Car sunshades are often overlooked but essential accessories that not only protect the interior of your car, but also help keep you and your passengers safe, comfortable, and cooler. UV rays caused by the sun can raise your car's temperature to uncomfortable, even dangerous levels, and heat up your seats, steering wheel, and seat belts which can even get too hot at times to use. When your car is parked in the sun, a sunshade on your windshield will keep it cool, protect you from burns and prevent the interior elements of your vehicle, such as your leather seats for example, from deteriorating.

A sunshade can also protect your car's electronic components, such as LCD monitors, GPS devices, and phones, from overheating. Sunshades on the side windows prevent child car seats from heating, reduce interior temperatures, prevent sun glare, and protect children, pets, and other rear passengers from UV rays. Are you looking for new sun shades for your car? Well today after reviewing many makes and models, we have put together reviews of the 5 best sun shades in our consumer reports car sun shades that provide you and your passengers with effective protection.

Reviews Of 5 Best Car Sun Shades

1. EcoNour Windshield Sunshade With Storage Pouch

consumer reports car sun shades

EcoNour brings to you a highly capable sunshade, which even has UV protection, thus preventing heat from building up inside the vehicle. With less sunlight reaching the windshield, the interior remains protected from Sun/UV damages. In case, your car’s interior has already been damaged, then you can buy the best car wax to shine up your car. Moreover, you can enjoy optimal temperatures in your car throughout the year. No matter what type of vehicle you have, you can get a right-sized sunshade for it, which will snug fit on the front windshield, thanks to adjustable overlapping between two rings.

The sunshades are made of durable 240T nylon polyester, which incorporates heat reduction technology to block maximum heat and deflect UV rays. You can fold the sunshade up to 3/10 of its size, which results in easy storage in the door pocket or glove box of the car. A storage pouch is included in the package, so you can put the sunshade inside the pouch for convenience.

2. Kinder FBA_KF2 Fluff Car Window Sunshades

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Check out these amazing sunshades from Kinder, which come in a pack of 4, out of which 2 sunshades are transparent while the other two are semi-transparent. These are rectangular sunshades, which are available in different sizes, thus giving you an option to buy one according to your vehicle. The sunshades come with a free storage pouch that makes storage a breeze. You can keep the pouch in the glove box, door pocket, or behind the sun visor.

With an ability to block 99.79% of UVA and 99.95% UVB rays, these sunshades will protect your car interiors from the sun’s damages. A big advantage of these sunshades is that they easily overlap to fit any window size, so even if you are driving an SUV, you can use these sun shades to cover the windows. The sunshade comes with 15s static-protective film combined with 120 GSM mesh, which currently is the best quality available on the market.

3. Autoamerics 1-Piece Windshield Sun Shade B&W American Flag USA Patriotic Design

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This company is the market leader when it comes to manufacturing sun protection systems for automobiles. The windshield sunshade in discussion is capable of protecting your windshield against harmful sun rays that can fade and damage the dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and other interiors of your car. As for the tires, you can buy the best tire dressing to keep them new. The windshield sunshade is available in 4 different sizes, thus letting you choose the size that fits the windshield of your vehicle.

The sunshades are made with high-density UV reflective material and reinforced with high-strength ductile wire, which helps protect the vehicle against UV rays. Installing these sunshades on the windshield is very easy, and so is its removal. You will get a non-slip, sticky dashboard pad with sunshades that can hold your smartphone, sunglasses, or other small objects on the dashboard.

4. MCBUTY ‎MBK01 Windshield Sun Shade For Car

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Check out this windshield sunshade from MCBUTY, which is made of reflective aluminum foil along with 5 layers of thick bubble material that help keep the car’s interior cool and protected from sun rays. The temperature will always remain between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius, which prevents turning on of air conditioner that further leads to fuel savings. Installing this sunshade is very easy, so is removing it.

The nylon button along with 2.2 inches of dovetail type environmental protection offers optimum protection against harmful sun rays. Not just sunlight, but the sunshade offers protection against ice and snow as well. You will get a 100% money-back guarantee on the sunshade in case you don’t like it.

5. Autoamerics 1-Piece Foldable Windshield Sun Shade

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I have another product from Autoamerics, and this is just as reliable as the previous one reviewed. If your car gets really hot on summer days, then you can install this sunshade to block the sunlight and UV rays to keep the car cool and protected against the damage of ultraviolet rays. The sunshades are available in 4 different sizes and protect the interior of your car that include a steering wheel, dashboard, seats from overheating. The unique design of the sunshade features a special cut at the top that adapts to the size or type of rear view mirror.

The sunshades are made with high-density UV reflective material and reinforced with high-strength ductile wire, which helps protect the vehicle against UV rays. Equipped with cutting-edge heat reduction technology, you will get optimum protection from heat. Installing these sunshades on the windshield is very easy, and so is its removal. You will get a non-slip, sticky dashboard pad with sunshades that can hold your smartphone, sunglasses, or other small objects on the dashboard.

Buying Guide: How To Choose Car Sun Shades

If you are looking for the best sun shades sold on the internet, you can of course take a look at the aforementioned list of top 5 car sun shades but, if you also want to do your little research, I reveal some of the most important things to take into account to make the best choice.


Price is often a very important criterion for any purchase. And as often, we tend to say that the higher the price, the better the quality. This is partly true. A more expensive sun visor will undoubtedly have better functionality, but this does not mean that the more affordable models are of poor quality. It all depends on your needs. If you often go on the road with your children, friends, or if you often have passengers for "x" reasons, obviously prefer sun shades that are a little more expensive but more efficient. If, however, your use is very occasional and for very short trips, a lower price model could very well do the trick.

Materials Used

To be able to determine the overall quality of a sunshade, one must examine the materials used to be sure that you are receiving long-lasting and effective protection. Nylon and polyester are two of the most popular materials available in the market. They are lightweight, durable, and affordable, and they can effectively protect your car interior in hot weather.


Of course, before ordering a sunshade, you must take into account the measurements of your windows to be sure that the model you order will be neither too small nor too large. In general, most brands offer fairly universal models, but it is still recommended that you always take a good look at the dimensions before purchasing a sunshade.


This is a point that is not important to many users but especially if you are planning to buy sun shades for your children, going for a cool design can always be a good idea.

Ease Of Use

Of course, you don't want to spend hours racking your brains to install your sun shades. Most brands are now trying to offer models that are easy to install, but as far as we are concerned, we recommend the sun shades with suction cups which are very easy to put on, although you might need to change the suction cups at the same time after a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to keep the durability of a car sunshade?

You need to ensure that the sunshade is installed according to the recommendations of its manufacturers. Then learn how to remove it properly so that its construction materials don't tear. If you have chosen a foldable model, be sure to proceed after going through the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure to store the sunshade in a storage bag. These simple steps are enough to maintain this type of equipment and will save you from the hassle of repairing the car sunshade afterwards. Best of all, some models are even washable so you can continuously enjoy a product that looks almost new.

Q2: How to hold the car sunshade?

Depending on the model you have chosen, the bindings may be more or less efficient. In any case, we recommend that you always clean your windows before installing the sunshade. This will allow it to stay well glued to the assembly without any residue being able to interfere with its fixing. Likewise, once the model is installed, make sure you do not remove it regularly. It is precisely in this context that the acquisition of a retractable model takes on its full meaning.

Q3: Should you choose an interior or exterior car sunshade?

Most of the time, the sun visors are placed inside the car. This is the case with models for windshields or rear windows, whether they are reels, curtain models, or even electrostatic sun shades. These provide you with optimal protection against UV rays and are unlikely to be removed by malicious people. They can also adapt to passenger windows or the windshield. However, most indoor sunshades do not cover all of the glazings. This is the case with the reels. It should also be noted that this type of protection is only to be used during the summer period against the sun's rays.

In the face of this, the main advantage of an exterior sunshade is that it can completely and completely cover your car's windshield. It is suitable in the very cold season as during the summer. By fully covering the windshield, you will prevent frost and mist from forming on the glass. You will also be able to keep an ambient temperature in the passenger compartment without the heat stifling when you have the car. It should just be noted that this device only covers the front part of your vehicle.

Summing Up

Having a car sunshade is crucial for the protection of your vehicle against harmful sun rays. So, make sure you buy sun shades for the windshield of your car and all windows. Buying a sunshade is now a lot easier after looking at the above-mentioned consumer reports car sun shades, so make sure you buy one from the list to be sure of the quality and durability of the product.

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