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Everybody desires to have a clear and shiny face that can create a long-lasting impression on the onlookers. However, it is not always possible to have an unblemished face because of stress, pollution and other elements that are responsible for wearing down the skin of the face. To restore the same, old beauty on the face, you will find a slew of beauty products that comprise of different combinations of oils and chemicals to transform a dark and dull face into a beautiful one.

Microdermabrasion is one such procedure that is used to change the complexion of skin through abrasion technique. What this technique does is that it removes dead skin particles from the upper dermal layer followed by vacuuming it. The upper dermal layer is exfoliated and initiate skin renewal process. If you are interested in getting a Microdermabrasion kit, which is commonly known as PMD, then you must first go through PMD reviews of five top products as given below.

Reviews Of 5 Best PMD Personal Microderm

1. PMD Personal Microderm Classic

best pmd reviews

This incredible kit will help you get a fresh, clear skin that is free from dead skin particles. In order to get the best results, use this product once a week regardless of what your skin type is. You will easily get a glowing skin if you follow the treatment in the right way. Along with that, you will get an even skin tone; reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face.  

This incredible product being an in-house device is fully capable of delivering professional results that you’d get in a beauty salon. The product incorporates patented spinning disc technology with calibrated vacuum suction, which will add the much-needed freshness to the skin. You just need to perform the treatment once a week for 3 minutes in order to get the desired results.

For face and smaller areas of the body, you need to select the small disc and small-cap whereas, for larger areas of the body, you need a large disc with a large cap.

2. PMD Personal Microderm Value Kit

best pmd reviews

This personal Microderm is widely used by women as an in-house treatment of their skin. This product makes use of exfoliating crystals that are made up of aluminum oxide. The spinning disc used in the kit has been patented by the company because of its supremacy in eradicating dead skin cells from the area the machine is used on. You don’t have to manual scrub your skin to exfoliate the dead cells. The removal of dead skin cell barrier stimulates new cell growth, which in turn reveals soft, shiny and incredible skin.

To get the best results, it is suggested to use the product on a weekly basis because only then, you will get a rejuvenated skin that is free from unwanted scars and dead cells. The efficient exfoliation of the machine is combined with unique vacuum suction to help eliminate dead, dull skin cell barrier, improve blood flow and initiate the production of elastin and collagen in the body naturally.

3. PMD Personal Microderm Man

best pmd reviews

This also makes use of a patented disc technology to eliminate the top layer of the skin, which is nothing but dead skin. Since it is a PMD machine for men, it is apt to work on tough skin and deliver the best results. The machine is accompanied by spinning discs, which are embedded with aluminum oxide crystals. There are many benefits of using aluminum oxide crystals because they are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal for men with low immunity and sensitive skin respectively.

The machine accompanies three discs, red, green and blue. Where the red disc is for tougher skin, green is for normal and blue for sensitive skin. Men can use the machine on the face as well as the body, but they will have to keep in mind that the cap they are using for large areas of the body should be large whereas the cap for face needs to be small.

The machine constitutes small and large caps, so they don’t have to buy them. After removing the top layer of the skin, the precisely calibrated vacuum comes into the use, which gets rid of the oil and dirt that is stuck deep into the pores of the skin. At the same time, the machine stimulates blood circulation to the skin, which makes the skin look firmer and improves the natural healing process of the skin as well.

4. Nuvederm Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion System

best pmd reviews

While it is good for exfoliating your skin and cleansing the face to make it look glowing and rejuvenated, the point where it scores more marks than other PMD machines is its anti-aging abilities. The company guarantees its users that if they use this PMD machine in the correct way and for a longer period, then they will get desired results. The machine uses diamond peeling to clean the face, removes dead cells and add a natural glow to the skin.

The machine suits all skin types, so if you have sensitive skin, even then, you can get the required treatment through this machine, which incorporates Diamond Density 3D technology. You can use this PMD machine once or twice a week in order to treat dark spots, dead skin cells, and blemishes. You will find a significant improvement in your skin especially with regard to wrinkles, fine lines, visible pores and sun damaged skin.

Talking about the machine itself, then the teardrop design of it not only looks add to the beauty of the machine but comfort as well. The microdermabrasion machine incorporates an LCD screen on which you can see important functions of the machine. Using this machine for months will definitely improve blood flow on the skin along with elastin and collagen.

5. Kendal Portable Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit

best pmd reviews

For a lighter skin tone and a softer skin texture, you should use this Diamond Microdermabrasion kit by Kendal. You can easily repair dark circles, reduce wrinkles and fine lines with regular use of this incredible PMD machine because of its anti-oxidant properties. You will also see a significant rise in the production of collagen with the use of this machine. If you are looking to get rid of sagging skin and free radical damage, then that can also be easily done, courtesy of this diamond microdermabrasion machine by Kendal.

The machine accompanies 9 diamond tips out of which 3 are large, so as to be used for large areas of the body (not face). You’ll also get 360 cotton filters, divided equally into 6 bags along with an air hose with the microdermabrasion machine. Each filter bag contains 60 filters and there are a total of 240 small filters and 120 large filters. Two oil filters are also included in the package.

When it comes to cleaning up the PMD machine, you can make use of alcohol and a toothbrush. The company provides a 1-year warranty on the machine and lifetime warranty on parts, so if anything happens to the machine during the first year, you can get it easily fixed.

Types of Microdermabrasion Systems

There are two types of microdermabrasion systems available on the market, one that makes use of diamond tips and a second that uses exfoliating crystals. Before buying a PMD machine, it is important for you to know about the functionality and benefits of each type. So, let’s delve into the details of diamond tip machines and exfoliated crystals one by one.

Diamond Tip Machines

In diamond tip machines, the dermabrasion tips are etched with small diamond chips, which help deliver the most powerful dermabrasion. The initial cost of a diamond tip system is higher than that of exfoliated crystals, but then, you’d be saving on the refill costs of crystals. For efficient and reliable dermabrasion, you should go for a diamond tip system.

Exfoliating Crystals PMD Machines

These machines are mostly portable and come in a broad range of options and exfoliating crystals. The most common exfoliating crystal used in PMD machines is aluminum oxide. Despite their compact size and lower price, they aren’t as strong as the diamond tip machines when it comes dermabrasion.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best PMD Machine

Buying a PMD machine is an important decision especially when you are desperate to remove the dead cells from your skin. A mobile machine is always easy to access because you can carry it along on trips. Moreover, if the machine operates after being connected to a power source, then that will restrict the portability of the device. These along with many other factors will help you decide as to which type of PMD machine you should buy. Other factors include:

  • Accessories: Microdermabrasion kits come with a wide range of accessories that make skin treatment process a breeze. Some of the common accessories include a storage case or travel case, face creams, and extra battery packs, etc.
  • Waterproof/Water-Resistant Capability: Water is an integral part in any facial therapy, but when using microdermabrasion machines, it is better to keep the water away until the machine is waterproof or at least water resistant. Invest in a PMD machine that is resistant to water.
  • Design: A microdermabrasion machine that has an ergonomic design is also better to use because you can grip it better and get done with the task sooner.
  • Cleaning: Investing in the most expensive microdermabrasion machine is not always the best decision because an expensive machine could be complicated as well. So, invest in that machine, which is easy to use and clean.
  • Warranty: It is always better to look for a product that comes with multiple years of warranty because chances of a malfunction are higher in a machine like microdermabrasion system, so a minimum 1-year warranty on the machine and lifetime warranty on parts is something that you should definitely get.

Summing Up

Microdermabrasion machines offer the best way to clean the skin, removing all the dead skin particles, wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. If you are fed up seeing a dull, unhealthy face and want a magical transformation, then there is no other product that is as good as a PMD machine. So, go through PMD reviews in order to identify the best product for your skin.

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