Best Grill Cover For Weber Genesis – Reviews Of Top Picks

There is no denying the fact that grilled food is among the most popular types of foods that people like to eat. Grilled food is juicy, crispy and full of flavors, but how well the food is grilled depends upon the quality of grill that one is using. While people are ready to go beyond their budget in order to buy a grill with some additional features, it also becomes important to invest in grill covers as well. Weber Genesis, which is one of the most popular grills available on the market is currently being used by millions of customers.

Therefore, we are going to discuss the best grill cover for Weber Genesis today, so that if you are using this grill, then you can identify as to which is the best grill cover for this particular model. We have shortlisted three products that we believe are the Weber Genesis.

A grill cover needs to be capable of protecting the grill from all the atrocities being done by harsh weather and heavy usage. Normal wear and tear is something that will continue to happen, and you can’t control it. But, you can protect the grill from bigger damages. With grill cover intact, a number of internal and external damages can be prevented.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have come up with three top quality grill covers, which you can buy in order to keep your Weber Genesis covered and protected from sun rays, rainwater, insects and other damages. So, without any further ado, let us discuss those three best grill covers for Weber Genesis:

Best Grill Cover For Weber Genesis

1. Weber 7130 Weber Genesis II Cover

Best grill cover for weber genesis

This grill cover not just fit your Genesis II 3 burner, but all the grills that fall in Genesis 300 Series. Despite the price of this grill cover being on the higher end, this polyester cover is definitely a good buy for multiple reasons. It will last for several seasons and will make your grill look new as if you’ve just bought it.  Investing in a Weber brand cover will get you a perfect fit for your grill, plus you get a commitment that you are getting a top quality product, which is hard to get otherwise.

This grill cover is going to safeguard your grill from a number of harmful elements while making your grill look sleek and elegant. To keep the grill cover intact, there are straps given in the cover. There is no need to check the grill every day when this grill cover is intact. This cover has stood the test of time, as many users are using it for years.


  • A slim and sleek cover that protects even the bulkiest of grills.
  • This grill cover withstands all kinds of weather conditions easily.
  • Straps given on the grill cover keeps it intact.


  • It makes a lot of noise when the air blows.
  • The quality of plastic is not that great.

2. KingKong Gas Grill Cover 7553 | 7107 Cover

Best grill cover for weber genesis

This grill cover set comes with a thermometer, tongs and a cleaning brush. Surprisingly, this grill cover fits all of Weber’s Genesis 300 Series Grills. This cover is made of heavy-duty polyester, which won’t crack easily. This is due to its ability to resist UV rays. Moreover, the grill cover comes with Velcro straps that ensure that the cover stays intact in heavy winds.

The price of this grill cover makes it ideal for those who are looking for a midrange grill cover. The inclusion of brush, tongs, and thermometer makes the deal a lot more lucrative for the customers. The reason why this grill is a fan favorite is that it is durable and affordable. It is going to act as a protective layer between all the harmful elements and your grill, such as winds, heat, water, and dust, etc.


  • A top quality price at such a less price.
  • The inclusion of a cleaning brush, tongs and thermometer add to the customer delight.
  • The material quality, coating, and stitching are top-notch, thus making the cover lasts for several seasons.


  • After the rain, moisture is accumulated under the cover, which could invite rust.
  • Cracks may appear if the weather is too hot or cold.

3. KingKong 7130 Grill Cover For Weber Genesis II 3 Burner Grill & Genesis 300 Series Grills

Best grill cover for weber genesis

Another grill cover from KingKong, it is similar to the one that we have just discussed, but there are a few additional features that set it apart from its comrade. The grill cover is made of premium quality heavy-duty polyester fabric along with breathable. This grill cover is UV resistant, water resistant and rip resistant.

The bound edges of the cover provide a comprehensive protection for the grill in a harsh environment. The grill cover is made to last several seasons, and provide excellent protection against snow, rain, leaves, pests, tree pollen and grit. To keep the cover intact on the grill, large Velcro straps are given on both sides of the grill cover. The straps will keep the grill cover tighter and in place, especially when there are large winds blowing outside. When you want to use the grill, you can remove the cover, clean and use it. The cleaning process is fast and easy, so just keep it under water and then, let it dry in the sun.


  • This grill cover is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.
  • Fits Weber 300 series grills perfectly.
  • The inclusion of a thermometer, tongs and cleaning brush makes the cooking and cleaning process a lot easier.
  • Plastic quality is excellent and so no need to worry about cracks.


  • All the tools that come along with the grill cover are small.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Grill Covers

best grill cover for weber genesis

Shape and Size:

Having a grill cover of the right shape and size go long way, as it perfectly fits your grill, giving no space for any dust, debris, and grit to sneak inside. There won’t be any loose ends to be blown away by strong winds. The rainwater couldn’t get inside, thus keeping the grill moisture free. So, keep in mind that the grill cover is of the right size, which fits the grill at 80-90 percent properly, if not 100 percent.

Durability & Quality

These two are other important factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a grill cover. You must have a grill cover that is made of a strong material and hold every unwanted element out. Grills are kept in open, so if the grill cover is of good quality, then it will protect the grill for a long period of time.

Usually, grill covers fade away with extreme sunshine and tonnes of water in the form of rain, but a grill cover that is made of the excellent quality material is going to stay intact for years. By good material, I mean vinyl, and not polyester or canvas material. If you have bought an expensive grill, then don’t be cheap while purchasing a cover for that grill. You will find some grill covers with air vents, which helps lower the chances of ballooning of the cover when there are strong winds are blowing outside.

Apart from that, the air vents prevent the grill from rust and corrosion because there won’t any place for moisture and condensation to get under the grill cover. You will also find some covers with tie down bottom ankles along with mini threads and ropes, which in my opinion should be an essential feature for you to consider while buying a grill cover.

These features will help the grill cover stay intact and doesn’t blow away by strong winds. So, your grill doesn’t expose to the harsh weather and all the harmful elements that are flowing in the winds. A good grill cover should have hooks at the bottom of the grill or string ties in order to keep the cover in place and grill properly covered when the weather conditions are not ideal.

Benefits Of Grill Cover

Protection From Sun And UV Rays

Sun and UV rays are among the biggest threats to your grill, so you must protect your grill from these. For that, your best bet is getting a grill cover.

Protection From Thunderstorms & Rain

If the Sun and UV rays weren’t enough, then there are thunderstorms and tornadoes to damage your grill. Getting a grill cover can protect your grill from these two natural atrocities as well. But, make sure that the grill cover is made of good quality material and comes with straps to prevent it from blowing off in heavy winds. It will also prevent water logging in the grill, thus keeping the grill safe from rust.

Protection From Mold, Mildew & Other Harmful Elements

Grill covers are basically made to protect your grill from mold and mildew, which are formed on the grill when it is not in use. Having a grill cover will also bar the entry of unwanted viruses and bacteria to accumulate on the grill’s surface.


The benefits of a grill cover are pretty obvious, so why don’t buy the best quality grill cover to prolong the life of your grill for a few more years. Get yourself the best grill cover for Weber Genesis and enjoy delicious grilled food on your quality grill for several years. Don’t make the mistake that many people make while buying a grill cover. Opt for the best because only the best can guarantee a comprehensive protection to your grill.