Hair loss doesn’t just bring change to your physical appearance but it also changes your personality. If you have been an extrovert in your life, then the loss of hair will make you introvert because you don’t want to face your friends and colleagues with the new bald look of yours. If the first thing you do after waking up in the morning is, remove dozens of hair from the pillow, then you need help. While you have the option of going for a hair transplant, but that will be a long and expensive procedure. If you want a quick, clean and painless way of getting long, thick and shiny hair in a matter of weeks, then you need to invest in a product like a laser cap. You can use Capillus reviews consisting of six best products to identify the best laser product for your hair regrowth.

Reviews Of 6 Best Laser Caps

1. CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

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If hair loss is giving you sleepless nights, then it’s time to stop this painful cycle of waking up and seeing hundreds of hair stuck to the pillow. You need a product like ‘CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap’. You just need to wear this cap for 6 minutes a day and let your scalp and follicles heal with consistent laser energy. Using this cap for 17 weeks will bring back 51 percent of the hair that you have lost on your head.

This is one of the best laser cap for hair loss, as it boasts a success rate of 95 percent. The cap is equipped with only laser technology, so you won’t be seeing any interference from LED lights. There are 82 medical-grade lasers in the product that emit a light with a wavelength of 640-650nm. This aids in restoring a healthy growth of hair on the scalp. An FDA approved product, you don’t have to worry about anything when using this laser cap.

2. CapillusPlus Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

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This is a different model of the same company, and it also has a 95 percent success rate when it comes to hair regrowth. Another great aspect of this product is that it reverses the hair loss process in both men and women, even if hair loss is a hereditary problem. With this laser cap, you have the ability to grow the hair at home or anywhere outside.

Use this cap for 6 minutes and you will see excellent results in a matter of a few weeks. The inclusion of 202 laser diodes diligently treats the scalp. The product is suitable for different types of hair and works great even when you have undergone or is about to undergo hair transplant surgery.

3. CapillusPro Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

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The list of best laser caps couldn’t have been completed without the mention of Capillus Pro reviews, which uses a whopping 272 laser diodes for treating baldness on the scalp. If hair fall is taking a toll on your confidence, then you should use this product because it will not just help you restore the hair on your scalp, but also regain your lost confidence as well. With a 95 percent success rate and ability to deliver results for both men and women, you will not find a better product than this. You can wear this cap at home, office or when you are on the move.

Just 6 minutes of use for 3-4 months, and you will be able to get back that dense layer of hair, which you’ve been missing for all these years. The product can also be used in conjunction with prescription medications, topical hair loss foams and post hair transplant treatment. A US-made product, you can use it without any doubts in your mind, as it has been approved by the FDA.

4. RegrowMD Laser Cap With 272 Laser Diode

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This is another laser cap, which comes with 272 laser diodes. Such a huge number of results in faster hair growth in much lesser time. The cap activates hair follicles to stimulate the growth of hair. The laser cap sports a BioLight Comfort Design where all 272-laser diodes are installed uniformly with a flexible inner liner, which is also quite lightweight.

You can also insert a cap in your baseball cap or any other hat that you love to wear. Wear the cap for as little as 30 minutes after every alternate day and you will be able to get back that dense and healthy hair, which your friends used to be envious of. This is a lightweight and portable unit, which operates on battery power, so you can use it hands-free.

5. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

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Every bald person wishes for hair regrowth, but if the hair regrowth is done using safe procedures, then it brings a sense of confidence in the person because he/she knows that there won’t be any side effects of the treatment he/she is about to undergo. iRestore Laser Hair Growth Helmet System is a totally safe product, which treats hair loss problems in both, men and women. A non-invasive hair treatment, the helmet stimulates hair follicles, which result in the fast growth of thicker and fuller hair.

The helmet comprises of 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs, which are responsible for stimulating hair follicles at a wavelength of 650nm. Use this product for a few days, and you will begin to see a new crop of hair on your scalp. The helmet system uses clinical-strength laser technology for treating baldness, hair thinning and receding hairline. The ergonomic design of the helmet allows it to fit on the head perfectly by distributing the weight evenly. Use the helmet for 25 minutes and 3-4 times a week for excellent results, which start to show in 3 months.

6. Illumiflow 272 Diodes Laser Cap

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This is another top-class laser cap, which is totally safe to use. Illumiflow laser cap features 272 premium laser diodes, which stimulate the follicles for faster and effective hair growth. An FDA-approved product, you don’t have to worry about side-effects or any other health issues after using the laser cap. The 272 laser diodes are all calibrated at a wavelength of 650nm, which is how it is able to penetrate deep into the scalp to treat futile areas to initiate hair growth.

The laser cap works efficiently to strengthen, rejuvenate and re-growth of the hair. For good results, you have to wear the cap for around 30 minutes for 1-3 months. To protect the lasers from heating up, the company has added an advanced cooling technology inside the cap, which ensures prolonged usage without worrying about overheating of the lasers. Other features of the laser cap include automatic shut-off timer, good battery life and a warranty of 5 years.

How Does The Laser Stimulate Hair Growth?

The exact mechanism is complex and not yet fully understood, but the most recent research has established that low-level light therapy is absorbed by cells, triggering improved cellular activity. In other words, the theory is that the aging of cells caused by the laser makes the hair follicles more active, which increases their efficiency in hair growth.

Although it is not clear exactly how the laser works against baldness, the results are visible and many studies prove the effectiveness of this treatment. Doctors and dermatologists advise their patients and specialist hair loss clinics to use it.

The Clinical Evidence Of Laser Efficiency

There are still doctors who have different opinions on the effectiveness of low-level laser therapy. While some totally reject its use, others are positive about the use of low-level laser therapy, as they believe it has many advantages in the offing for both men and women dealing with the medical problem named ‘androgenic alopecia’, commonly known as genetic baldness. Some have even noticed on their patients that it can help the healing process of a postoperative wound following a hair transplant and accelerate hair growth.

Many studies demonstrate and prove the effectiveness of the laser on the condition of the hair, it is also the only FDA approved treatment that does not use drugs, so it has no side effects and almost no contraindications. Hair growth in people who have undergone laser therapy was able to find an increment of around 19 additional shoots per square centimeter, whereas the hair loss remained at 7 hairs per square centimeter for people who used a placebo device.

People who were treated also have an improvement in the condition of the hair. The hair became thicker, shinier and easier to manage than those who used a placebo device. Similar results were observed in a study done in women suffering from androgenic alopecia.

The Benefits Of Laser Hair Treatment

  • Laser treatment can be used by both men and women
  • The only non-drug treatment approved by the FDA for hair growth.
  • No side effects
  • Clean and painless
  • Relatively inexpensive treatment
  • Requires minimum time
  • Some devices are transportable and space-saving
  • Hair growth to resume even on the crown (top of the head) and along the forehead’s hairline.

On an average, the improvements become visible after 3-6 months of use.

Wrapping Up

Seeing a few hairs falling off the head is very traumatizing because it makes you think that one day you won’t be left with any hair on your head. The feeling of baldness can make anybody’s head spin, and if the same thing is happening with you, then you need to take the right decision right now. To help you out with the process, you can use Capillus reviews featuring 6 best laser caps that are being sold in the market today. Revive your hair growth in a matter of a few weeks and without undergoing any invasive treatment. Buying a capillus today!

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