Electric fireplaces have become immensely popular in the last decade or so. Many people have shown interest in these new units, which perform the same task as traditional wood or gas fireplaces, but without producing an equal amount of mess or even half of it. Those who are using electric fireplaces know how ingenious these units are, which is why their growth hasn’t seen a dip so far. Electric fireplaces are easier to install, operate, clean and maintain, which is what makes them a preferred choice among many people. Moreover, electric fireplaces are affordable, which could be considered as another big reason for their huge sales.

If you too are interested in buying an electric fireplace, then let me tell you that the variety of electric fireplaces you will find on the market, it will certainly confuse you. To save you from being confused, I have compiled a list of 10 electric fireplaces, each of which I’ve reviewed as well, so if you are really interested in getting one for your house, then all you need to do is go through the best electric fireplace reviews consumer reports in the following section.

Reviews Of 10 Best Electric Fireplaces

1. Touchstone 80001 Onyx Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

A very beautiful looking electric fireplace, Touchstone 80001 won’t take much space in the room you plan on installing it. The unit weighs just 46lbs, which allows you to install the unit on your own. Moreover, you can mount the unit on any wall, which adds to its versatility. You also have the option to choose between crystals or faux logs for the interior, depending on what you think will blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your room.

The fireplaces come with two heat settings, low and high, and it has the capability of warming a room as big as 400 sq. ft. Despite its beautiful looks and incredible features, the electric fireplaces won’t burn a hole in your pocket, as it is quite affordable. You will find this product in all Touchstone electric fireplace reviews no matter where you read.

2. PuraFlame 33 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

PuraFlame has established its name in the field of Electric Fireplace and the product I’m reviewing is a testimony to it. The unit features many advanced features such as LED technology, which lets you save 100 percent on energy. Moreover, the ability to adjust both brightness and heat is definitely a feature to be all excited about. You will also like the life-like fire that comes out of this electric fireplace.

Moreover, the thermostat can also be customized according to the area of the room. The unit is ideal for rooms as big as 400 sq. ft. The electric fireplace features a remote control, which runs on battery power (batteries included). You can easily install the product on your own, as it is quite slim and elegant. The downlight design of the fireplace further enhances its brightness. The unit operates on 120 volts and features a 1.8-meter long power cord.

3. MagikFlame Electric Fireplace and Mantel

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

This electric fireplace by MagikFlame can be used in homes, high-rise condos, hotels or anywhere you like. It is a highly versatile unit, which can be used in different places and in different ways. The fireplace comes with an electric heater, which warms up the room up to 1,000 sq. ft., the biggest area that I’ve reviewed until now. The energy rating of the unit is 4,600 BTUs per hour, which confirms the efficiency of the unit. You will also get vivid and realistic flames coming out of this fireplace, courtesy of HoloFlame Technology. When it comes installation, it is quite simple and can be done without the assistance of an expert.

4. Flameline Dannis 72" In-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Heater

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

Check out this electric fireplace heater, which is available in multiple sizes, so make sure to check the size of your wall before buying Flameline Dannis electric fireplace. You can install the unit in your bedroom, living room or dining room, and enjoy the realistic fire while being in your electric blanket without worrying about any harmful emission.

You also have the option to select the flame color, as there are three options available to choose from. To enhance the looks of the fireplace, you can make it wall recessed. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product, so in case something goes wrong, you can get it fixed by the company. 

5. GMHome 47 Inches Electric Fireplace TV Stand Fireplace Bookcase Freestanding Mantel

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

GMHome has created a masterpiece in this 47-inch electric fireplace, which can be operated with or without heat. The unit is ideal for rooms having an area of around 400 sq. ft. The fireplace incorporates seven different backlights to create a perfect atmosphere depending on the occasion. Moreover, the realistic log flame will also be a sight to watch. The electric fireplace can be easily controlled by the remote control, which comes included with the unit. You can adjust temperature settings, brightness of flame and timer. The unit is safe for kids and pets, as there is a cut-off mechanism installed that doesn’t allow overheating of the unit. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

6. Xbeauty 50" In-Wall Recessed And Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace 

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

Xbeauty has created a beautiful electric fireplace, which is packed with excellent features. The unit is regarded as the best electric fireplace TV stand, as it produces heat on the front side and not on the top, which allows you to place your TV on top of the fireplace. Another exciting thing about this fireplace is its computerized flame.

The fireplace features customizable modes, so you can select the mode as per your preference. Being a wall-mounted electric fireplace, this unit can be partially or fully recessed in the wall. To control the flame, brightness and other settings of the fireplace, the company has provided touchscreen controls along with remote control. The only shortcoming of this fireplace is that the flames look a bit unrealistic.

7. Real Flame Crawford Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

If you are looking for a traditional fireplace, something that reminds you of the great Victorian era, then take a look at Real Flame Crawford Electric Fireplace. This fireplace consists of mantel that resembles clean column capitals that are constructed using veneered MDF and solid wood. This construction keeps the unit cool regardless of how high the temperature inside is.

You can also place your TV on the mantel, which confirms that the mantel stays cool. The electric fireplace has a power output of 1400W, which is sufficient to warm up a room as big as 400 sq. ft. To control the unit, a control panel has been provided on the unit along with a remote through which, you can easily adjust temperature, brightness and other features of the fireplace.

8. Modern Flames ZCR Series Electric Fireplace Insert 

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

This electric fireplace insert is a 5,000 BTU unit, which can warm up a room as big as 500 sq. ft. This is a freestanding unit, which you can buy as a replacement for your traditional wood-burning fireplace for which, you have to use a chainsaw to get wood logs. The highlights of this unit include realistic canyon juniper logs, realistic flames, which by the way looks beautiful as well and hand-painted LED logs, which makes people feel as if those are real logs.

Moreover, the electric fireplace has an uncomplicated installation, as you just need to plug it into the power outlet and it is ready to use. You can adjust the level of flame and the inclusion of thermal overload protection and safety top ensures safety and protection for kids and pets.

9. Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcase

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

Check out this another highly safe and reliable electric fireplace, which by the way looks beautiful too and blends well with your home décor. The unit features a self-regulating heater, which turns off as the right temperature is met. The electric fireplace will produce lifelike multi-coloured flames, which are spectacular, to say the least. Moreover, the company has provided a remote control with the unit, which will help you adjust the thermostat, timer, and logs. You can also place TV panels as long as 68 inches. The only thing that you may find annoying in this unit is the smell of the paint, but besides that, everything is just so good in this electric fireplace.

10. MagikFlame Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces

electric fireplace reviews consumer report

Another electric fireplace that produces lifelike flames. The inclusion of HoloFlame Technology helps give the impression as if the log set is burning, whereas, in reality, it isn’t. There are a total of 26 lifelike flames, with each 3D flame producing crackling sound taken from actual fires. You can add the sounds of nature, oceans, and rains if you want to make things more realistic.

Where other electric fireplaces come with remote controls for controlling anything and everything, this one can be controlled using a smartphone. Just install the app on your smartphone and then, control whatever function you want. This is a 4,600 BTU unit, which can easily warm an 800 to 1,000 sq. ft., of room. Get this electric fireplace to not just stay warm, but to also enhance the looks of your room.

Final Verdict

Electric fireplaces are excellent for heating large individual rooms or for small homes. These units require no installation and can be easily set up. Moreover, they don’t require as much cleaning as wood-burning fireplaces do. When buying an electric fireplace, you need to keep in mind the space you have in your home. Other than that, you won’t experience any issues with the purchase part if you have gone through the 10 best electric fireplace reviews consumer reports.