Radiant Barrier is one of the most important elements for a homeowner seeking to improve the temperature of the house. If it gets way too hot in your house during summer months, then you can get the best mini split ACs. You can install them in all the rooms of your house, but the question is, can you afford multiple air conditioners? Of course, not, so you must go with a realistic approach because having an AC in one or two rooms is fine, but not all, as it is way too expensive. You need to opt for the best radiant barrier, which will not just eliminate the need for an AC, but also bring the temperature inside your house to 30-40 degrees lower. As a result, you will be saving hundreds and thousands of dollars on power bills. Are you interested in radiant barriers now? If yes, then have a look at the radiant barrier reviews consumer reports with 10 most effective products that are currently being sold on the market.

Reviews Of 10 Best Radiant Barriers

1. RadiantGUARD Ultima Radiant Barrier

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

Arguably the best radiant barrier that you can find on the market. With a reflective power of 97 percent, you can expect this radiant barrier to reduce the temperature by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t stop there, but it also blocks over 99 percent RF signals, hence your private information secure. The radiant barrier is puncture and tear-proof, thanks to the presence of woven Mylar scrim in between the durable aluminum sheeting.

The barrier may feel as if you have placed an almighty wall, but don’t you worry at all, as it is very much breathable. It won’t collect moisture and the creepy critters that accompany it. The unit weighs just 28 lbs per 1000 sq. ft., and is only 6.5 thousandths of an inch thick, so you won’t have any issues installing and handling it. Moreover, the radiant barrier is a carcinogen, toxin, and fiber-free, hence posing no health hazards whatsoever. An ASTM compliant product, it can also be used in hospitals.

2. AES US Energy Products Radiant Barrier Insulation

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

If you are looking for a radiant barrier that you can install in your commercial space, then you should consider AES US Energy Products Radiant Barrier, which is a 1000 sq. ft., unit designed specifically for commercial purposes. The product is made from double-sided highly reflective material, which reflects the heat efficiently, keeping your rooms cool during hot summer months. It is a heavy-duty and industrial-grade unit made up of a perforated material.

The radiant barrier is tear and puncture-proof, thanks to the use of 5ply material. With the ability to reflect 99.97 percent heat, it ranks high on any list of best radiant barriers. This radiant barrier can withstand stress and heavy handling without having any effect on the surface. It can also be cut easily using a knife, scissor or hacksaw, just in case, you want to speed up the installation process.

The NASA TECH radiant barrier is perfect for new constructions and retrofit because of its anti-fungi/bacterial and non-toxic nature. It won’t let rodents and birds to make nests inside of it, which makes it great for new and existing buildings. Even, the humidity does not affect the product, which makes it long-lasting.

The radiant barrier is ASTM standard compliant, which means it is fire and smoke resistant. Being a breathable product, you won’t feel suffocated seeing this product installed outside the windows and doors of your building. The company offers a 120-day money-back guarantee, which shows how confident the company is regarding its product.

3. Houseables RaBa Radiant Barrier Insulation

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

Get this incredible radiant barrier to shield your house from intense heat. You can install this sheet in the attic, under the floor of your RV, around the greenhouse or any other place of your choice. With an ability to reflect 97 percent of the heat, this radiant barrier can significantly reduce the temperature of the room where you decide to install it. The affordable price of the 1000 sq. ft., roll of this radiant barrier is another reason as to why you should get it.

You will be able to use the sheet inside the roof structure, under the RV’s floor, under the thermal insulation, around air ducts and piping, over the greenhouse shell, over the walls of garages and other places of your choice. The product is built with heavy-duty aluminum sheeting, which incorporates Mylar scrim, so it won’t tear or puncture and protect you from the heat and other harmful substances for years.

Being compliant with the ASTM standard, you don’t have to worry about the radiant barrier catching fire. Being a breathable unit, it won’t let the bacteria or fungi to accumulate on its surface. A completely safe product, you will even see hospitals using this radiant barrier.

4. US Energy Products Diamond Radiant Barrier

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

This is an affordable and reliable radiant barrier, which can shield your property against the intense summer heat. You will be able to sit under the best ceiling fan on a hot summer day, courtesy of this product. The radiant barrier is designed with a durable aluminum foil sheeting for excellent reflectivity and plastic fibers for durability. Unlike other radiant barriers, which consists of an aluminum sheet incorporating loosely woven plastic fibers or scrims, this radiant barrier uses a coating of sturdy polyester film, which is tear and puncture-proof.

You will find this radiant barrier thinner and lighter. The product is ASTM compliant, therefore, it is fiber, a carcinogen, and toxin-free. Despite being an effective heat reflector, the radiant barrier is perforated and breathable, so you won’t find the accumulation of bacteria or fungi on the surface of the product.

5. RadiantGUARD XTREME Radiant Barrier Xtr-1000-B 

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

If you are a fan of Radiant Guard products, then you should consider getting this radiant barrier from the company, which is a double-sided unit made up of high-quality aluminum. It can reflect 95 percent of heat, which is simply awesome. 1,000 sq. ft., roll just weighs 26 lbs, which is incredible because it makes installation a lot easier. You can install it in the attic, garage, shed, workshop, storage unit and many other places to observe a significant reduction in the temperature, somewhat around 40 degrees.

A commercial-grade product, it won’t tear or puncture at all but can be cut easily with the help of a scissor or hacksaw. Humidity does not affect the radiant barrier, so it won’t attract bacteria or fungi. Moreover, it is ATSM compliant, which means, it is fiber-free, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. You just need to keep it in a dry environment before installing it.

6. SmartSHIELD Reflective Insulation roll 

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

When it comes to reflectivity, I think there are hardly a few radiant barriers that will be more efficient because this unit too has a reflect percentage of 97 percent. Moreover, humidity and moisture do not affect the radiant barrier. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors because it doesn’t attract mold. Besides reflecting the heat, it also bars the sound, thanks to the soundproofing material incorporated into the unit.

The radiant barrier is made up of pure aluminum, which incorporates closed-cell polyethylene foam instead of bubbles, which adds to the effectiveness of the product. It won’t tear or puncture, but if you want, you can cut it with a pair of scissors or with the help of a hacksaw. The radiant barrier is non-toxic and non-allergic, so no health risks involved in using this product.

7. GHR Industrial Double Bubble Reflective Foil Insulation

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

The next product on the list is from GHR, and believe me; this radiant barrier is highly efficient as you will find it installed in industries where it reflects around 96 percent of heat. With one of the thinnest radiant barriers on the list at 5 mils, you will be able to install it without sacrificing efficiency or durability. In this radiant barrier, you will find polyethylene strands weaved into a dense, flexible fabric, which is covered with a highly reflective metalized coat on both sides.

As a result, you will get a durable product, which is tear and puncture-proof along with being thin and lightweight. This radiant barrier is double-sided as well, which helps increase energy savings throughout the year. If you are running on a tight budget, but still want to have an efficient product, then invest in GHR Industrial Radiant Barrier, which is multiple times cheaper than other radiant barriers of the same length.

8. Reflectix BP24050 Bubble Pack Insulation

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

The working of this radiant barrier is slightly different from others. The reflective surface of the product traps all the heat, light and energy inside the room where it is installed, and it allows a minimum amount of cold to enter the room for thermal moderation. This, in turn, helps greatly in the insulation. You can install this radiant barrier in the attic, garage, basement, alcoves, and cellars. You will be able to insulate any part of the house. The best thing about this unit is that it keeps the house cold in summers and hot in winters, so you don’t have to waste money to buy air conditioners and heat pumps.

The main panel of the product consists of two thick aluminum layers, which reflect heat. Then, there are five more layers, which take the overall count to seven layers. The inner layers are nothing but bubble wrap, which traps the heat within the house and doesn’t let the rooms get cold. There are multiple layers of polyethylene as well, which protect the panel from chipping and other kinds of damages. A totally safe product not just for you, but for the environment as well.

9. Miloo Heat Reflective Insulation Roll 

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

Miloo radiant barrier is another formidable unit, which is made up of 100 percent aluminum with a 3mm layer of closed-cell polyethylene foam. Despite being a durable product, it is very lightweight and easy to cut and install. With the capability of reflecting 98 percent of the heat with thermal resistance, you won’t find a better product in the market. It also bars the heat from escaping during winters, thus making it a product that can be used all year round. With excellent protection against moisture and humidity, you can use the radiant barrier indoors as well as outdoors. Besides stopping heat, it also reduces sound, thus letting you enjoy a noisy environment. Overall, a very efficient product coming to you at a very affordable price.

10. RadiantGUARD Xtr-500-B Xtreme Radiant Barrier

Best Radiant Barrier Consumer Report

Ending my list with Radiant Guard Xtreme Radiant Barrier, which is a 1000 sq. ft., unit with a weight of 17 lbs. Having the reflectivity of 95 percent, you will see a significant reduction in the temperature of the room outside of which, you have installed the radiant barrier. Despite being made up of aluminum, the radiant barrier is perforated and breathable. The use of high-quality materials makes the unit tear and puncture-proof, but you will still be able to cut it with knife, hacksaw or scissors. Like all other radiant barriers on the list, this one too is ASTM compliant, which means, it is toxic and carcinogen-free. No fungi and bacteria will be able to house on this radiant barrier due to its special material.


If you are serious about cutting down your power bills, then you ought to install the best radiant barrier in the areas of the house that sizzles during summer months. You will be able to bring down not the temperature of those rooms, but also the electricity bills. I’m sure you must have identified the best product from 10 radiant barrier reviews consumer reports, and if you have, then just proceed with the purchasing part to enjoy cool summers starting this year.