You will get one towel in white, navy, charcoal, mercury, linen, light blue, and ivory color. The quality of these towels can be determined from the fact that the company has used 100% Pure Ringspun cotton with sewn edges. The towels don’t weigh too much and absorb moisture rather quickly. You can wash the towels in a washing machine and then, tumble dry them as well.

5. Hammam Linen Ultra Soft Turkish Bath Towels

best bath towels consumer report

Hammam Linen Ultra Soft Bath Towels are made of 100% Turkish soft-combed cotton, which will be very soft on your skin and makes you feel as if you are taking a spa in a premium suite of a luxury hotel. The towel is all about more loft and less weight, as the company has used fluffy and long-staple cotton, which is soft, lightweight, durable and exceptionally absorbent.

The edges of this towel are reinforced with double needle embroidered stitching, which keeps the towel in shape even after multiple washes and drying sessions. You can wash the towel in a washing machine and tumble dry it after that without worrying about the towel because the towel will fluff up beautiful and become even softer than before.

6. AmazonBasics 3 Piece Cotton Quick-Dry Bath Towel Set 

best bath towels consumer report

What’s your reaction to a product, which is of the top quality and doesn’t cost too much? I am sure you will definitely want to add it to your cart and make an instant purchase. Well, there you go, AmazonBasics Bath Towel Set is exactly that product, which is made of lightweight cotton, so it remains soft on the skin and dries quickly as well.

You can get a complete set consisting of a bath towel, washcloth and hand towel. As far as weight and measurements of the bath towel are concerned, then that’ll be 400 grams and 30x54 inches respectively. Each of the towels is very soft and absorbent. The edges of the towels are bound, which gives an impression, as they will hold up well together for a long time.

7. Haven Cotton 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Towel Set

best bath towels consumer report

Have you ever heard of Turkish cotton? If not, then let me tell you that it is a premium cotton type that is used to make ultra-soft and comfortable towels. The towel is made from 100% Turkish cotton, so you can expect the same level of softness that I just mentioned above. Haven is offering a pack of six towels, so you can hand this amazing towel to each of your family members because they should also dry their bodies with something that is extremely soft and comfortable.

The towel is highly absorbent, courtesy of the terry weave, which lets the towel to absorb water quickly. To ensure the shape of the towel, you will find double stitched hem finishing on the sides of the towel. Overall, a premium quality product, which is used in top-rated hotel chains as well.

8. Stone & Beam Hotel Stitch Cotton Bath Towels

best bath towels consumer report

Stone & Beam is another excellent brand, which is known for manufacturing high-quality bath towels. Check out the one I’m reviewing, which is a 100% cotton towel, which is often used in hotels, but now, you can get for your personal use. The towels are plush, absorbent and substantial, just like how most people want them to be.

The dimensions of the bath towel are 30x56 inches and you will get two towels in the set. You will really like the mocha stripes on the white base of the towel, which gives the towel a modern look. When dirty, the towel can be washed in a washing machine using warm water and then, tumble dry it at a low speed.

Bath Towel: What It Is And Where It Is Used?

A bath towel is a piece of absorbent fabric, frequently of rectangular shape that is used to dry the body after a bath, a shower or any other situation where you can get wet, for example at the pool, home or beach.

Uses Of A Bath Towel

You can use a bath towel to limit the direct contact of your body with the ground, a rock or a chair, for mainly hygienic reasons and comfort. This is common practice on beaches, in saunas or places, where nudity is a common thing. In this case, the bath towel has an intermediary function between your body and surroundings. This is called a "protective barrier".

In the same sort of places, you can also use a towel such as a piece of rudimentary clothing, that you will have around the waist like a kilt or below your shoulders to hide your chest in the absence of a bathrobe. In this case, it helps to respect modesty. A towel can also be used to perturb wet hair.

During a fire situation, a wet towel can be used to seal a door to reduce the risk of suffocation. To care for bedridden individuals, the bath towel solution is a softer option than the conventional toilet.

Examples of professional uses

Barbers use warm, moist towels to prepare the skin before shaving. In the liners, some customers are given folded towels in the manner of origamis representing animals of all kinds. For advertisers, they often use towels as a promotional medium.

Examples of symbolic uses

Supporters may sometimes have a towel in the same colors for the team they support. There are also towels during processions or folk dances.

How To Choose The Best Bath Towels?

In order to properly choose a bath towel, it is necessary to take into consideration these elements: the density, the finish, and the weight. A towel with a good density or also called "grammage" certifies a higher absorption capacity. This is the first feature that you need to consider when buying a towel.


The first use of a bath towel is to absorb the water from your body after you have showered or bathed. Without this relevant element, the towel no longer has any real use.

How to buy a bath towel at the best price/quality ratio? When you buy, please dwell on the thickness of the towel, which corresponds to the grammage. The thicker it is, the better it will be and the more efficient absorption capacity. The best is to move towards the larger grammages, which turn between four hundred and five hundred grams per square meter. However, the towel should not be too thick to be easy to handle and not heavy.

In order to easily carry your towel when you go to the pool or travel, choose a classic model that is thick enough but not too thick either. Thus, it will be more practical since it is less cumbersome. Some models have a batten, it is a small strip that keeps the towels in their original shape. If you have selected a bath towel with a thick layer and you want to preserve its density, then make sure not to wash it at high temperatures or else, it will shrink.


After the density, the material used is an important element to consider since it essentially determines the performance of the towel as well as its comfort. In order to benefit from optimal comfort and softness, prefer towels made of bamboo and cotton. If you want a firmer product, turn to a combination of cotton and linen. As for the honeycomb, it allows efficient absorption and makes it less bulky.

In terms of fiber, turn more towards combed or carded cotton towels that have a better absorption capacity and are therefore fluffier. Otherwise, I recommend the velvet sponge if you want a really soft bath towel despite a lighter absorption.


A towel has to be of the top-notch quality or else, it will soon become your dusting cloth. If you are susceptible to allergies, it is recommended to turn to organic towels made with organic cotton. The material is obtained by growing plants without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You can also choose soft colored towels made with organic dyes. However, limit the purchase of towels that have been designed with synthetic materials, as they promote allergies and are also less absorbent.

Existing Sizes And Weights

The weight of a fabric is determined in GSM or in grams per square meter. As we have seen, the number is based on the density of the towel and can, therefore, vary between 300 and 900 g/m² for bath towels.


Here are the different weights you can find:

  • From 300 to 400 g/m²: Towels of this weight are light but less thick. Compared to the use you want to make, they will be perfect especially if you want to use it in a gym or kitchen.
  • From 400 to 600 g/m²: This is an average weight, ideal for bath towels, beach towels and toiletries. Its weight will be more important but its absorption capacity also.
  • Finally, from 600 to 900 g/m²: This is a luxury weight. The towel will have a higher density, be heavier and more absorbent. However, it will take longer to dry.


Here are the main sizes of towels you can find:

  • Dimensions 27 "x 52": Towels that will dry your hands after washing in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Dimensions of 16 "x 30" centimeters: Square towels ideal for use in the shower and outside to wipe the hands, face, and body.
  • Size 13 "x 13": This is an ideal bath towel to bring to the beach to use as a blanket but can also be used after a bath or shower.
  • Dimensions 35 "x 60": These towels are slightly smaller than hand towels and are frequently used as a towel replacement for hotel guests.
  • Finally, dimensions of 11 "x 18": These towels are often used outside the shower or bathtub to prevent the soil from being soaked.

Concluding Remarks

When you are looking to rejuvenate your body by taking a hot, cold shower or spa, you need a soft and absorbent towel that can soak in all the moisture on your body and ensure your comfort at the same time. I have reviewed eight best bath towels, which are made of Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and Indian cotton. Now, it is up to you to decide as to which type of bath towel you want to use. Some towels are available in sets, where you will find different sized towels with others are available in same size. If there is any confusion, you can again go through the reviews of eight best bath towels consumer reports along with buying guide to make the right decision.

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