Best Furnaces Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2023

If you are one of those people who can’t bear the chilly weather conditions, then you should install special machines at home to counter harsh winters. An electric blanket, electric fireplace/gas fireplace or any such thing in the house, but if you think you can’t sit in a room for an entire day, then you should hire a more advanced and sophisticated product such as a gas, electric or oil furnace. A furnace is a specialized machine that is installed inside the premises and after making all the connections, it offers heat in every nook and cranny of the house. Furnaces are similar to heat pumps except for the fact that the former is just an indoor unit, whereas the heat pumps come with indoor as well as outdoor units. You can also buy heat pumps if you want, as they are equally efficient, but maybe slightly expensive than furnaces. To check out the best furnaces consumer reports, you can read detailed reviews of six best furnaces in the next section.

Reviews Of 6 Best Furnaces

1. Goodman GMSS960803BN Single Speed 1-Stage Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace

best furnaces consumer report

Goodman is a brand that you will find at the top of the list when it comes to furnaces. The model in the discussion is a single-speed, single-stage horizontal and upflow gas furnace, which has an energy output of 80,000 BTUs. This is an American product, so there is no need to doubt its quality. An AFUE rating of around 96 percent makes this gas furnace one of the most efficient gas furnaces in the world because if it consumes $1 of energy, then it will provide 96 cents of heat energy, thus making it a ‘bang for buck’ kind of product.

The efficiency has a lot to with the construction of the unit, which sports heavy-duty aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger along with stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. You will really like the fact that how well organized this unit is. The unit is packed with a single-speed induced draft blower, single-stage gas valve, and dependable silicon nitride ignitor.

The unit is equipped with a mechanism that allows it to self-diagnose for faults and errors. If there is a fault, then a color code has been denoted for the same, which you can see on the front panel of the furnace. This is a flexible unit, which can be used with a 2-pipe system, which is also known as a direct vent or 1-pipe system, which is called non-direct vent.

The gas connection can be given from either the left or right side. The unit allows top venting, but it also has an optional side venting. Overall, a solid unit with all its parts properly connected or sealed. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and on all functional parts of the furnace.

2. Goodman GMH80803BN Gas Furnace

best furnaces consumer report

Goodman is what you will be seeing in this review guide because no other product comes close to Goodman furnaces. This furnace comes with a 2-stage gas valve along with a cutting-edge convertible technology, which enables you to activate a 2-stage operation with the flip of a dipswitch. This particular furnace has all those features, which you have read in the previous model along with a patented tubular heat exchanger.

The unit has made provisions for electronic air cleaner along with 24-volt humidifiers. In terms of efficiency, it may not be as efficient as the previous Goodman furnace, yet the efficiency lies at 80 cents of heat energy for every dollar spent to run the unit. The energy output of the furnace is the same as the previous unit, i.e., 80,000 BTUs along with the warranties.

3. Goodman GMSS960803BN-GSX130301-CAPF3030B6 Gas Furnace and 2.5 ton 13 SEER Air Conditioner 

best furnaces consumer report

Now, this unit comes in a bundle, where you will get an 80,000 BTU output gas furnace along with 2.5 ton 13 SEER air conditioner as well. In terms of efficiency, it competes with the best Goodman model, as it too offers 96 percent AFUE, which means 96 cents of heat output per one dollar spent to run the machine. The unit comes with upflow/downflow coil, which allows it to operate rather magnificently.

There are certain guidelines and restrictions on this product, which bars the company from selling it in many states in the US. As far as warranty is concerned, then you will get a 10-year warranty on the functional parts and heat exchanger. Moreover, you will have to buy outdoor sensors, conversion kits, and thermostats separately, which is the only drawback of the unit.

4. Goodman GMH80803BN Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace model 

best furnaces consumer report

Goodman GMH80803BN is one of the best oil furnaces consumer report, which can quickly heat up your house in the bone-cracking winter season. It features 2-stage gas valve control technology using which, you can activate a 2-stage valve with the flip of a dipswitch. The unit sports low voltage terminals along with arrangements for air cleaners and 24-volt humidifiers.

I really liked self-adjusting features that this unit is equipped with, as it allows the unit to adjust to high or low stage operation on its own, depending upon the outside temperature. The reason why I liked this feature is that it does that without having any sensor for detecting outside temperature. Overall, a highly capable unit, which will deliver to its promises for many years.

5. Goodman GMS80804BN Gas Furnace

best furnaces consumer report

This is another premium model, which has been highly rated by users. You can compare with any gas furnace of any company, and it will give them a run for their money. With an AFUE of 80 percent, you can expect this unit to provide 80 cents of heat output per dollar spent to run the machine. The unit has an energy output of 80,000BTU whereas the output shrinks to 64,000 BTU.

You can install this furnace in several positions, be it upflow, horizontal left or right. There are certain guidelines and restrictions on this product, which bars the company from selling it in many states in the US. As far as warranty is concerned, then you will get a 10-year warranty on the functional parts and heat exchanger. Moreover, you will have to buy outdoor sensors, conversion kits, and thermostats separately, which is the only drawback of the unit.

6. Goodman 10 KW Electric Furnace

best furnaces consumer report

For a change, this is a Goodman furnace (just kidding), but yes, there is one difference between this model and the other five on the list. This one is electric furnace, which can be controlled by the sequencers it comes with. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about uneven heating of the room, which the worst during chilly winter nights. The unit features a multi-speed MBR blower that incorporates a motor, speed of which you can change quite easily. All the heating elements are made from non-corrosive chromium or nickel, thus ensuring the longevity of the unit.

Different Types Of Furnaces

Electric Furnace

How Does The Electric Furnace Work?

The electric furnace is divided into two distinct parts. The ventilation section is equipped with a motor and a fan, which propels the air into the wall ducts and the second unit is the combustion unit that produces the heat from the electricity. The operation of an electric furnace also depends on a thermostat, an adjustable unit, which acts as a thermometer. Like air conditioning, the thermostat is set to activate at a certain temperature. When the temperature of your home drops below the temperature set on your thermostat, it will "alert" the electric furnace. The most important component of an electric furnace is the heating coil. This coil becomes very hot when it is crossed by an electric current.

What Are The Advantages Of The Electric Furnace?

One of the main advantages of the furnace is that it is powered by clean, renewable energy. Another advantage of the electric furnace is that it requires almost no maintenance. In addition, the electric furnace emits no hazardous particles or soot in the air and does not require the installation of a storage tank or exhaust stack. It is also low noise and very reliable performance.

Natural Gas Furnace

How Does A Natural Gas Furnace Work?

A natural gas furnace consists of a burner, a fan, and an exchanger. It is supplied with natural gas, but also with outdoor air. The air burner gives way to cleaner combustion and more efficient than an atmospheric burner. The exchanger makes it possible to recover the heat of the fumes which come from the combustion to retransmit it in the fresh air. The heated air is then blown through the central ventilation system into the ducts present in the house.

What Are The Benefits Of A Natural Gas Furnace?

One of the biggest advantages of a natural gas furnace is its rapid heating; it can heat up to twice as fast as electricity. The modern design of natural gas furnaces makes them appliances that are extremely safe and efficient for heating. In addition, natural gas is considered the cleanest fossil energy. Like a human who breathes, burning natural gas releases carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water vapor. The natural gas furnace does not produce soot, dust, black smoke or ash. Natural gas immediately provides the heat you need to ensure your comfort; in the event of a power failure, the natural gas furnace continues to heat your home.

Propane Gas Furnace

How Does A Propane Gas Furnace Work?

Less popular than the natural gas furnace, the propane gas furnace operates in the same way as the latter, by burning fossil energy. The propane gas furnace also uses ambient air; the air is heated and returned to the ventilation duct system. For added safety, newer furnace models use electric ignition to operate the burner. Since a propane gas furnace operates from a thermostat when the house temperature falls below that which is programmed, a warning light comes on, the burner flame ignites the propane gas, which heats the ambient air then distribute it through the ventilation ducts of your home.

What Are The Advantages Of The Propane Gas Furnace?

The modern design of the propane gas furnace makes it a much more durable and, above all, safer appliance than before. In addition, propane gas is a very versatile fuel that burns without residue. Its combustion produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than many other types of fuels; it produces only water vapor and carbon dioxide. Although the cost of purchase and installation is very variable, the propane gas furnace is more durable than the majority of electrical appliances. Like the natural gas furnace, the propane gas furnace warms the house much faster. It also remains active during a power failure.

Oil Furnace

How Does An Oil Furnace Work?

The oil furnace system consists of a burner, which, as its name suggests, burns the fuel oil in the furnace's combustion chamber. The flue gases then pass through the air generator where heat is released into a heat exchanger. The gases produced are then vented to the outside via the flue pipe and the chimney. Thereafter, a fan circulates the air coming from the return of cold air from the house into the heat exchanger. The heated air is finally distributed through the house's hot air ducts.

What Are The Benefits Of An Oil Furnace?

The first benefit of the oil furnace is its ability to quickly heat your home and better distribute heat. If you have a central heating system, you can easily add a central air conditioner, a heat pump, an air humidifier or an air purifier. In addition, the technology of the last few years has made it possible to create more compact, quieter furnaces that are more adapted to new construction. You can even replace the traditional fireplace with a wall drain.

To save energy, be sure to purchase an Energy Star-rated oil furnace to ensure energy efficiency. In addition, oil furnaces allow you to avoid any worry about power outages, since they operate without electricity. Moreover, every component of an oil furnace is manufactured according to quality criteria that often exceed the most stringent safety standards.

Choosing A Furnace: Some Questions To Ask

In the majority of cases, there are two reasons for getting a new furnace. The first is that your current furnace, after years of loyal service, is starting to show signs of age: deteriorating performance, weird noises, expensive repairs and more and more frequent. The second is that the model you own has failed, reported as defective or condemned by the inspectors. Whatever the reason for buying or replacing a furnace, here are some ways to find a furnace that will be efficient, durable and energy-efficient.

Optimize The Heating Of Your Home.

Since many factors (energy cost, weather conditions, the surface to be heated, etc.) come into play when choosing your furnace, you should first have the heating load. Although you have to pay a certain amount for this service, the results - determining the capacity and proper heat flow distribution for the new equipment - will be critical to choosing the best furnace type for your home.

Opt For High Energy Efficiency.

If you choose a fuel-efficient (natural gas, propane, fuel oil) furnace that is more energy-efficient than average, you will save money and energy. The efficiency of a heating system over a heating season is called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and is expressed as a percentage. The higher the AFUE, the better your result will be. Be sure to choose a furnace with brushless DC motor - also called variable speed ECM or ICM motor; it offers you greater energy savings. Nowadays, the majority of models are Energy Star certified, this certification is a guarantee of high-energy efficiency, therefore, of energy saving.

Choose Your Energy Source

Each source of energy (electricity, natural gas, propane gas, fuel oil) has its advantages and disadvantages. I have explained all four types of furnaces in the above section, so go through it in case you have any confusion.

Know The Annual Usage Costs

Since space heaters account for between 50% and 60% of your energy bill, it's important to choose a furnace that fits your budget.

Summing Up

After discerning the best furnaces along with points that you need to ask before buying the best furnace, I believe you are in a better position to buy the most suitable product for your house. The motive of this article was to catapult you to the best product so that you don’t have to waste your time analyzing hundreds of products. In case, you still have confusion, then you can again go through the best furnaces consumer reports consisting of six splendid products along with other important information related to the subject matter.