With more and more kids getting addicted to cell phones and video games, it becomes the responsibility of parents to divert the attention of their kids from electronic gadgets to actual sports. The earlier they do, the better it is because once kids develop bad habits of playing video games and accessing cell phones, then it’ll be very hard for parents to make their kids get rid of those habits. While there are many ways of diverting the attention of kids from electronic gadgets, but there is nothing that does that job as perfectly as a swing set.

Installing a swing set in the front yard or backyard of the house will keep the kids busy and active all day long. Moreover, playing games with other kids, interacting with one another will help them in the longer run. Therefore, you must get the best swing set for your kids. As there are hundreds of swing sets available on the market, you can cut to chase by going through swing set reviews consumer reports in which five top swing sets are reviewed. Pick a swing set that you feel would work best for your kids and make a purchase.

Reviews Of 5 Best Swing Sets

1. Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Complete Wooden Swing Set 

swing set reviews consumer report

This beautiful swing set is constructed with Woodguard wooden beams, which are then coated in a UV-stabilized plastic to keep the insects away and make the wood more resilient to all sorts of threats, which normal lumber would succumb to. The coating also prevents splinters, thus ensuring the longevity of the wood. Assembling these woodguard treated beams is quite easy, as you just need to follow the instructions in the exact same way.

The weight of woodguard treated beams is much stronger than metal sets that are of similar length and size. The product meets ASTM standards for safety, which is another positive sign for you to consider this product. Kids would love playing on this swing set, as there are many things, which they can do on this incredible swing and glide to kill time. The company offers a 5-year warranty on the product

2. Fitness Reality Kids ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

best swing set reviews

With the inclusion of 8 accessory stations, your kids will always be found in the swing set. This unit has got everything, from swings to monkey bars, slide to a glider and 4 other fun accessories to have fun with. Being a large unit, it can accommodate up to 9 kids at a time, so you can call up your child’s friends at home and let them all enjoy games on this swing set. ASTM, which is the American Society for Testing and Materials along with CPSIA, which stands for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act has tested this product and given it the green signal to be sold in the retail stores.

The frame of the unit is made up of 2-inch tubular steel, which is then coated with a special powder that extends the life of the frame. Each accessory has a weight carrying capacity of up to 80 lbs, so that makes the swing set ideal for kids aged between 3-8 years. This is one of the safest swing sets available on the market. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the frame along with a 6-month warranty on parts.

3. Lifetime 90200 Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

swing set reviews consumer report

This heavy-duty swing set is all about having fun and adventure. It comes with a trapeze bar along with three belt swings. The trapeze bar constitutes gym rings as well. The swing chain is equipped with rubber grips that help protect children from pinching their fingers. To ensure the attachment of the swing with the frame, chain clips are installed at the top. A fireman pole is also included in the swing set, so there is no shortage of fun in this swing set.

The swing set is made of high-density polyethylene and is coated with galvanized powdered steel, which ensures the durability and smoothness of the swing set. The selection of premium quality materials for constructing the swing set prevents it from fading, chipping, warping, rotting or cracking. The area taken by the entire structure is 29ft x 29ft, so if your front yard or backyard doesn’t have a bigger area than that, then you can’t have this swing set. Alternatively, you will have to find a place where you can easily install this swing set.

4. Kids Outdoor Playground Swing Set With Slide And Trampoline

swing set reviews consumer report

With this swing set, you will get seven different play stations for your kids to have fun on such as 2 belt swings, trampoline, slide and more. Install this outdoor swing set in the front or backyard of your house and let your kids enjoy in a number of ways. They can play from basketball to soccer in the backyard without needing any extra equipment, as everything is included in the unit. The swing set comes with a sunshade, which allows the kids to play in the sun without worrying about sunburns. The height of the swing set won’t cause any issue to the kids. The unit comprises of four play features that keep up to 6 kids busy at a time. If your kids love the trampoline, then this unit has got one, so no need to buy more unless you want it for yourself.

5. Step2 Play Up Jungle Gym and Kids Swing Set 

swing set reviews consumer report

This is another top-class swing set, which offers a perfect platform to kids, who have just started on their playground game. The unit comprises of two swings, a slide, and a ladder with a little playhouse at the top. However, there is some more space below as well, just in case the kids want to play in the shade. The swing set can support up to 240 lbs of weight at a time or approximately 4 children. This is why it is regarded as the entry-level swing set because it is used for toddlers who are just starting to have some fun in the playground. The swing set is sturdy, thanks to the quality materials used in manufacturing. From assembly to the cleaning and maintenance of this swing set, everything is easy. The unit can be considered as a home gym for kids.

Considerations For Buying A Swing Set

If you really want to get a swing set, then you need to pay attention to the following considerations or else you will end up regretting your decision.


Do you have enough space in your house to accommodate a swing set? You must have adequate space for a swing set, and by that I mean, space where swing set can be easily installed along with an area to roam around the playset. You need to leave at least 6ft perimeter around the swing set because you or your kids won’t just be swinging on the swings all the time. So, make sure to find a spacious place to install the swing set.

Age Group

The design of the swing set that you are looking to buy will depend a lot on the age group of people who will take the swings. If you are looking to buy a swing set for your child who is below 7 years of age, then you won’t be investing in a bigger unit because your child may not be able to support himself/herself on that. Similarly, you can’t have a short-sized swing set if your children are 7 years old or more.

You need to buy a swing set that can easily fit people of any age group, as only then, you can take the swing set as a long-term investment. You should also check the accessories coming along with the swing set, like some swing sets come with a rock climb, ladder, and net. Buy a swing set with an idea of what age you want to buy for and how long you want to use the swing set.


Swing sets are made out of three distinct types of materials, which are, wood, metal, and plastic. The swing set made out of wood has a lot of aesthetic appeal and features. The swing set can hold multiple children at a time and support multiple swings and slides without an issue. However, wooden swing sets are difficult to put together and maintain. Moreover, they aren’t weatherproof, so you’ll have to get a proper cover for the swing set.

Metal swing sets are also very popular with the users, as these are a little less expensive than wooden swing sets, but have the same set of features. A metallic swing set is coated with a special power that prevents it from rust and heat retention. Metallic swing sets don’t have the same aesthetic appeal, and they need periodic touch-ups as well. These are ideal for children above 7 years or more of age.

Then there are plastic swing sets, which are ideal for the younger crowd because of their inability to support as much weight as a wooden or metal swing set could. This is why, the plastic swing sets are ideal for a younger group of users, i.e., kids up to 6 years of age.


Buying a swing set is an important decision because a lot of money will go into buying a unit, so you’d want to buy a reliable unit, which provides all the desired features and stays intact for a long time as well. The only-swing or only-slide models are a lot cheaper than swing + slide models, so if you are looking for just swings, then that’s going to cost you a lot lesser than what it would cost to buy a complete set of swing and slide. So, outline your budget and then, start looking for the product.

Outdoor Swing Set Safety Tips

You can’t let your kids take the swings until you go through below-mentioned six tips because there are many dangers lurking around swings, which your kids may come in contact with.

  • Never let your kids play unsupervised. Be in the vicinity because kids are kids; they’ll make stupid mistakes which later be turned into severe injuries.
  • Create ‘No-Zones’ around the swing set for kids when someone is already taking the swings. Teach your kids to stay away from the ladder and rock walls when someone else is playing on them.
  • You need to dress your kids appropriately before they take swings. Loose clothing is a big ‘NO’ because it can easily be caught in the chains or other areas of the swing.
  • Teach your kids to take swings the right way, i.e., they should not swing too high. Moreover, they shouldn’t take swings in a standing position because then, the risk of severe injuries is very high. Swings shouldn’t be taken sideways as well.
  • Check your swing set on a regular basis for any loose nut and bolt. Tighten all bolts in order to keep the brackets intact. Check all anchor points to ensure they are secure. Check swing chains for kinks. It is always easy and inexpensive to fix small problems than to wait for those problems to become big and expensive.
  • Educate your kids about the proper use of swing set so that they don’t hurt one another while playing.

Concluding Remarks

Getting the perfect swing set is not that difficult if you have clarity in your mind regarding the type of material, weight carrying capacity, accessories, and price of the swing set. I would suggest that you should go for either a metallic swing set or a wooden one because these will go a long way. In the swing set reviews consumer reports, I’ve discussed either metallic or wooden swing sets because I know these are long racehorses. Rest I leave it to your wisdom as you can decide better as to what your kids need, but just keep in mind that you should only invest in a quality swing set because you don’t want to jeopardize the safety of your kids, do you?

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